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Libra woman in love: Are you compatible?

Although she may be calm and composed on the surface, her inner emotions are strong....
15-07-2022 12:43

  1. When in love
  2. The man of your dreams
  3. In a relationship
  4. Your sexuality
  5. Understanding the Libra woman

Libra women treat love superficially until it is time to make a decision and choose someone. When she finds herself in the situation of choosing, she can start to drive the people around her crazy.

This lady will shine wherever she goes. She is elegant and refined, so men will want her around. Ruled by Venus, she believes in true love and will look for the perfect partner to make her happy. But finding that special someone is not a piece of cake. Although she is easy to be with, she is pretentious and specific about what her partner should be like.

She is looking for someone not too intense and, at the same time, not too calm. Someone as balanced as she is would be perfect. She is more likely to be faithful to one man.

Because she has a great love for all that is beautiful, she will look for the sublime in anyone and everything. If you want to impress her from the first date, take her to the museum or art gallery. And don't forget to bring her flowers.

The Libra woman believes strongly in justice and equality. She is both yin and yang. Communicative and sociable, she can hook anyone with her charm. She is usually logical and rational, but can sometimes have mixed feelings.

With her charm and logic, this lady usually wins in debates. If you have a solid argument when you contradict her, she will be willing to listen to it. This is the only way to win her heart: be rational and realistic.

When in love

As soon as she has fallen in love, the Libra woman will begin to question whether she really has feelings for the person she likes. This is where Venus comes into play, and she will try anything to stop being in love, especially if her demands are not met.

Normally, this lady does not like to take the initiative, so you will have to be the one to ask her out. The position of the Sun in her astral projection determines the weaknesses she ends up seeing in men. She will take action when she doesn't have to, confusing those who court her. She wants to show how independent and liberal she is, but Saturn's influence makes her traditional and conservative.

Under Venus, the Libra woman will seek balance in her relationships. Balance is absolutely necessary for her to enjoy her partner and have fun in the relationship. If you are with her, don't be afraid to bring her flowers or light candles at dinner. She loves romantic gestures and will fall deeper in love if you do all this.

Being in love is something this woman likes. She will quickly fall in love with men. As soon as she finds someone who suits her and has a relationship, it will be impossible to match her devotion.

Composed on the outside, this woman remains composed no matter what the situation.

With the right lover, she will be romantic and play nice. Don't play with her feelings. She does not like to play games in love. She is an honest person who will be impartial in her judgement. She will not appreciate manipulation or dishonesty.

The man of your dreams

Elegant and graceful, this girl expects her partner to be the same. This means she will need to dress well and look smart. Don't show up for a date unkempt and unkempt. She has a reputation for liking good-looking men who take good care of themselves.

If you happen to be handsome and also self-confident, he will simply love you for being you. Because she is so into fashion and style, she will have a lot of gay friends. So if you need to find out about her from an outside source, you know where to go and who to contact.

But looks are not the only thing she likes in a man. She also appreciates an interesting and clear mind. The more talkative you are on the first date, the better. You should be able to carry on a conversation on any topic.

He likes to appreciate people after seeing what they think, so he will listen carefully to what you have to say. Don't hesitate to express your opinions. He will love you for it. You will be impressed by his ability to synthesise information.

Think of her as your partner for a long time. She does not like affairs and takes love very seriously.

On your first date with the Libra woman, it will seem like you have been partners forever. That's because she makes friends with everyone and is open to new people and their ideas. Be witty and fun with her.

She likes people who have something to say and who know things about different subjects. If you get her to be your mistress, admire her greatly. She deserves to be put on the top shelf.

If you treat her with respect, she will appreciate your openness and the fact that you don't see her as the prize you are so eager to win. Compliment her intelligence and her looks, and you are sure to win a special place in her heart.

In a relationship

Because she is able to see both sides of a difficult situation, the Libra woman will be able to build great relationships. When faced with a problem, she will not make an arbitrary decision, but will weigh all possible outcomes.

Her logic and coolness make her a great judge of character and situations. She will not talk about something if she does not know everything about it. When things get too heated and the conversation turns into an argument, she prefers to keep quiet and think of the most peaceful way to solve the problem.

This woman is not constant when it comes to her independence. She will oscillate between being free and wild and being submissive, depending on how the situation calls for it. A supportive and nurturing partner is all she desires.

You will have interesting relationships with Aquarius and Gemini. When you fall in love with someone, you will take time to analyse why you have feelings of love for that person. It is all due to your indecisive nature.

She will fall in love quickly, but will only stay with a boy if he is truly compatible with her. Loving only the best in life, you will often see her at ballet performances and classical music concerts. She will want a partner who enjoys the same things she does.

If you're not good at being elegant and classy, you'd better stay away from this woman. In addition to being indecisive, she is also a bit passive in both her work and personal life. Tradition and art are something this girl respects and values. When she gets involved, she becomes a caring and deep person.

But there are times when she is also manipulative and selfish. She may not be so easy to come to terms with, but with patience and calmness you can learn a lot about this lady. With the right lover, she will be the most faithful and loving person.

Your sexuality

Sex is a strange subject for this woman. Libra will be at extremes when it comes to her sexuality. On the one hand, she will be open and interested in showing another person her erotic side, and on the other hand, she will feel insecure when it comes to lovemaking.

If your partner disrespects you in any way, you will have very low self-esteem, and your partner will not be able to stand it.

She will not stay too long with the person who does not know how to appreciate her. With the man she loves, she will be daring and willing to experiment. He will be able to talk to her about anything he wants in bed, and she will agree.

Understanding the Libra woman

If the Libra woman in your life has no problems with her upbringing, it won't be so difficult to understand her. Affectionate, loving and beautiful, she will give you her undivided attention and will be very responsible with the relationship.

But she has little self-confidence and is quite dependent on the opinion of others. She will try to show that she doesn't care what you think, but in her heart things will be completely different.

This woman doesn't understand why people don't see the world as she does. Indecisive, she takes too much time to think about a situation and its outcome.

He attaches too much importance to what is going to happen next, and feels responsible even for things he doesn't do.

This often puts her in the role of victim. As mentioned above, it is essential that you flatter her and give her a lot of attention.

Declarations of love and sweet gifts will make her heart melt, and she will love you more for being so attentive. This lady cannot imagine a world without others, and relationships are very important to her. She will marry easily.

You don't necessarily want a husband, you are looking for a partner. Don't expect her to be traditional. The idea of family is not common for this woman. She wants to complement and have some fun with her loved ones.

You will recognise a Libra woman in a crowd because she is the most beautiful and elegant. She will also have the most subtle perfume.

Emotionally, she never shows her feelings, especially those she feels are not productive or would embarrass her. Those feelings that she cannot understand about herself she will leave behind. She does not even address them.

Peaceful and serene, this lady will avoid arguments with anyone. She prefers to talk things through rather than debate. Don't be surprised if she closes herself off during an argument. She expects the people with whom she has a conversation to be calm and open, like herself. It will be pleasant and fun as long as the environment allows it.

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