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Dating a Virgo woman: Things you need to know

What it's like to date a Virgo woman if you want to win her heart forever.... , 2022-07-14

Virgo is the most orderly and thoughtful sign of the zodiac. The Virgo-born woman will keep you grounded and will rarely want anything more than perfection.


She has a developed sense of humour and does things with passion. When you first see her, you may consider her to be aloof and unapproachable, when she is just being cautious.


She can be overly critical of herself and others, making it difficult for her to decide whether someone is worthy of her attention.


If you try to win her over, be prepared for her to ask you about everything from your hopes and dreams to your finances and hobbies. She's not the funniest person, but she is the most engaging.


Being an earth sign, the Virgo woman is disciplined and does not like gestures or meaningless conversations. She is precise and intelligent, and only relates to people who have the same traits as her.


If you want to keep their attention, start interesting conversations and show them that you are up to date with what's going on in the world.


If you notice a lady who approaches a crisis situation calmly, you can be sure that she is a Virgo. No matter what challenges life throws at this person, she will face them with ease.


Your expectations

The Virgo woman will be happy if her life is organised and has a routine. This means she will not like to be surprised. Don't think she is shy, she is just reserved until she makes sure everything is running smoothly.


Virgo women are known for being critical and reserved. If you plan to date her, don't wait for her to make the first move. You should be the one to ask her.


If things are not perfect in their life, the Virgo will push for things to go in another direction. Their main goal in life is to achieve perfection. The Virgo is resourceful and ambitious. Their zodiac symbol may be the virgin, but they are nothing of the sort. Don't ask him about his personal life, as he doesn't like to share such details with people. Everything in her life has to be organised. She hates not being in control.


With her, you no longer have to worry about car keys or lost phones. She will put everything in its place.


Ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communications, the Virgo will be analytical and attentive to any imperfections. She doesn't mind you making the decisions, but she will analyse and be critical of them. Everything with her must be carefully planned.


The Virgo woman will not get involved in a relationship if she knows it will not last. She needs someone who is committed and involved. If things don't go as planned, she will say goodbye to her partner.


She always goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone around her is happy and expects to be treated the same. She is like that in all aspects of life.


Someone who wants to have a relationship with a Virgo woman will have to invest significant effort to make it work, but it will all be rewarded by the Virgo's devotion.


Some Virgos are workaholics. If you understand how much they value their career, they will include you in their daily schedule.


How to date her

Belonging to the Earth signs, the Virgo woman is more concerned with the material aspects of life. She is a pragmatic type. Being a mutable sign, she adapts easily and is always looking for the next thing to do.


On a date, the Virgo woman will analyse everything you say and do. It is not easy to impress her, so you will have to be resourceful.


Also, take the time necessary for her to make the decision to see you again. Once you have managed to break down her walls, you will see how loving and supportive she can be.


Because she has great attention to detail, every little thing will matter to the Virgo woman. So be polite, protect her when you walk in and pull her chair at the restaurant. All these little details will make all the difference.


When dating a Virgo for the first time, choose to take her to a place where you can talk, not to crowded clubs or discos. This lady can be very picky, so choose somewhere expensive.


She is very grateful when it comes to the finer things in life. A night at the Opera would make her happy.


Let her know that you have planned the date long before you go out. She will appreciate you for being precise and organised, just like her.


Conversations should be witty and varied. As earth signs, Virgo women love nature. So buying her flowers on a date would be a smart idea. You can even go to a park or a garden before dinner, she would love to spend time in such an environment.


As they are hard workers, a conversation with a Virgo woman could be about your work. She also talks about fitness and sports. Many Virgos are interested in the subject of health.


They like to be healthy and fit, so don't you dare choose fast food when you go out. Manners, Virgos expect their dates to have manners too. Avoid making romantic gestures in public, as they are easily embarrassed.


As for the sexy time...

Pragmatic in life, the Virgo woman is the same in bed, so don't expect her to go crazy. She likes the romantic type, so taking things slow would be a good option.


Insist on her most erogenous zones. Don't play with fantasies, as she doesn't see anything interesting in them. Be traditional in your lovemaking and both your expectations will be fulfilled.


Bringing order to chaos, being kind and dedicated, the Virgo native is a perfect partner, especially for those who are a little disorganised.


It is true that she can be exasperating with her neatness, but these things can be overlooked. She only likes committed people, so don't start anything with her if you are not ready for something serious.

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