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Virgo sexuality: Virgo essentials in bed

Sex with a Virgo: the facts, the pros and cons...
14-07-2022 21:23

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Although not a very lustful and sexually spectacular individual, the Virgo native is still one of the most grateful and compassionate.

They tend to rationalise and subject everything to a logical process of systematisation. If you ever think you come close to seeing their motivations or their line of thinking, you are wrong. You don't. You can't.

However, this does not mean that Virgos are at all incapable or weak in lovemaking. On the contrary, perhaps this ability to analyse and observe the pros and cons perfectly has played a role in this case.

That is, this native is quite capable of looking for the details and getting to those "hard to reach" points. And if he doesn't succeed the first time, so what? Try again, of course.

Because of this observant side of them, Virgos can sometimes get sidetracked and end up being labelled as indifferent and aloof, but the truth is otherwise.

What they are basically trying to do is to find someone who really has the will and the courage to delve into the mystery.

While this may force things and irritate people, he means well, and patience will surely be rewarded.

In intimate relationships, everything a Virgo does is aimed at making things better and more satisfying for both parties, rather than sharing affection and love.

Sometimes it becomes a kind of obsession, that all things are in their best state, perfectionism in other words.

These Virgo natives are what you might call virtuous and thoughtful lovers. Why? Because, although they are driven by lust and the thrill of great pleasure, they don't overdo it and make you look bad in the process.

Satisfaction is not the only thing on their minds. Not biting off more than they can chew, Virgos are quite direct and outspoken, but also moderate and patient.

Virgos absolutely despise things getting dirty and muddy. Observant and attentive to every detail, this native will not feel at all comfortable making love when both of you have just come off the road, covered in dust and sweat. It's not right, and it's certainly not very nice.

From this point of view, we can clearly see that sex is not everything to a Virgo, something that overshadows everything else.

People who prefer to do, rather than debate about it or compose poetry about it, may seem a little distant and insensitive. But, the truth is a little different.

There are methods of expressing love other than openly declaring it, or shouting it from the nearest skyscraper, and that is to actually do things that reflect that love.

Small actions, even insignificant ones, that count for a lot if they are noticed, are a much better way to approach the same goal, only with greater results.

Introverted by nature and unable to express their feelings as easily as other people, Virgo natives tend to overthink and even underestimate themselves.

At this point, they may even become ill, frowning and sighing, and depression may set in.

It is clear that nothing is working as it used to, and this is easily perceptible to others. Hopefully, it will also be noticed by their partner, because only he or she can successfully pull these natives out of the abyss of uncertainty and worry.

It is this anxiety and reticence, but also a certain strength of character, that pushes them to cling to perfectionism.

In love, a single false step could lead to total failure or, worse, embarrassment. To avoid this, Virgos tend to be calm and patient, waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

They are also quite generous and altruistic, so knowing that you need help or support could encourage them to be attracted to you.

Different points of view

Above all, Virgo natives hate falsehood and deceit, those people who pretend only to achieve their goals. In this case, the end does not justify the means, far from it.

Even if it is for its own sake or for its own satisfaction, it still provokes anger and sadness once it is discovered. It is better to keep it all natural and straightforward, and although this may lead to unwanted conclusions, it is better that way.

Deciding to live with a Virgo could be the next logical step in a relationship, but there is something that could make you reconsider, or at least raise a red flag, in preparation.

These natives are perfectionists, that is known and recognised, but what does this really mean? It means two things.

Firstly, that they will fight bravely and to the end to help you improve and develop yourself and to push the relationship forward, step by step. In practice, it is a constructive way of applying such strict standards and their own rules.

Secondly, Virgos will always see imperfections and flaws in everything around them, including you.

They will criticise, and they will do so harshly and without remorse, surgically cutting out all possible flaws and bad points.

While it may be hard to tolerate this, remember that their goal is not to mock or laugh at your shortcomings. No, on the contrary, it is all about seeing your partner getting better and better, making fewer mistakes and achieving greater things.

One curious, or annoying, depending on whom you ask, thing that people think about Virgos is that many of them have never made love, or do not make love as often as others.

Perhaps due to perfectionism, over-analysis and over-thinking, there may be many causes for this false belief.

Have you noticed? Yes, it's a false belief. Statistically, there are as many virgin Virgos as there are other zodiac signs, it really doesn't make much difference.

They have high standards, but that doesn't mean they are absurd and don't accept anyone at all. It's just selectivity, there's nothing wrong with that.

Ready to explore

On the positive side, it seemed that we were only dealing with the Virgo's shortcomings. Because of their emotional limitations and calm demeanour, it would be a tremendous effort to start cheating. Living two separate lives, with two separate people, would drive them crazy in a very short time.

So it is quite impossible for that to happen. However, having sex with other people might not be so far-fetched. If the partner is unavailable or unwilling to experiment with them, other test subjects will obviously have to be sought.

A Virgo can go through a surprising transformation once love settles in and entangles them completely.

Becoming freer and more passionate than ever, they shed all inhibitions and fears, while taking sex for what it really is: one of the best things this world has to offer.

Sagittarians are possibly the best partners for a Virgo, they form a good combo and it seems that the world is theirs and nothing is impossible. It is truly a spectacle of sensitivity and great emotions on the surface, to the highest degree.

These guys are so compatible with each other that they understand each other instinctively, adapting to whatever comes their way with just a glance. Love life is definitely in a top-notch state.

On the one hand, Virgos like to take you to the heights of pleasure and give you a push to escape the limits of inhibition and anxiety, thus releasing all that pent-up pressure.

Reflective and generous, they are most concerned with how the other feels, often forgetting about personal pleasure. On the other hand, they also like to be pleased by someone who knows what they are doing. Who doesn't, right?

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