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Taurus sexuality: Taurus essentials in bed

Sex with a Taurus: the facts, what turns you on and what doesn't turn you on... , 2022-07-13

As a highly sensitive individual, the Taurus native can bond with almost anyone, regardless of race, skin colour or any other aspect.


Nothing can dampen a Taurus' joy in meeting and establishing a connection with someone, whether a stranger or a simple acquaintance.


For them, intimate contact is a form of coexistence between two people, a process of deep bonding that goes beyond mere sexual satisfaction.


It is important to know that a Taurus will seek pleasure and immediate gratification. But, being very energetic and self-confident, satisfaction has to come as a result of hard work and deep concentration.


Only by striving and shedding tears of sweat will you feel that it is all worthwhile, an achievement in the true sense of the word.


The only way to keep a Taurine close to you is to make him feel that nothing is more important, while at the same time attending to his every need.


At times, that can be quite difficult, considering that this native is not exactly the most romantic or sensual individual out there. Sure, it's not that they are complete robots without any feelings, but they do show their affection and compassion, but not in a direct and easily detectable way.


More logical and cerebral than most, romanticism and dreamy idealisms are not their thing - far from it. Instead, a Taurus native will always prefer to do better in bed, so well in fact that they even forget their apparent lack of affection.


Moreover, it is basically impossible for a bullfighter to detach and abandon after having given his body and soul to building a relationship. It is not in their nature to do that, pure and simple.


All in all, it can be said that, among all the other signs of the zodiac, a Taurus is the easiest to keep happy and comfortable.


Not a particularly adrenaline-fuelled individual who absolutely needs excitement at a constant pace, nor someone who goes crazy for cheesy romantic outfits, this native is certainly one worth paying attention to.


Because of his natural confidence and boldness in intimate affairs, a Taurus is nothing if not a complete and utter king. Nothing gets out of hand or out of order when he is active.


When you have sex with a Taurus, the last thing you worry about is whether it's not going to be good enough. Because, for the love of all that is pure and holy, it's going to be divine, not just good.


Things can get a little overwhelming at times, when their lust and sex drive go into a frenzy and they don't stop until the pressure is off.


For Taurus natives, the one aspect of a relationship that is of utmost importance is pleasure, sexual pleasure.


Since he is innately endowed with a greater sensitivity than most, it is natural for him to find true happiness and vitality in carnal satisfaction.


When they are looking for a suitable partner, what really makes them lose their minds is the person's appearance, i.e. their physical attractiveness.


Whether it's the way the wind falls on their face, or the look of a certain accessory, everything plays a role in this decision. These natives seem to intuitively perceive how to behave and why, those inner aspects that really define someone.


Being straightforward in attitude, and being under the patronage of Venus, a planet we all know is responsible for matters of the heart, a Taurus simply knows what to do to seduce and win someone over completely.


Using the various techniques at his disposal, such as what is normally detected by natural instincts (smell, touch), virtually no one can escape advances of this kind. No one. And that is saying a lot.


Its breaking points

When talking about the likes and dislikes of a Taurus, both men and women, what really comes to mind at first is the desire to be dominated and have a good time.


They expect everything to be done for them, in the most efficient and blissful way possible. A little materialism may also appear on the character sheet of a Taurus, but it is not such a big problem.


Essentially, if things get hot enough, you should know that they don't want anything else and that you are already at the top of their wish list.


Taurus natives are very gluttonous and greedy. Only sex takes away their appetite for good food, but what if the latter becomes a preamble to the former? That's what we're talking about.


This is paradise for them. However, don't think that because the initial course was so attractive, everything will follow in the same steps.


Generally, the way these natives approach sex is one-sided, or limited anyway. Does it feel good and is it satisfying? If it's good, that's what ultimately matters. Everything else is optional and non-essential.


There are some things that directly influence how a Taurus feels in a relationship. For example, if they have to worry about whether you're going to leave in the morning or not, that's practically a joy killer.


Not to mention the financial situation, which can turn the whole situation into a no-win zone. In short, stability matters a lot, and is a priority in a Taurus' future plan.


They quickly become attached and most likely even obsessed with their partner's presence. Jealousy and possessiveness are two traits that play an important role in this.


If things seem to fall apart and the other tries to cheat or go over to the enemy camp, a Taurus will feel totally betrayed and disillusioned.


This native is not the type of person to walk into a bar, drink ten bottles of beer, maybe get into a fight and get into more trouble.


Without a plan, a second plan and, if the odds are good, even a third plan in mind, a Taurus would prefer not to participate in any kind of social event. Who knows what might happen? It is better to be prepared for contingencies.


Intimacy cravings

Given their aversion to anything out of the ordinary, or out of the norm, a Taurus will most likely never be unfaithful.


If they don't like to take risks and are not the adventurous type, it's pretty obvious that it doesn't happen. Who could they cheat with, a good book? Now, it's quite another thing if they don't feel sexually satisfied.


This tends to drive them crazy and activates their predatory mode, looking for the closest possible solution to this "sensitive" problem.


What they are ultimately looking for is both someone who can satisfy these intense cravings of theirs, and someone who can offer them stability and protection.


One cannot have happiness without some assurance that bad things will not happen in the near future. One individual who seems to have both of these traits is Cancer, who seems to be the one destined for our Taurus.


Family life, intimate connection and preferences, life goals, attitudes and approaches all seem to coincide in one way or another. Obviously, what keeps them so close and together is still that sexual drive.


In short, if you want someone in whom you can place all your trust, and be sure that it won't end in betrayal, then a Taurus is the perfect choice.


As long as they feel satisfied and are treated romantically enough, candles and all, everything will be fine. Remember to be more inventive and sensual when you do business, it can't be overstated how important it is to them.

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