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Capricorn in love: How compatible is it with you?

They may not say I love you all the time... but they mean it....
18-07-2022 15:28

  1. Your need for security
  2. They will strive to make you happy
  3. Life with them

It is not easy to win the heart of a Capricorn-born person. People may consider them a bit snobbish, but they are not. It's just that their shyness makes them seem that way. These guys will never show their true feelings.

Before getting involved in a relationship, they weigh all the pros and cons, and because they are afraid of getting hurt, they never show what is in their heart.

You may think they are not interested, but in reality Capricorns do not like to reveal their feelings. As soon as you get them to trust you, they become warm and affectionate.

And they have many masks that they wear casually. It is very difficult to spot the true Capricorn. Many would say they are indifferent and composed. They have a hard time making connections with others, especially when it comes to romance and intimacy.

Communication is not easy for these people. They give more importance to business and work than to love. However, once they get engaged or married, they become these loyal and devoted partners. They believe in true love and rarely divorce.

It can be said that these boys blossom later in life, for while they are young they devote themselves entirely to their careers. Only when they have achieved professional success do these boys turn their attention to love and romance.

It is not so easy to make them conform, and they need security and protection to feel happy with their relationship. Someone honest and open will be their ideal partner. They believe that family and home are important, and expect their partner to feel the same way.

A Capricorn does not find it difficult to give love and affection, but needs to receive the same.

Your need for security

When it comes to seducing and pursuing a person's love, Capricorns are slow and shy. They need to learn to take advantage of amorous opportunities when they present themselves.

Having a clear idea of what love should be like, they sometimes imagine the ideal partner and forget what reality can bring.

It can be a challenge for them to find the right person. They are happiest when they are with someone with integrity and an established work ethic.

As they are waiting for the right person, they may sometimes lose hope. As long as they don't give up, everything will be fine. When that special person comes along, they will give their all.

Slightly old-fashioned, Capricorns are traditional and conventional. They want financial security before anything else.

If they fall in love, they prefer traditional courtship, where the man is the one who leads. Not believing in love at first sight, these guys will take their time before deciding that someone is right for them.

Because they need financial security, Capricorns will marry later in life. They take good care of the person they love, and they like to have a family. Don't be afraid if they are not overly sentimental. This comes with time, once they feel more secure and can trust their partner.

With them it's very much about security. When they are committed, they are great partners. However, if the economic situation is not so good, they will give priority to earning money.

That's why they need someone to cheer them up when times are tough. Their ideal partner will be optimistic and active. Because they can be pessimistic and dark at times. They need someone they can trust and talk to.

Don't think for a moment that if they are quiet and reserved, they don't care or don't have feelings. They simply like to keep to themselves. Look for their sentimental side and you will be satisfied with what they offer you.

They will strive to make you happy

When they like someone, they never act on impulse. These guys strive to make things perfect and to create strong feelings. Very realistic, Capricorns are aware that no one is perfect.

So they will be happy when they find someone who comes close to their ideal. They know that a relationship requires a lot of work, and they are willing to do it.

The right person will see them for who they really are, wise and caring people who will never let anyone down. They don't mind being single, and would never settle for someone who doesn't fit their personality.

They are willing to be there for you in good times and bad. However, don't be affectionate in public with them. They won't like it. Make them feel comfortable and wanted, or they will be restless.

They are sometimes prone to infidelity, especially if they are unhappy with their partner. You have to be powerful and socially active if you want to be respected. Ambition and success are things they really look for in a person.

Don't expect a Capricorn to say "I love you" very often. But don't think that if they don't, they don't feel love. They're just not that giving with words. That's just it.

If you disappoint them, they will say goodbye to you forever. These people do not believe in second chances in love.

When they are with someone they trust and care about, everything is happiness and passion. They see no difference between love and sex, and always strive to make their partner happy in the bedroom.

Life with them

As soon as they have found the right person to share their life with, they become romantic and playful. It takes a very serious relationship for Capricorns to show their warm side.

These types are helpful and supportive, and their partners feel appreciated and loved at all times. When times are tough, Capricorns are good at surviving and finding solutions. But they need to be supported and appreciated for their efforts.

You can trust them to be faithful. They are known for never cheating and for believing in devotion. They do not like to take shortcuts when they are with someone. As with anything in life, they strive to make their love life more beautiful.

The more time you spend with a Capricorn, the better your relationship will be. They know how to earn money and save for hard times. You will have to be the same if you want to be happy with them.

Keep in mind that what they want most is success, so strive to help them and be successful yourself. Be helpful, don't let anything get in the way of your goals. Don't make fun of a Capricorn.

They don't like not to be taken seriously. Make sure you always look your best and don't show your real age. They will never tell you how to dress or do your hair, but they will expect you to look nice.

It is normal to be successful with a person of this sign. They are supportive and intelligent enough to help anyone to be more efficient.

Traditional, their Capricorn sexuality is rather conventional. They like to make love, and they get better at it over time. But it is necessary to establish a strong connection between lovers for them to be good in bed.

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