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What is the most annoying thing about the Taurus sign?

What are the most negative and annoying traits of the Taurus sign.... , 2020-05-24

Taurus, you are notoriously known as the most stubborn of all. You have inflexible beliefs and ideas about the world around you. You have a profound unwillingness to compromise on those beliefs and ideas, and also on your habits.


Your stubborn beliefs rub off in an in-your-face attitude. You try to impose your ideas on other people and that is uncomfortable. You are not always right, Taurus, and people are allowed to have different and opposing thoughts to yours. Just because it's not the way you think, what you believe, or how you feel, means they are wrong.


You are practical, so you play it safe, which is boring, and annoys and bores those closest to you. You don't know how to take a different approach and rarely try new things. You often withdraw and want to spend time alone, which can result in you shutting others out. You work hard, but can become lazy because you like comfort and complacency, so you feel unmotivated. Get your ass off the couch and open the blinds, do something a little different this Saturday night.


You don't like to negotiate, you rarely do, and you can never admit when you're wrong. Do you have any idea how much this infuriates the people closest to you? Your "my way" or "highway" mentality is what makes people roll their eyes behind your back, and honestly, you could stand to take a lesson in the art of apologising. It's so hard for you to swallow your pride and apologise, and it's really annoying when you're never the first to give in.

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