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How to attract a Taurus woman: Top tips to make her fall in love with you

The type of man she wants in her life and how to seduce him....
13-07-2022 15:27

  1. Be spontaneous
  2. What to avoid with your Taurus woman
  3. What you should keep in mind about the Taurus woman

1) Gain their trust quickly.

2) Be a fun partner.

3) Respect their independence.

4) Compliment him often.

5) Show that you are practical like her.

Despite her innate independence, the Taurus woman has a rather traditional view of love. This lady adores a gentleman who goes out of his way to arrange a candlelit evening for two. With this in mind, confidence is a must for any man who wants to win the heart of a Taurus woman.

Although she knows what she wants, a Taurus woman will rarely jump headlong into any kind of romantic commitment. As a result, relationships are slow to ignite for her, as she wants to be sure of all the possible consequences before committing herself fully.

Being very proud of herself, she is naturally drawn to those who take the time to listen to her stories, her experiences and her aspirations.

Show her that you care and that you have a romantic streak by indulging in her musical tastes as well as her favourite foods.

Given her more traditional view of romance, she loves genuine gestures of affection, such as flowers or a box of chocolates. She is also likely to have the occasional mood swing, but she knows that.

Being able to tolerate this and still be there is a great way to earn her trust. Don't underestimate the importance of this: Taurus women are notorious for having trust issues, so if you can win her over, you'll be more than halfway there.

In addition, genuine compliments also work very well. Particularly those that make her feel valued, so telling her how much she brings to your life and what she means to you will go a long way.

Given their propensity to take their time and weigh all options before making a commitment, they need to know that you are going to be a financially stable partner.

Reckless spending is a big turn-off for her, so there has to be a balance between showing off too much and making it clear that you're OK.

Hand in hand with this is a man who works hard and earns his living every step of the way. Set your goals and stick to them, show her what they are and this will give her the sense of security she is looking for in her man. However, keep in mind that this takes time, so be as patient as you can.

To score more points, any additional knowledge you may have on money matters, stock markets, global economics or investments will also be impressive for her.

She is more than capable of handling herself financially, but if you can show that you will be an asset in this regard, then she will be happy to remain attracted to you.

Many women look for a man who shares common interests with them, and Taurus women are no exception to this rule. This increases her sense of security, which is ultimately what she is looking for in her man.

Part of your eagerness to be financially stable and secure as many material possessions as you can comes from the planet Venus, so keep in mind that this is simply part of your character.

On the contrary, spontaneity is a great attraction for your Taurus woman: she will notice when you are being genuine and she will like nothing better than to have fun with you.

Being open-minded and willing to try anything will be very positive for a Taurus woman, so keep your horizons as broad as possible.

Be spontaneous

Your Taurus woman is ruled by Venus: beauty and love are at the forefront of her being. Naturally, she has an undying passion for both. She also likes to laugh, so try not to be too serious when you go out with her.

Since Taurus is an Earth sign, it will like to spend time outdoors, although this stops at the extreme end of the scale. A simple walk with a breathtaking view will be more than enough.

As has been said before, she just wants to be heard.... so listen to her and give her that attention! Her appetite for new things means being spontaneous, especially when it comes to food.

Take her out to try new dishes and she will come back for more. That said, it doesn't even need to be a regular thing, as she is not needy in that sense.

Obviously, taking her to destinations that interest her is a given, but venturing further afield and visiting places with a bit more culture, such as a museum or theatre, will speak to the creative side of her personality: she has a natural inclination towards music and the arts.

She has a more traditional view of what a relationship should be like. If you need to exert your authority over anyone who passes your Taurus woman, don't hesitate to do so. She will like to see a level of possessiveness over her, as it will make her feel valued and protected.

Above all, however, she craves comfort. This refers not only to emotional comfort, but also to physical comfort.

Give him a warm home to rest in, with soft pillows and soft blankets. Give him a good back and neck massage. Gentle kisses and warm hugs also give him the same feeling.

She is notoriously slow to make decisions, so you will most likely be the one who has to take the steps to move things forward.

If you don't, either you'll get fed up and move on, or she'll think the potential romance is going nowhere, which will inevitably lead to her getting bored too.

What to avoid with your Taurus woman

Taurus women love to be listened to. However, to do this you have to give her a good conversation. Lack of engaging conversation puts her off, as she needs to feel that you are on her intellectual level.

However, it is better to have someone who goes beyond their mental level. If you are able to pass on knowledge without sounding like a "know-it-all", they will not tire of you.

Although she loves spontaneity, she will want to be involved in the decision-making process, so it's best to at least let her choose the location if you're planning a romantic getaway for two.

Your Taurus woman will take her time with you, as mentioned above. With this in mind, she is not necessarily looking for uninterrupted excitement. On the contrary, she prefers small things and will be perfectly happy to be in your company.

Moving at a slow but steady pace is something he is very comfortable with, so don't try to rush him into anything.

She is a practical woman at heart, so talking will only take you so far. At some point it will be necessary to act. It won't be enough to tell her what she means to you, you'll have to show her.

But you don't have to go out of your way, just support her emotionally when she needs it to show her that you care.

However, if there is one thing she hates, it is lying. Dishonesty is a complete betrayal of the security she holds so dear and she will not hesitate to cast you aside if she discovers you have lied.

This also applies to promises: saying you'll be there at 8:00 pm only to show up at 8:30 pm is a big mistake. Your word is your bond in her eyes, so never renege on your commitments to your Taurus woman.

She will prefer you to be honest and straightforward with her from day one. With this in mind, there is little need to flirt. In fact, she doesn't particularly like flirtatious behaviour, so avoid rehearsed pick-up lines.

Skimping on your intentions also puts her off, so be direct and keep her interested by not spending time talking about her or yourself. Be yourself, but also show great interest in her.

Her words are simply an extension of her mind: what she says is what she thinks and honesty is a key part of her character. That's why she expects the same from you.

However, be aware that she can be incredibly jealous and possessive when she is romantically attached to someone, so try to balance your own life with hers and not spend too much time on one or the other.

He has a natural penchant for all things beautiful, so it's fair to say he expects you to be flawless. Dress in your best clothes, make sure there are no wrinkles, and make sure your socks match.

Keep yourself well groomed and make sure your car is kept clean too: he doesn't want to get into a vehicle full of old wrappers or empty water bottles. His tolerance for this sort of thing is incredibly low, so you only get one chance.

Since she is happy to simply be in your company, it is best to avoid any kind of drama or fuss in your life. She is happy to be away from the centre of the scene and does not seek to make life more complicated than necessary.

His need for stability results in a stubborn routine that must not be interrupted. Don't take it personally if she says she can't meet you on a Tuesday night because that's when she takes care of the housework.

Let him have Tuesdays for that. He's not trying to give you excuses not to see you, it's just his established routine that he has to stick to on a daily basis.

What you should keep in mind about the Taurus woman

The Taurus woman has an unquenchable thirst for all things material, with an interest in possessions rarely seen elsewhere in the zodiac.

Although he aspires to a higher status, he also desires balance and loves nature. His perfect life would be a luxury home with lush views and lots of greenery.

As a fixed sign, the Taurus woman also craves stability. This applies to both her relationships and her material possessions. It also means that she has a need to make things last as long as possible.

She works hard and does enough to ensure that she can live her life in comfort. She is naturally attracted to those who make the most of what they have, particularly those who work hard and then also reap the rewards of that hard work.

You like tradition, which can bring out a more sentimental side to your personality. This applies to the people in your life, definitely to your possessions and, in some cases, also to habits.

As an Earth sign, your Taurus woman will be incredibly in touch with the natural world, embracing aspects of her personality such as her taste in food and also her sexuality.

Truth be told, the Taurus woman is very attracted to those who allow her to be the best possible version of herself, who do not believe in the concept of limits. This allows her to experience greater self-esteem, allowing her to be proud of who she is.

This inflated pride often leads her to pursue only the boldest, bravest and hardest men to conquer. However, this is not to be confused with foolishness: she is reasonable and intelligent, to the point where she feels she does not have to prove it to anyone, least of all to herself.

This maturity lends itself to the way she views her closest companions, including romantics. She can often be quite sensitive and affectionate, though her boundaries should not be tested, so it is best not to push her out of her comfort zone, otherwise you may risk angering her.

Her temper is not something you want to experiment with, though be assured it will take multiple provocations to bring her to that point.

This toughness is not purely a bad thing: women of this sign have a resilience that never stops. They never know when to give up, which gives them an iron will in difficult times. They should not be underestimated.

This persistence also means that they are absolutely loyal in a relationship. They do not need any defence mechanism due to their toughness, so they are always ready to give their all in a relationship.

On the other hand, they can also be frank at times, telling you how they feel, whether you like it or not.

You should also know that Taurus women are very independent and hate being controlled, so don't be surprised when you find out that she doesn't need to rely on you for support: she is capable of doing it on her own.

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