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The Virgo man in love: From lovable to surprisingly practical

Its main objective is a happy and satisfied couple.... , 2022-07-14

When in love, the Virgo man is careful, sensitive and attentive. He will respect his partner and will never impose his opinions on her. Moreover, he will never force his wife to do something she does not want to do.


The Virgo man gives the impression that he is in control of all situations, but inside he is anxious and stressed. He finds it difficult to express what he really feels, especially when he is involved in a relationship. They tend to be interested in cheerful and kind women.


When in a relationship

The Virgo man will always question his love for his partner. He will think he is in love and discover later that things are not really as he thought, in which case he can get over an affair in just a few weeks.


It can be difficult to be with a man of this sign. Not as emotionally stable because Virgo is a mutable sign, these men can also be very strict with what they expect from a partner.


Although they are very loyal to friends and family, they can be quite insecure about the love they feel for a person. It is rare for him to last in a relationship if the person he has found cannot quickly prove that he is what he is looking for.


He will keep searching until he finds the perfect lover. The Virgo man can be an amazing partner who will make all your partner's dreams come true, or he can be annoying and irritating.


He gives himself when he meets someone, but Mercury rules him and infuses him with duality, so he is not very trustworthy.


When it comes to intimacy and emotionality, he can be a bit shallow. However, he is very intelligent and will be sure to keep things in check if he feels that there are feelings of true love between him and his partner.


This guy likes to lead a healthy lifestyle. He wants to be undisturbed by his routine, and can be quite demanding of the woman he has chosen as a partner. Tradition is something he pays a lot of attention to. If he finds someone to take care of him while he focuses on others, he will be truly happy.


No matter where he is or what he does, the Virgo man is only interested in one thing: perfection. He would like to have the ideal woman by his side, a lady who gives him more confidence and who will stand by his side when things go right and wrong.


Determined, ambitious and loyal, this guy will do everything in his power to make his family happy. Another word that describes him very well is "practical". He never embellishes things, and is capable of giving honest opinions.


The woman in need

You will not convince a Virgo man to be with you if you are only beautiful. He doesn't necessarily like expensive clothes and jewellery on a woman. This man goes beyond looks, he wants much more from the person he is in love with.


Your woman should be self-confident, stable and independent. She does not have to be the type who gets what she wants based on her looks. She will always choose personality and character over appearance.


He will also take a lot of time to study the girl he has his eye on. He will not ask her out until he is sure that he has made the right choice and that he is compatible with her.


He wants to see intelligence and reliability and only after that will he proceed to woo her. The lady of your dreams will encourage you to achieve your goals, boost your ego and make you feel a little more relaxed.


Understanding your Virgo man

A Virgo man's only mission is to fix things that are broken. Until he achieves this, he will be relaxed, smiling and happy to go about the other business of life.


When he has to commit himself, he is very serious and does things to perfection. He analyses every little detail of a situation, paying attention to every word people say when they talk to him.


This guy spends many hours perfecting his work and his life. He wants everything to go according to the rules, and never leaves things undone.


His life has to meet high standards that he sets for himself. And don't think he will be persistent and dedicated only in matters of work. In his personal life too, the Virgo man seeks to reach as many high points as possible, making sure his partner is always happy and satisfied.


He likes to fix things around the house. You will often find him making furniture for his home. He needs to use his hands and likes to get others interested in the same thing. This person is destined to fix things, and will often annoy people with this obsession he has.


Hard-working and down-to-earth, he will keep his emotions in check. He does not usually say what he feels, as he desires the company of reserved people like himself.


Don't think that he is not capable of establishing strong bonds with other people. He is more than capable, but only at his own pace, which is slow and careful.


It will take Virgo men some time to fall in love. But as soon as someone wins his heart, he will become devoted, eternally affectionate and very supportive.


He has incredible intelligence and seeks to associate with others who are like him. His weaknesses are that he is territorial and critical. As soon as he begins to trust his lover, his nature becomes affectionate, loyal and romantic.


Appointments with him

As Virgo is a mutable sign, the man born under this astrological alignment will always want variety and will seek to make changes in his relationship.


The Virgo man will take his partner on a date to the cleanest place, the one with the nicest table arrangements and the most interesting design. He will try anything you ask, as long as it doesn't break his own rules and principles.


Always wanting to change things, this type gets bored easily. Although he is also an earth sign, he needs change in his life. Very practical in general, when he falls in love he becomes romantic and affectionate.


He will date you until he finds some flaws in your personality. If he can't fix them, he will leave the relationship altogether.


The negative side of the Virgo man

The main weakness of the Virgo man's character is the fact that he is overly critical. A perfectionist, this man will express his dislike for anything that does not seem to him to be working properly. He will criticise until he finds things to his liking.


Women can find him annoying, and his nitpicking is often the reason for break-ups in their lives. Virgo men are also pretentious when choosing a life partner.


He can come across as prejudiced, and will always take his time to evaluate a woman before deciding if she is right for him. Nobody likes people who are too prejudiced, so this is another reason why this guy sometimes doesn't get as many women as he would like.


And to finish the list of his negative traits, it is also worth mentioning the rigidity of the Virgo man. He is very stuck in his own opinions and will not change his mind for anyone.


As soon as he has an idea, he will not abandon it. All this is because he wants perfection and believes he is the only one who knows how to achieve it. It will be the same with his partner, so don't think for a moment that you can change anything about him.


Your sexuality

How the Virgo man acts in bed depends largely on his other traits. He is not a very skilful lover, and there is nothing sexual about him.


Their creativity is almost non-existent, so the couple will have to come up with ideas in the bedroom all the time.


The good thing is that, striving to always be perfect, this guy will try his best in bed. He will always try to satisfy his partner and that will be enough to make the relationship work.


When he feels insecure, the Virgo man will be bored and will start criticising everything around him. If you are not obsessed with perfection like him, it can be difficult to be with the Virgo man.

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