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Are Scorpio men jealous and possessive?

Scorpio jealousy surfaces because this man has a deep and secret desire to control his partner's life.... , 2022-07-18

It is a well-known fact that Scorpio is the most jealous sign of the zodiac. If you don't know how the Scorpio man reacts, you could be very frightened by his fits of jealousy. People who already know him are very careful with this type.


The Scorpio man, who normally does not trust anyone, may sometimes accuse his partner of things he has not done. He does this only because he is extremely jealous, not because he has a motive.


Not being very good at hiding this feeling, Scorpios may become jealous when someone sits near their partner in the cinema.


This is why Scorpio relationships are the most difficult. Although they are devoted and reliable, their possessiveness can ruin everything they have built with their partner.


They live intensely and no matter what they feel, they feel it intensely. At any moment, your Scorpio man can have a jealous breakdown. You never know with this type.


While some people may find it flattering for their partner to be like this, others would find such behaviour exhausting.


The Scorpio man is believed to be this way because he has a deep and secret desire to be in control of his partner's life. He enjoys any mental and power games, and will try anything to be the one in control.


Being also one of the most vengeful signs, it can be difficult for a Scorpio man to find a partner who accepts him as he is.


Experiencing life and love intensely, this man will feel betrayal on the same level. He is a fixed Water sign and this heightens his emotions. Relentless, he will take revenge when he is betrayed. Afterwards he will feel completely ruined and empty, but he will have had his revenge.


There is no one more possessive than the Scorpio man when he is in a relationship. The best thing would be to educate him from the beginning and not allow this kind of behaviour.


You have to stand up to a Scorpio if you don't want to lose or forget who you really are.


The Scorpio man in your life will not only be jealous of those around you. He will also be jealous of strangers and exes. This is something that can easily end any relationship.


As if jealousy wasn't enough for them, Scorpio men are also oppressive. They may ask you why you're dressed the way you are and why you're going to that social thing everyone else is going to.


You have to be very sincere when you are with them, and you also have to be able to keep your word. They easily lose trust in people who can't keep their word.


All of a Scorpio man's emotional energy will be focused on taking revenge on you, if you dare to betray him. He will regret the day he decided to flirt with someone else.


Trying to make this man jealous does not work, as it will only make the situation worse. If you are not with him yet and you see signs of jealous behaviour from him when he is around you, it means that he likes you.

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