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Virgo qualities, positive and negative traits

Analytical and practical, Virgo natives seem to be perceptive and ready to face whatever life throws at them.... , 2022-07-14

Born between 23 August and 22 September, Virgo natives are practical perfectionists, rather reserved in their behaviour and eager to do things in the best possible way. Their perfectionism is notorious and sometimes difficult to deal with.


Virgos are very opinionated and, when faced with any kind of situation, they analyse things carefully and can be very productive. However, they should be careful not to get bogged down in all the details, because seeing the big picture is also important in life.


Virgo qualities in a nutshell:

Positive traits: Meticulousness, elegance and persuasiveness;

Negative traits: Annoyance, prejudice and detachment;

Symbolism: The Maiden is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Motto: I analyse.


Virgos are the sixth sign of the zodiac and the most systematic people in the world. Always worried that they have missed something and that something can no longer be fixed, they start to criticise themselves too much, even when others don't believe that what they are so worried about is so important.


An astute personality

These natives are methodical and do not allow fate to play games with them. Very attentive to detail and generally cautious, Virgos come to understand humanity after a few experiences that have a real impact on them.


Although they are affectionate and generous, they never show their true feelings to others. It is very likely that no one understands them, but not because they do not know how to express themselves, but because they refuse to think they have feelings or do not want to know anything but logic.


The Maiden represents them very well because they tend to think that they are always experiencing things for the first time, no matter how tried and tested they are by life.


Virgo is the Earth sign between Taurus and Capricorn, signs belonging to the same element. This means that people born in Virgo are strong, traditional, organised and practical.


They love to bring order because they simply resent chaos, and their goals are often very realistic.


More intellectual than interested in sport or adventure, they would do a perfect job as engineers, researchers and writers. When it comes to being artists, they seem to be very good at making miniatures.


These people do not want to let others do their job and are often respected or successful because they do perfectly well what they have to do and do not want any help from others.


Always focused and determined to carry out their projects, Virgos really know how to solve problems that others seem to have no solution for. To be happy, they need to be intellectually stimulated.


Very focused on their own health, many of them will decide to become doctors or nurses. If they do not choose this career, they will always read about the latest diet and fitness news.


Many of them are hypochondriacs who worry too much and sometimes become obsessive-compulsive about health. The more Virgos learn to relax, the happier they will be.


Everything in their life is organised, so they really know how to keep their mind and body in balance. But it is also possible that they get lost in work or study and forget to eat something.


As Mercury rules them, they are very good at writing and public speaking, or any other form of communication.


That is why many of them decide to become writers and journalists. A career as a carer is also possible for them, because they really want to be of service to others.


Positive qualities of Virgo

Mercury is the planet that rules Virgo and also Gemini. These two signs are both agitated, but the former does not let it show, unlike the latter.


Everyone sees Virgos as calm and serene, when in fact they are very intense and strive to bring order wherever they are.


At heart, these natives are perfectionists who care about everything and can't stand laziness or chaos. No matter what they have to do, they will always seek to organise things down to the last detail and make them run as efficiently as possible.


It is always good to have someone as analytical, practical and precise as they are. As Mercury seems to be exalted in this sign, they are very intelligent and know how to deal with everyday life in the most practical way.


Your ability to analyse in depth is your mind's greatest strength. Many of your problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.


If there is a house to clean, a computer to fix, a problem to solve, you can count on them to do it the right way. Many of them can work as healers or psychologists because they want to fix people's souls or bodies.


Negative Virgo Traits

Arguably Virgos' greatest weakness is their tendency to hide in their own emotional world. Although they are logical and rational, when they don't understand things, they may feel hurt and think it is irrational.


It is important that you accept your fragility and allow your emotional side to come out from time to time, because matters of the heart are as important as matters of the mind.


Another thing that is considered their weakness is that they cannot be appreciated at their real value.


Therefore, they are always thinking that they could have done more or that what they have done is flawed.


Qualities of the Virgo man

If you need things done and need to be told the truth, you can always count on the Virgo man to do all these things. He is analytical, precise and overly critical, so he seeks to find fault in every little detail he pays attention to.


This person really knows how to work hard, efficiently and systematically. That is why he or she will always manage to cope with any kind of challenge life throws at him or her.


Very attractive and eager to make the world a better place, he is a great head of the family, the best friend you can have and the nicest neighbour.


When talking to him, he always comes up with facts and mentions details that others would not even think of.


The Virgo man has the traits of the Maiden, the symbol of his sign, which have to do in a way with humility and fairness. That is why he is always fair, noble, balanced and does not want to stand out from the crowd.


As his mind is always working, he cannot sit still and always wants to participate in some kind of activity or stimulate himself both physically and intellectually.


Your achievements will be many because you anticipate problems and deal with them before they have a chance to enter your life.


Very good with communication, the Virgo man is very much influenced by Mercury, who also happens to be the God of all kinds of messages.


Although he has all the skills and energy necessary to succeed, he may not always aim high. This man tends to study everything in detail and wants to understand people or situations more than anyone else.


His main goal in life is to reach perfection, regardless of whether it is in his personal or professional life. He is not condescending, he just wants to improve things and achieve enlightenment.


You can be said to be demanding and overly critical. As his element is earth, he will always be realistic and a bit materialistic. People should be careful with him because he is sensitive and always worried.


Qualities of the Virgo woman

The Virgo woman manages to combine intelligence and beauty very effectively. She knows how to organise everything and has her own methods of efficiency.


This woman will always do what she says, so the world will be impressed to see her work with her talent and her mind.


He is the type who can make things happen because he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.


Your sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which means that you are passionate about intellectual pursuits and can be very creative when you want to be.


However, being an Earth sign, you will only shine when you do something that can really help others.


Many would see her as reserved and shy, but they would be a bit wrong, because deep inside she is passionate and always focused on the prize, no matter if it is business, art or love.


In fact, she knows how to combine all these areas in the most effective way. You can count on her to do many things at once and manage them all successfully.


She is a great friend who can advise on anything and a career woman who doesn't let things get complicated at work.

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