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12 Signs that a Taurus man likes you

Spoiler alert: your Taurus man likes you when he spends most of his time around you and always seems ready to jump to the rescue.... , 2022-07-13

A Taurus native will be sure to fulfil all your wishes and take care of you in the most sensual way possible. Gifts are the main expression of their interest, presents and various small gestures, such as compliments, courtesy and tokens of their appreciation for you.

Top 12 signs that a Taurus likes you

1) He wants to make you feel wanted.

2) He wants to keep you entertained at all times.

3) He goes out of his comfort zone for you.

4) It helps you with tedious tasks.

5) He includes you in his plans for the future.

6) He wants to please you with small actions.

7) Spend a lot of time thinking of new ways to make yourself happy.

8) Is willing to sacrifice time for hobbies.

9) He is capable of very romantic gestures.

10) Leave little clues about your feelings.

11) He always seems to be there to come to the rescue.

12) Has a generous but surprising flirtatious style

If he's willing to devote his time to making yours great and worth living to the fullest, it's a pretty sure sign that he really likes you.

Knowing that this man is a very practical and simple individual, he will try to satisfy you in the best way he knows how: by appealing to your senses. It will be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life to be courted by this native.

How to tell if your Taurus likes you

The Taurus man is one of the most amazing couples in the zodiac, because he is loyal and loves stability, so he will work all his life to keep his relationship on the waterline.

You will know he likes you from the moment you start to be part of his plans for the future. He takes these things very seriously and won't even dare to joke.

He will take care of you and make sure that all your needs are met. Have confidence in yourself and show him that you want to be by his side for life and he will be attracted to you immediately and without any hesitation.

There is no more obvious sign that a Taurus man is for you than the fact that he is always close to you, always ready to assist and offer his help when needed.

He will try to do things for you, so the simple gesture of spending his time thinking about your needs and pleasures is enough to infer that his love is true.

Whether it's talking to you about things that are really important to both of you, as well as the future, or helping you carry that heavy box you were struggling with a while ago, there are plenty of opportunities for him to express his feelings. And you just have to pay attention and be there, in the moment.

Although the Taurus man has many qualities, he lacks one thing, the initiating spirit. He will give you hints to lead you to his spiritual feelings, but he will hesitate to tell you directly what his expectations are.

The easiest thing to do is to communicate with him. Express your feelings and go ahead with the romance in your partnership, he will fully appreciate it.

Think that if it's meant to happen, it will happen, but sometimes even the gods need some help, so make sure you help your relationship by taking matters into your own hands.

The Taurine has perfectly experienced sadness and pain throughout his life, and is well aware of what to look for in a partner, in order to deduce to some extent what he will be like in the future.

Even more than that, he realises that the only reason he was so weak and vulnerable in the past, and why he has suffered so much, was because of his own shortcomings and disadvantages.

You have to change a few things, in fact, you have to change a few aspects of yourself, so that you can patch up those leaks, that emptiness inside yourself, and not let anyone or anything hurt you again.

And while he is in this process, you will have to understand that he has his moments of caution or moments when he needs to take a little breather and make sure he is doing the right thing.

Taurus men do not like to take the initiative, so they wait a long time until they find their life partner, or enter into a stable relationship, because until they find the courage to start a conversation, their love interest may have already disappeared.

So, if you like him, go ahead and take attitude, if you want to get serious with this sleepy Taurus man.

Text messages with your crush

When talking about how the Taurus man interacts with his partner, let's say that he can be very sweet and tender, but this is only if he makes sure that you are interested, and not just a passing admirer.

This means that it will take a while for her to warm up to your text messages and possibly avoid any written displays of emotion at the beginning of your thing.

He wants someone with whom to create something special, serious and long-term if possible, not just a one-night stand.

This native will love it when you send him text messages, anything really, because he will see that you care about him, and you can be sure that he will respond in due time, showing at least a part of his feelings.

Personal principles and beliefs are important to him, and you will have to show that you are a safe, reliable and responsible person before you get to know him better.

This guy totally enjoys spending time with you in real life, so he won't waste important minutes to text or call you.

He will let the most important conversations take place face to face, because being a kind and gentle zodiac sign, he loves to look you in the eye when he wants to be romantic with you.

Don't be too confusing or too insistent in your texts, because that can set him back in the battle of love. Long-winded novels or declarations of love actually have the opposite effect with some Taurus men and make them question your feelings, so be direct and serious, and you will win his heart.

Are you falling in love?

If you have doubts about your Taurus partner's feelings, and you are not satisfied with the above, then you should also understand the following.

If this man spends a lot of time to make you happy, if he gives you all his attention, if he sacrifices his most cherished hobbies, or his money to keep you on his mind, that means he is madly in love with you, lucky girl.

Expect some romantic actions from him, he'll bring you flowers and chocolates, so be sure to tell him about your tastes, because once he knows you're the one, even royalty might envy the special treatment you're getting from this man.

Do your homework

We all know that Tauruses are Earth signs, so they are very immutable, steady-headed, down-to-earth and generally immutable personalities who like to live a very organised life.

Therefore, you can be sure that if he starts to surprise you, or makes unexpected visits, it means that he is stepping out of his comfort zone. He doesn't do it for the fun of it, that's true. The alternative is that he cares enough about you to compromise his little peace and quiet.

Remember that one thing you should pay attention to if you want to know if a Taurus man likes you is the telltale jealousy marker. Pay attention to how he acts when other men are around you. If he starts frowning and making faces, then it's pretty clear that he doesn't like you.

This man will begin to help you in everything you need, especially in those tasks that require a rational and reasoned approach. Pragmatism has always been one of his strong points, so it makes sense for him to show it.

Finally, the Taurus man is someone who is deeply connected to the world of the senses, so don't be surprised when he gives you a perfume or invites you to dinner at his home, where he will cook you something you won't soon forget. Pleasing you will be his main goal, and there are few people who can do what he does.

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