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Are Taurus women jealous and possessive?

Taurus jealousy surfaces when this woman feels that her partner is not loyal in all respects....
13-07-2022 15:35

The Taurus woman is very attractive and interesting. She usually has beautiful hair and curved lines. She dresses well and is never vulgar.

On the contrary, she has a sensitivity and femininity which are rare in women of other signs. Loving with passion and care, the lady of this sign pampers her partner.

She likes to be pursued and takes her time when entering into a new relationship. She doesn't do it if she doesn't feel she has chosen the right person. She is jealous only if she has reason to be.

Sometimes they are selfish and this makes them lose out in some aspects of life. They need to be emotionally secure and when they feel that their partner has another interest and not them, they become really possessive and jealous.

The Taurus woman is capable of jealous tantrums and will become very angry if she feels that her partner is no longer faithful to her.

However, if things in the relationship go well, he will be the most loving and devoted person there is.

He likes strong and polite people, so he pays attention to displaying these characteristics.

He would fit in well with someone spontaneous and passionate, as he would be their opposite.

A hard worker, this lady will invest a significant amount of time and effort to make the relationship she is in work.

She may be overly protective of her partner, but this would not be a problem if she is a somewhat vulnerable person and needs someone to make her feel more secure. The fact that she is overly possessive may cause some people to withdraw from her.

With a fiery temperament, the Taurus woman will show her feelings openly and will not mind talking about her emotions. Fortunately for those around them, the Taurus' temper doesn't last too long.

They also forget an argument easily, so don't think that the Taurus woman you are with will be angry with you forever. In case you try to force her to do something, try to get through to her through her emotions and not through her practical side.

It will be the only way to overcome her stubbornness. It is easier for a Taurus woman to recognise your side when she has been emotionally challenged.

This woman does not like to be questioned about her sex life and prefers intimacy. She tends to stay away from people who are too curious and will not be the one to bother you with questions about your private life.

When in a relationship, the Taurus woman is devoted and affectionate. She will stand by her partner in good times and bad and will not ask for too much in return.

She wants someone as romantic and devoted as she is, and is looking to build a long-term relationship with that special person. She is definitely not a person you can have a quick fling with.

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