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Aquarius Relationship Traits and Love Advice

A relationship with an Aquarius is enthusiastic and warm, as these people do not hesitate to show their affection in inventive ways....
16-09-2021 13:38

  1. A diverse lover
  2. A relationship that is hard work
  3. Relationship with the Aquarius man
  4. Relationship with the Aquarius woman

Aquarius lovers want to be intellectually stimulated by those they know. Nothing is more important to them than engaging in interesting conversation on witty and profound subjects.


- They are honest and straightforward.

- When they love, they love with all their heart and soul.

- It is not easy to get bored in their company.


 - They can create drama out of nothing.
 - They can be a bit harsh and uncommunicative.
 - They value their freedom too much.

Don't even think of sugar-coating anything. Straightforward people who simply say what they have to say are the most agreeable to these natives. Just know that they will have something to say in return, and that they won't let you monopolise the discussion, but this is actually a very good thing.

When it comes to a potential partner, the same rules apply: honesty and a straightforward, intellectually stimulating personality come first.

A diverse lover

Aquarians are very intriguing and interesting because of their curious, witty and highly intelligent personality.

Nothing that occurs to them is unknown to them, and they seem to possess knowledge on all possible subjects, especially scientific and profound ones.

They are creative, imaginative and quite unique in their general outlook on the world.

Emotions do not cloud their minds because of the reasonable perspective, a logical and rational approach to most things. This can be very upsetting for more sensitive partners who expect an overload of affection and compassion.

They should not put their eggs in one basket, i.e. they should not despair if the relationship is not going well. After all, it is a game of chance, at least for the most part.

They have to diversify their tastes and get to know the world. Make new friends, forget the disappointments of the past, find like-minded people who share the same vision of the future, try to put those big ideas into practice.

Aquarius natives value their freedom and independence highly, and therefore would have trouble maintaining a lasting relationship with someone, establishing a routine and sticking to it every day.

They are very enthusiastic and rejoice when everyone around them is surprised and amazed when they manage to break social expectations.

When the family comes to tell them that they should end up getting married and establishing a long-term relationship, it will be a pleasure for them to prove them wrong.

However, doing this just for the sake of opposing the status quo is a bit silly and useless. They need to realise that settling down is not a bad thing at all, but a compromise that brings with it great opportunities to reinvent themselves.

A relationship that is hard work

Aquarians have some problems when it comes to relationships because they either have a hard time expressing their emotions or they don't know how to do it at all.

Love is a simple yet complicated feeling, for those who do not know how it should be expressed. It may be that your feelings are so intense and passionate that there is no way to express them fully.

Only in private could they reveal their healthy emotions, the affection and love that have been festering inside them.

Relationships are different from everyday life, and Aquarius natives must realise that they will not be happy if they do not learn to express their emotions.

With a more sensitive and sentimental partner who is very affectionate, they would become even more saddened or upset. They may even start to criticise this overflow of emotions coming from the partner.

In addition, expectations are another side of the problem because Aquarius lovers have certain thoughts about what a relationship should be like.

One thing that can pose problems is their natural pragmatism. This means that they will focus more on daily tasks and responsibilities than on their partner's emotional needs.

Even when the partner clearly asks for a hug or a sweet kiss, they often cannot understand things.

It even irritates them that their lover cannot deal with the more serious things, as they do, and instead moves anxiously around the house, eagerly asking for a hug. In reality, a partner with a different perspective and emotional availability can only be a good thing.

Relationship with the Aquarius man

The Aquarius man can be a romantic and gallant individual who flirts and talks casually with women, having a few conquests under his belt.

Charisma and diplomacy ensure that he shatters the competition, attracts the attention of his superiors and finally gets that raise and advancement.

From a romantic point of view, he is more interested in a woman's brain, the breadth of her knowledge and her ability to communicate.

If your partner is not intellectually stimulating enough or if she is bland as a cotton bag, you can quickly move on from her and start looking for someone else.

He knows his likes and dislikes, and overly emotional women are on his no-no list.

He does not need someone to take care of him, like a baby, who will constantly pepper him with moments of sadness, spontaneous requests and impulsive arguments.

This native only wants someone who respects his desires, his private space, someone who likes to be free and independent from him.

Relationship with the Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman is anything but boring and static. To tell the truth, she is very excitable and throws herself into adventures, into journeys of the mind to be more specific.

Wherever there is a debate or a conference, you will find this woman, participating or observing to hone her skills. She has her own principles and standards in a relationship.

She expects a treatment worthy of her ladyhood, a tender and charming approach to seduce her completely.

She is willing to take it easy, to feed the flames of passion, but her partner must show her respect and dignity.

Her personality remains a mystery unknown to everyone else, because her outward appearance is that of a distracted, clumsy woman who can't even tie her shoelaces properly.

Inside, once you get to know her, she hides a deeper and more sensitive truth. She is sociable and communicative, always going out with friends, expanding her social circle and meeting new people.

She emphasises trust, honesty and devotion above all else. If you can't uphold these sacred principles, she'll be gone in no time.

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