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Is the Taurus zodiac woman really faithful?

The Taurus woman always needs to be seduced: hugs, kisses, cuddles; she needs to feel loved. If she does not have this situation, she will look for it elsewhere....
22-07-2022 13:57

  1. Are Taurus women faithful?
  2. Taurus woman's reaction to being cheated on

The Taurus woman always needs to be seduced: hugs, kisses, cuddles; she needs to feel loved. If she does not have this situation, she will look for it elsewhere.

 Therefore, to keep the Taurus woman faithful, it is essential to always give her affection. It is also a materialistic sign, the relationships that work economically, it will keep them better.

If, on the contrary, he does not find enough loving contact from his partner, he will be unfaithful.

Are Taurus women faithful?

The Taurus woman loves her comforts and is very sensual. She thrives on stability and is generally very reliable and loyal. Taurus women are great planners and are always looking ahead, ready to face any problems that may arise in their lives, including possible obstacles in their marriage or relationship.

Why would a Taurus woman cheat?

A Taurus will only cheat on you if the timing is right. Meeting someone who is interested in them is enough for them to consider cheating on you. Usually when their partner is not expecting it and the relationship has grown old without real commitment.

When a Taurus cheats, they do it for the thrill and excitement of being caught. When the Taurus earth sign cheats, they are either 100% with it or they don't cheat at all. There is no in-between.

Signs that a Taurus woman is cheating on you

If you feel that they are hiding something from you or you suspect something, you are probably being deceived.

Taurus woman's reaction to being cheated on

Getting the Taurus woman to erase the memory of that affair you had with you-know-who is harder than persuading a conservative, penniless spinster to move into Hugh Hefner's mansion. This is because Taurus-born women are astrologically designed to have an incredible capacity for effortless recall and remember things with perfect clarity, no matter how recent or distant in the past.

The Taurus may give the impression that she has forgiven you at the moment of your confession and is willing to let bygones be bygones, but in reality, she never forgives. You can bet that the emotional manipulator in them will often bring up your extramarital sins and send you on massive guilt trips when the opportunity presents itself.

Revenge may be in the cards for her, my friend, but thank God she is unlikely to do anything really destructive in nature, say for example, make you lose your $100,000 job or cut off your manhood.

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