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What is the most annoying thing about the Aquarius sign?

What are the most negative and annoying traits of the Aquarius sign.... , 2020-05-24

Aquarius, you're annoying because sometimes it's almost too uncomfortable to interact with you because it feels like interacting with a robot. It's hard to connect with you. You are closed off and distant. You are indifferent, but others think you just don't care.


You are too busy trying to understand inner workings and problem solving, that you turn away from feelings. You are too logical. Your lack of emotional intelligence is frustrating and so is your lack of emotional response to those around you.


You are impatient when others do not perceive your logic and you have a stubborn mentality.


You are individualistic, eccentric even, and don't care what people think, but sometimes you seem to try too hard to stand out and strive to appear different.

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