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The Scorpio man in bed: what to expect and how to arouse him

Sex with a Scorpio man: the facts, the rights and wrongs of sexual astrology...
18-07-2022 12:29

  1. Let's tell it like it is
  2. You've heard of sexual revenge

It is impossible to mistake the Scorpio man for anyone else. He has an aura of passion and lust around him. He is magnetic and attractive, so any woman would be attracted to him in a second. His main goal is to win the heart of his lady, whoever she is.

You must be lucky to be with him. He is one of the most skilled lovers in the zodiac. He knows everything about a woman's body and has a rich imagination in bed.

There are no limits when having sex with him, and he doesn't like prudes. Every sexual encounter with the Scorpio man will be pleasurable to the level of unbelievable.

He has incredible energy and is very serious about having a relationship. Your goal is to be completely close to someone who is dedicated and passionate.

Let's tell it like it is

The Scorpio man will not pay too much attention to technicalities when he is in bed. His only desire is to satisfy his lust.

It will impress any woman, especially those who like to be dominated. If you're the type who enjoys being dominated, you'd better find someone else.

You and the Scorpio man together would be too much. He likes to take everything from his lover. He is happy to be your master in everything.

He loves to cause pain, and his foreplay can be aggressive. He wants the woman to be submissive, as he enjoys power more than anything else.

The sexual energy of a Scorpio man cannot be seen in other signs. He tends to be much more resilient than his partner, and loves intense lovemaking. If you want to get into bed with him, have some ointments for pain ready.

Don't try to teach the Scorpio man how to make love. Be knowledgeable on the subject yourself. He does not like to be asked questions in this area, and thinks that those who do not know about different sexual practices are inferior.

Will try anything to make the sexual experience more pleasurable. She likes toys and taking aphrodisiacs.

If he leaves his sexual aggression unsatisfied, he will become moody. If he feels he is rejected in any way by a partner, he will become paranoid. Because he enjoys causing pain in bed, the Scorpio man may enjoy sadism.

And he can be very into it. You can easily tell that he allows himself to be dominated by his own genitals. Everything with him is sexual. Be careful not to confuse yourself with this man. He knows the difference between love and sex and between a relationship and an affair.

If he is jealous, it may be more than an affair. He may also change towards whom he directs all his passion, because he is controlled by desire and likes to be challenged.

He will face whatever life throws at him without thinking about the consequences. He is a true Don Juan, always looking for a new love affair.

You won't be able to resist the hypnotic gaze of the Scorpio man. His energy is also attractive, and follows him wherever he goes. It can be dangerous for a woman to fall in love with this man. She may be overwhelmed by his explosive sexuality, as he cannot contain it. He knows no restraint and is very open to any flirtation.

You've heard of sexual revenge

Their relationships can be either passionate and intense, or corrupted and ended because of their jealousy. His partner can be happy and satisfied, or worried and terrified. He is a man of extremes.

He is a slave to his own desires and nothing can stop him from doing what he wants. His love for a woman can make him take risks and do unspeakable things.

One thing is certain with this man: he never forgets. If you have done him good, he will repay you with his loyalty and friendship.

If you have done something to hurt or insult him, he will silently plot revenge. And he will take revenge, as he always does. Sometimes he can be violent in a relationship.

He is ambitious, vindictive and dangerous, so don't betray or lie to him or you will see his ugly side. If you are thinking of dating a Scorpio man, be prepared to keep the peace with him at all times. He knows no compassion or compromise.

Don't even think of opposing him, for he will not give up on destroying you. No one knows what his motives are for being so fierce. It could be his mysterious, secret side that he never shows.

However, his friends adore him for being energetic and dedicated.

Likes his independence, but still needs someone he can trust to keep him safe. Although he has problems with his own emotions, he hates to see people weak.

He will invest everything he has in pleasures, and is prone to becoming addicted to something, whether it be drugs or alcohol. But he is the sign that never gives up, so he will also overcome these problems.

The Scorpio man is courageous, imaginative and focused. That is why he will be appreciated by his colleagues and bosses.

And your appreciation is important to him. He likes to participate in activities that involve physical exertion. All this helps him to be a successful man. He knows when someone is lying to him, so don't try to fool this man.

They deal with problems quickly, and tend to close an issue before it is completely resolved. They do not take no for an answer from someone they like romantically, and expect their partner to pay attention to their every need.

His bad traits are being false, self-centred and ruthless. He becomes all of these when he pursues a woman.

In his conception, there are no rules when it comes to being in love. He can be an obsessed sexual partner. He is a slave to his own emotions and libido.

He likes sex because he knows how to do it perfectly. He also likes the woman he likes to be courted by many men. Be careful with him because he can become very aggressive in bed.

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  • How to excite a scorpion

    Scorpio's excitement in bed can be intense and passionate, but it requires a certain approach due to their strong emotional and sexual nature. Here are a few tips on how to turn on a Scorpio:

    1. Build a deep emotional bond: Scorpios value a deep emotional connection with their partner, so remember to build trust and intimacy between each other.

    2. Be confident: Scorpios admire self-assured partners who know what they want and are ready to show it. Remember to express your desires and needs clearly.

    3. Explore your sexuality: Scorpios are open to experimentation in the bedroom and enjoy discovering new things. Be bold and open to a variety of sexual experiences.

    4. Surrender to their control: Scorpios like to take control in bed, so let them lead the game and trust their skills.

    5. Cultivate an atmosphere of mystery: Scorpios are drawn to mysterious individuals, so don't reveal all your cards at once. Allow them to gradually uncover your deeper layers.

    Remember that each person is different, so it is important to adapt these tips to the specific situation and relationship with the particular Scorpio. The key is to listen to your instincts, be authentic, and enjoy the time spent together as a couple.

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