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Tips for making love to the Taurus zodiac woman

The Taurine is not a person who lives on fantasies or wants to experiment wildly. She is more of a traditional woman, who likes to go slowly in bed; you have to be patient wi...
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  1. Taurus woman in bed
  2. Sexual traits of the Taurus woman

The Taurine is not a person who lives on fantasies or wants to experiment wildly. She is more of a traditional woman, who likes to go slowly in bed; you have to be patient with her. She feels secure in everything she knows, so she likes routine. She should never be pressured to do anything.

 It is important to teach her that a little change on a sexual level rekindles passion. Perhaps surprising her a little at a time is the key to reigniting her.

 She is a woman to be conquered slowly, she must be given confidence all the time. She will be sexually grateful for a good gift.

 It is very important to find out what drives her crazy in bed, as this will awaken an indomitable passion.

 Taurus women like sensuality and if she loses it, you have to help her find it again.

Taurus woman in bed

 For a Taurus woman, passion in bed is the most interesting and obvious part. It is good if you want to conquer her, create the right environment and the right atmosphere, low lights but discreet, soft and romantic music and a nice soft bed, ideally silk sheets. And, above all, make sure you have a beautiful and tasty dinner and a suitable drink.

 Then, of course, they need a warm, fragrant bath and a relaxing massage with essential oils. If you can give her those, you will surely win her over!

 She doesn't like: violence, strange movements and excesses or extreme behaviour. It would be good not to ask her for things that she will not accept from the beginning. It means that if she does not agree and you insist, she will be de-eroticised.

 It is advisable not to rush her - give her a chance to decide when she is ready to follow you into bed! This woman needs confidence. Then, if she really believes that you are the man of her life, she will give in.

 In bed, the taurine is a volcano and knows how to arouse your fantasies. She is ready to follow you everywhere and take care of you, only if she feels that you are what she is looking for.

 If she feels that you are something transitory, you will see how hard, hard and cold she is! She is always looking for the right partner, like most women of the zodiac.

Sexual traits of the Taurus woman

 The Taurus woman is very beautiful, independent and protective. They are also at the same time very dominant and like to take full control of things around them and, just like in the bedroom, they would like to take the initiative.

 They are not as horny as Aries or a Libra woman, but their sex drive and sensuality should never be underestimated, as in the end she is a Taurine. These women are also very tender, seductive, sensual and passionate in the bedroom and her partner will definitely appreciate these qualities in her.

 When it comes to sex, she will definitely spoil you a lot like a little baby inside the bedroom and you can do nothing but enjoy the care and pampering of your Taurus girl.

 They are also emotionally and physically attached to the person they are intimate with, and once they have sex with you, they would always prefer to sleep with you rather than cheat on you with other men.

 These girls also crave the same attention and tenderness in bed from their partner; they will feel bad if their partner does not compliment, hug or kiss them and only wants traditional sex.

 One more thing about a Taurus woman is that she is a bit lazy and does not like rough sex or wild things.

 She will never say no to experimentation as her partners would love it, but that's just it, they don't like to experiment for her sake but for their partners and would never take the initiative first. You should not label her as boring, because many studies say that a Taurus woman is not as wild as Aries or Libra, but she surely has her techniques to satisfy her partner and give them the pleasure they are looking for.

 They prefer tenderness and affection almost all the time rather than experimenting or having rough or wild sex.

 At times, Taurus women can get very moody and also tend to be lazy in bed, allowing their partner to do whatever they want. Well, at this point, these few things about a Taurus woman could affect the sex life of the couple.

 In general, these are very caring and protective women; they will always do their best to make you happy, not necessarily in wild ways and fetishistic surprises, but through their love and pampering.

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  • Is there anything specific to be aware of when having sex with a Taurus man?

    Of course you do! When it comes to sex with a Taurus man, there are some things you can consider to ensure a more enjoyable and satisfying experience. Here are some tips:

    1. Take it slow: Men born under the Taurus zodiac sign generally prefer to take things at a leisurely pace and enjoy every moment. It can be beneficial to start with romance and foreplay that builds up to the actual sex act.

    2. Focus on sensuality: Tauruses are known to be very sensual and enjoy touch, smell and taste. Spending time indulging all their senses can increase their enjoyment of the experience.

    3. Be physical: Taurus men often have a strong physical attraction, so don't be afraid to show your own physical side or be passionate during intimate moments.

    4. Create safety: A Taurus man is likely to feel most comfortable and open in a safe and trusting environment. Make sure to create an atmosphere of trust and love where he can relax and express his sexual desires without fear.

    5. Be patient: Sometimes men with the Taurus sign may need a little extra time to warm up or find their rhythm. Be patient and respect his pace as it can lead to a more intense experience for both of you.

    Remember, astrology is a fun way to explore our personality and preferences, but that doesn't mean that all people with the same zodiac sign are the same. It's important to always communicate and listen to your partner to achieve the best intimate experience together.

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