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What is it like to be in a relationship with a Taurus woman?

What you will find if you date a Taurus woman: personality, surprises What to expect?... , 2020-05-19

A Taurus woman is grounded, responsible and patient. She is thinking long term with her partner. You should not rush things with her. You must show complete devotion to her without pressuring her to make up her mind. Love is almost a process with her, allow her the time and space to come when she is ready.

It will not be easy for a Taurus woman. Remember that she is the conqueror of the Zodiac. She won't see you as worth conquering if you are "too good" or too easy. Flirt with her and tease her a little. Give her a little time at first.

While she is a very sensual creature, and may even try to seduce you from the start, deep down she expects you to resist. If you care about her, resist her advances in the early stages, think of it as foreplay, something she absolutely loves. Wait for the right time to have sex with her, and in the meantime appeal to her intellect.

Once he "wins" you, he will not stop working to keep you. He has won you over, and he will not let you go so easily, seeing you as a prized possession is where some of his jealousy and possessiveness can come into play.

Trust, like love, is something that must be earned. She values this above all else. Once you have her trust, you will have her loyalty. She will be honest and faithful as long as you do the same. Any form of dishonesty, and that's it, she won't think twice about lying or betraying you. You don't want to look down on a Taurus woman either. Never have meaner words come out of the mouth of an angry one.

She wants to feel pampered. A romantic evening in a dimly lit restaurant with good wine is a perfect date for a Taurus woman. What's even more perfect are the little tokens of affection you can give her, like holding her hand, or giving her your jacket when it's cold outside. Buy her flowers, play her favourite record when you cook her favourite meal. Show her that you've taken note of what's important to her and that it doesn't cost you anything.

Although Taurus is accused of being materialistic, this is not really the case, it is more about the security and happiness that comes from it. She can take care of herself, and wants a partner who can do the same.

She also needs stability in her relationships. Make sure you communicate effectively after an argument with her. Make amends in a timely manner. Don't threaten her sense of constancy. When words are not enough and you feel closure, the physical aspect of the relationship may be the only way to get through to her.

Sex and physical contact are as important in a relationship as honesty for a Taurus woman. She wants to be touched and kissed in every possible way. You don't fail to show her your affection even in the smallest physical ways; a kiss, your hand on the small of her back, a caress. She craves both, passion and tenderness. Satisfy her desire for madness in the bedroom, but also take the time to make love to her.

She feeds you, lets her feed you or even spoils you a little, this is just a sign of her affection for you.

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