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The Taurus woman in bed: what to expect and how to make love

The sexy and romantic side of the Taurus woman revealed by sexual astrology... , 2022-07-13

Beautiful, free and protective of their loved ones, Taurus women are also dominant and possessive. They like to take the initiative and be in control, so let your Taurus woman be the dominant one in bed.

Although she doesn't have the sex drive of an Aries or a Libra, this woman will ask for more if she likes having sex with you.

She makes love with passion and tenderness, and is seductive and sexy when she does so. She prefers a partner who can see all these qualities in her.

The Taurus woman loves sex and believes in the power of lovemaking. If she has fallen in love with you, she will spoil you and treat you like a king in the bedroom. She would never cheat on you, as she feels very attached both physically and emotionally.

Their surprising sexuality

Like any other girl, the Taurus woman likes her partner to pay attention to her and only to her.

You should always give her compliments, hug and kiss her. He likes old-fashioned sex and does not like rough experiences.

One thing you should know about her lovemaking is that she tends to be a bit lazy. When she experiments in bed it is only because her partner wants her to, not because it is her most pleasurable pleasure.

However, you should be the one to come up with suggestions. Don't write her off as boring, because although she is not as amazing as Libra and Aries, she is always interested in satisfying her partner's desires. Taurus women are rather nurturing when they are between the sheets.

When you are with the Taurus woman, try not to experiment too much in bed. Traditional sex will be enough for her.

Also, if you still pursue her, make sure you give her plenty of time and space to decide whether she wants to sleep with you or not. Sometimes, this lady can become moody and that's when she gets lazy and lets you do whatever you want in the bedroom.

As already mentioned, she likes to be the one in control. Besides this, there is nothing else that can change the Taurus woman's libido and her lovemaking. You should think of her more as a wife, as she likes to take care of you even between the sheets.

While most men expect her to be consistent and repetitive in bed, the Taurus woman can surprise with the intensity with which she acts. Before the actual act, keep her entertained with light conversation and some seduction games.

She likes a doer more than a talker, and sees sex as something in which she can escape from reality, a realm of fantasy that can help her overcome stress. This does not mean she is not down to earth, because she is.

Her sexual energy is hard to match, and she likes things to get physical. He knows what he wants his partner to do to him and will express it without inhibition.

When in love, the Taurus woman is affectionate, passionate and sensual. You must be patient and court her for as long as she wants you to.

She likes to get to know you better, but she will only commit herself when she is sure of her choice. Don't forget that Taurus are very devoted, so when they commit, they do it for life.

Make sure the scene is set

Prone to jealousy, the Taurus woman will not like you flirting with other people. Sex with a Taurus woman is full of sensuality. She is not in a hurry and enjoys every moment as if it were her last.

Foreplay comes naturally to her. As a person who enjoys routine, the Taurus woman will tend to repeat things in bed.

Before you say she's boring, think of all the pleasure she's capable of giving you. Invent new positions and techniques and she'll be happy to try them.

The fact that she appreciates the simpler things in life and her sexual energy make the Taurus woman a good bed partner. Many people do not see how enjoyable sex can be.

You will not have a varied sex life with the Taurus woman, but you are sure to have a long-term relationship full of passion. Women who have their Moon or Venus in Taurus are the same.

Returning to our Taurus girl, she will not forget if you make her jealous once or several times. Her partner should be faithful and romantic, not dishonest and cold. When her heart is broken, it is very difficult for her to get back on her feet.

She reveals her true self when she is in bed and likes to be charmed. If you want to impress her, create the right atmosphere for lovemaking.

Dim the lights, play soft music and take her to a bed covered with silk sheets. Beforehand, serve her a tasty dinner and a good wine. A warm bath with scented oils will also touch her heart.

One thing to know about the Taurus woman is that she does not like violence or extreme people. She also doesn't like to be begged when she has clearly said she doesn't want or like something. If she disagrees once, there is nothing you can do to change her mind.

Also, you have to be careful with her, as she doesn't like people who are nasty either. It should be up to her to decide when you are going to make love for the first time, so don't rush her into doing what she doesn't want to do.

It will take some time for her to decide whether or not you are the man for her, it's true, but it will be worth the wait. She will impress you in bed.

She will take you places, but only if she believes you deserve it and that you are a good match for her. Like most women, she believes in love and is looking to be with the right person.

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