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The most compatible signs for a Virgo, based on what I have learnt while being with them

My personal love experience with different zodiac signs: I tell you what to expect from a Virgo.... , 2020-05-17

For whatever reason written in the stars, I am always attracted to certain people, and it is not until along the way that I learn about their signs.


I am a Virgo. My moon is in Cancer and my rising sign is in Capricorn. One of the most significant relationships I've had was with a Cancer man, and my best friend of over 13 years is a Capricorn. Is it a coincidence or is Virgo really compatible with those signs? I would like to think both.


From what I have experienced, Virgos seem to get along best with four specific signs, depending on a romantic relationship or a deep friendship.


A Virgo's best friend is a Taurus or a Capricorn.




The good thing about a Taurus-Virgo friendship is that they usually want the same things: to be appreciated and loved.


A Taurus usually wants to be friends with everyone, just as a Virgo likes to be close to people in perfect harmony. A Taurus will appreciate your friendship as long as you appreciate it too.


A Virgo just wants to know that they're doing a great job... of... being a Virgo, I guess. They like to put the other person first, usually, and want to make sure they are doing a good job. A Taurus will bring a sense of security and kindness that meets the needs of a Virgo who needs to be sure they are safe and loved. It's a win-win situation.




Capricorn and Virgos get along on a level unlike any other, all thanks to their desperate desire for efficiency.


Capricorns are very responsible and ambitious in everything they do. They are just born leaders. Although Virgos are not necessarily like this, those seemingly controlling qualities of Capricorns are admirable to Virgos, who like things to be completed in a timely and organised manner.


When it comes to emotions, Capricorns and Virgos are not the best. While Virgos like to express their feelings (because if they don't, they become anxious), Capricorns tend to be emotionally reserved. Because of this, Virgos become too anxious to be emotional for fear of being judged, and so they learn to be emotionally reserved as well. However, it is not a problem, because as long as the Capricorn is happy (does not express emotions), then the Virgo is happy too.


Virgos have significantly stronger relationships with Cancers or Pisces.




A Cancer-Virgo couple is strong and full of love. It is also full of anxiety.


Both signs understand emotions and typically enjoy loving someone wholeheartedly and intensely, even if it means being super sensitive.


Cancers can sometimes be clingy and needy because they care so much about other people and things. They like to be taken care of, and fortunately, Virgos like to take care of others. In a strange way, a Cancer's neediness is very reassuring to a Virgo. Both the Cancer and the Virgo want to be wanted and needed to be needed. I mean, how much more in tune could you be?




Opposites attract, right?


I mean, Pisces and Virgos are not complete opposites, but they are sister signs. In other words: they have many differences and constantly question each other, but they remain open and that's how they work well together.


Pisces and Virgos are very passionate lovers and have a lot of love inside them. They do this in a more or less obvious way. Depending on their moon signs, they handle love and express their feelings very differently. However, it works for them. They are a perfect match.

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