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Compatibility of Taurus with children

Taurus natives are a fantastic anchoring influence in their children's lives as Taurus parents.... , 2022-07-24

Taurus natives are a fantastic anchoring influence in their children's lives as Taurus parents. They are pragmatic and compassionate, and are always ready to embrace their children and enjoy their time. They have an excellent understanding of what makes a difference; therefore, they are rarely irritated by the little annoyances their children create in their lives.


However, they must be careful not to spoil their children. They simply want to make them happy, but balance is essential. Their children are likely to have a strong sense of trust in Taurus parents. They will instil in their children the Taurean ideals of commitment, hard work and perseverance. They will try to come to terms with their children when they do or say things that Taurus parents do not anticipate. They may struggle with intransigence, but children need accessibility and consistency.


Taurus parents want to give each of their children their own privacy and expect their children to do the same. While enjoying the pleasures of their family celebration, Taurus parents want to remain calm and peaceful. When they witness a disorganised and messy environment, or when their children leave and do not keep things well managed and organised, both parents become enraged.


Taurus parents will instil in their children the importance of remaining tidy and keeping their environment in order. With the arrival of their children, they will be able to dedicate more time to their role as parents, leaving aside their professions.

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