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The Virgo man in marriage: What kind of husband is he?

The Virgo man is a disciplined and cautious husband, who strives to maintain the family's finances and to ensure that everyone has what they need.... , 2022-07-14

Like Virgo women, Virgo men want everything to be perfect and as efficient as possible. They hate it when emotions interfere with their plans and spoil their routine.


For this reason, marriage is the last thing on their minds when they finish their studies. Being married is a big responsibility that requires spouses to be financially stable.


The Virgo man as a husband, in a nutshell:

Qualities: Charming, disciplined and caring;

Challenges: Stingy, grumpy and nervous;

You will love it: Sharing the same habits;

Needs to learn: To accept opinions different from his own.


Like Virgo women, Virgo men decide to marry only after they see that everything in their life has been taken care of, which means they need a great paying job, a savings account and a path designed for success.


Is a Virgo man good husband material?

In case you are looking for a partner to accompany you and relax in the back seat while you drive, the Virgo man may be the right person for you.


Although he is hard-working and focused on getting everything done perfectly, he has no desire for fame or social status, so he never feels emasculated when others seem to be more successful than he is.


Disciplined and careful with his finances, his wife can count on him to take care of her money in the most efficient way. Although he is more than happy to spend on high-quality things designed to make his life easier, he is not known for buying luxurious items that lack practicality.


In case you are the extravagant type, you may end up thinking that you are a bit stingy when it comes to money.


Whether it is a husband or a lover, the Virgo man does not like to show his love with grand gestures, but rather with practicality and constant support.


As he has very high standards when it comes to love, you can consider yourself lucky that he has chosen you as a partner, which could be proof enough of his love.


If you want your partner to help you around the house, they may be the perfect choice. Even if he doesn't offer to do everything himself, he doesn't mind spending his time in the kitchen, cleaning or building great things for your home.


In fact, he may love to do things around the house. However, if you live with him and you are not housebroken, you may have to change that, because he simply hates mess.


When confronted with chaos, they become a grumpy, nervous person who can't stop nagging. Therefore, if you are a messy person who never wants to clean up, you may never have a peaceful life with this individual.


Although he has many good qualities, the Virgo man is not at all easy to live with. He is too focused on doing things perfectly and worries too much about unimportant things. While he means well and wants to lend a helping hand, he can annoy you by being very fussy about all his domestic decisions.


The Virgo man as a husband

The best woman for the Virgo man seems to be the one of his own sign. He does not want a passionate connection with his lover and is never possessive.


In fact, he is a traditional husband who likes his domestic existence and attending social gatherings from time to time. He is also practical, highly intelligent and extremely attentive to detail.


This man wants his private life to remain private, as well as his romantic relationships. If he gets angry, he does not become harsh, as he prefers to keep his feelings bottled up inside.


Most of the time, he wants to be single because this is his true nature. The woman who wants to be with him all her life may have to go to great lengths to achieve this, as he may be more focused on other aspects of his life and not on love.


As a husband, the Virgo man is very much like his female counterpart and is responsible, which means that he will always fight for his family to live in comfort and even luxury.


You can become a judgmental person who is never satisfied and talks a lot about your health, but no matter what, you will always strive for financial stability for your loved ones.


He is not very masculine, in fact he is a feminine type both in his appearance and in the way he behaves. He never worries about passion, sex and foreplay, because he believes that flirting is the most creative way of expressing love.


Therefore, he can be a bit rigid when it comes to lovemaking, which can lead to some arguments with his wife, especially if she wants him to be more passionate.


Routine-loving, disciplined and careful with his money, the Virgo man is very responsible when it comes to his family's financial situation.


Although he likes beautiful things and appreciates high quality, he will never spend on luxury items that have no practical use.


He wants his wife to be equal, but also devoted, pragmatic, calm and fond of routine, so that they both enjoy a full and healthy life. He will never fail to be faithful and to provide for his loved ones.


He is also obsessed with cleanliness and doesn't mind lending a hand in domestic affairs. Neither possessive nor passionate, the Virgo man will always serve his wife, but only if he feels that his connection with her is purposeful and based on mutual trust.


As already mentioned, he likes to work hard, even if he does not pursue success or a good social status. If his girl decides to be the most professional person in the family, he won't mind playing second fiddle and letting her shine.


How to get him to commit

When it comes to commitment, Virgo men can move very slowly. However, if you are patient and loving enough, you may be able to convince him to marry you faster than expected.


He wants the love of his life and won't settle for anything else, so he has an idea of what that woman should be like: calm, tender and able to understand his every need.


This man dreams of a safe and harmonious life, because he simply hates chaos and drama. For him, everything should flow smoothly, so you should give this man all your affection and at the same time have a slightly reserved attitude.


This doesn't mean you have to be a prude, but it certainly gives more respect to quiet women who don't enjoy flirting in an abusive way.


Exaggeration can only scare him off, so in case you have been dating the Virgo man for a while, you probably know the level of intimacy he wants to have with you.


Being aware of his boundaries can go a long way in trying to make him yours for life. Allow him to take the lead in the relationship, so try to make him feel like he is the boss, as this helps him feel comfortable and in control.


No matter how much of a hurry you are in to get married, but don't show it to her, as she might get scared and leave you, something you'd definitely want to avoid.


Having a lot of patience and showing him that you will always be there for him will surely make this man feel more secure with you, something he is absolutely looking for when trying to determine whether you are his soul mate or not. He doesn't like to rush into marriages or rush things, because he wants to make sure that you are the one for him, which means it's your job to prove this to him.


Once you have convinced this man of all this, he will decide to take the big step. So stay calm and wait for him to pop the question, because chances are he'll end up thinking it was all worth it.


He wants to get married and enjoy a nice family life, but he is not in a hurry, as he is choosing the woman who will be by his side for the rest of his life. He does not want his partner to take him to bed from the first night together.


This doesn't mean he won't have some one-night stands, he just won't marry them. If you want the Virgo man to be yours forever, let him enjoy the thrill of pursuing you.


He doesn't necessarily like to court, but he loves to see you hold back. Take him to your bedroom after you've been dating for a while and be a little shy, just enough to notice how much he's willing to insist. Don't ever bore him, because he may decide to look for a more spontaneous and exciting partner if you do.

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