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The Aquarius man in a relationship: Understanding him and keeping him in love

The Aquarius man is loyal and loving, but you will have a hard time convincing him to take the next step and commit to a family....
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  1. Will not follow conventional rules
  2. You want it... but how do you keep it?

The Aquarius man is a rather difficult individual to deal with in a relationship because of his natural sensitivity. Not that they turn the tables on you so easily, but they do have a tendency to perceive offensive attacks in many innocent comments.


- He is kind and wants to be by his partner's side.

- Once truly committed, he is completely faithful.

- It will make your partner feel comfortable and at ease.


- He will take his time to show his true feelings.

- It puts a bit of a price tag on your emotions.

- It can become aggressive when it is not taken into account.

He does not believe that anyone has the privilege of knowing him more deeply, which is why he is so aloof and detached. You just have to set certain boundaries and expectations from the beginning to get on the right track with him.

This guy has a lot of feelings that he wants to express, so that his lover realizes how much he loves her, but it is something he does not do often. It is also the fact that he is usually quite aloof and does not attach importance to emotions in general.

Will not follow conventional rules

The Aquarius man may never want to seal the deal and marry his partner because he wants to live a free life, independent of any serious commitment.

Even moving in with her would pose problems for him if he is at a young age where he wants to fulfill his desires first. He believes it is better this way for both of them, that it would bring only good things in the future.

But for a sensitive, caring woman who wants that sense of belonging, it's a bitter feeling. However, he is very responsible and compassionate, and never stoops so low as to cheat or be a jerk.

He is devoted, loyal and wants to maintain a friendly relationship with someone even after breaking up.

He is an excitable native who does not want to live his life controlled by rules he does not understand or want to follow. Therefore, he will often rebel against the status quo, create his own rules and live life as he sees fit.

So, whatever he wants to do, he will do it without asking anyone's permission. He is full of fresh ideas and energy to try new things, to experiment with the world.

However, the Aquarius man quickly gets bored with new activities, and this is his undoing, personally and romantically. He needs stimulation to keep him interested.

Besides being mutable and unpredictable in his emotional balance, going from joy to sadness in a split second, the Aquarius man will not easily accept being tied to someone permanently.

It will take a lot of convincing and seduction for him to ask for your hand in marriage. He will always care for you and put you at the center of his attention even before he thinks of going further. Once he makes the decision, know that it is a lifelong commitment.

During the first part of your life, you will want to experience a lot, to experience the world as no one has ever done before.

As for their relationships, at first there will be none of long duration. Rather, the Aquarius man will engage in many one-night stands, just for fun, physical attraction and the satisfaction of some pleasures.

Once you are in tune with your feelings and take note of the depth of your emotions, you will start thinking about going further, about finding the ideal woman to settle down with.

In the meantime, he may also have begun to work as a volunteer, spreading the truth he has discovered.

He is a visionary who is always hatching plans and ideas for the future, trying to bring about a revolution, a discovery that will change the world.

As a result, you have some difficulty concentrating on current events. In addition, you may be impulsive and not pay enough attention to your feelings, so you often get involved in toxic or incompatible relationships that only waste your time.

You want it... but how do you keep it?

His master plan suffers no delays and the last thing he wants is to be destroyed by the wrong partner.

So when he commits to a relationship wholeheartedly, you can be sure that it is a firm decision on his part, something he has thought about for a long time.

The only problem in getting an Aquarius man is knowing how to keep him, because getting to know him is not too difficult. These natives are very sociable and communicative in the first place, going where the fun is rocking the streets.

You'll have to up your fun factor, those kinky jokes and you'll definitely have to act smart.

He likes that very much, a partner who is at his level intellectually, who can face him equally in a conversation. He always brings new ideas to liven things up, to arouse their interest, even in a relationship.

Know that once he has made the decision to be with you, to commit to a long-term relationship, he will include you in his future plans, that's how serious and dedicated he is.

Accompany him whenever he wants to change the routine, to do something new. This will stimulate him a lot. Besides, you should know that he is a very rational and skeptical individual.

The traditional concepts of marriage, soul mate or life partner don't make any sense, even to the Aquarius man in love. So don't expect him to be so romantic or idealistic in these respects.

If you try to tie him to these rules that he cannot understand or accept, it will lead to disaster. He will feel unhappy, dissatisfied and ultimately prone to break off the relationship after a while.

He will never be possessive or jealous because he understands the meaning of freedom and independence. However, in the same sense, he will be very easy to live with because he is very understanding and does not have many demands.

He does his thing, you do yours, and even when you do something together, he's going to accept failures, mistakes, etc.

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  • How does Aquarius (male) usually express his love for his partner?

    Aquarius is known to be an original and independent person, which can affect how they express their love for their partner. Generally speaking, Aquarians are not very romantic in the traditional sense, but they have their own unique ways of showing love and commitment. Here are some common ways that an Aquarius man can express his love:

    1. Deep conversations: Aquarians love intellectual stimulation and deep discussions. By having meaningful conversations with their partner, they show their interest in their thoughts, ideas and values.

    2. Freedom and independence: An Aquarius man values his own freedom and will also give his partner space to be themselves. They also expect to get that freedom back, so if he gives you this space, it is a sign of his love.

    3. Unusual romance: While Aquarius may not be the most traditionally romantic, they can come up with unique and unexpected ways to show their love. This can range from surprising gestures to exciting experiences together.

    4. Common interests: Aquarians tend to be very interested in different subjects and often have specific passions or hobbies. If he shares these common interests with his partner and actively engages in them together, it is a sign that he values their relationship.

    5. Caring and support: Despite their independent nature, Aquarians are often very caring and supportive when it comes to their partner's needs and goals in life. They will be there for their partner and support them in their endeavors.

    It is important to remember that each individual is unique and this only gives a general idea of how an Aquarius man may express his love. The best way to understand how your specific Aquarius man expresses himself is through communication and openness in your relationship.

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