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The fiction became reality! The real stalker from the Netflix series threatened the journalist with 30 messages

Incredible: after the conversation he had with the harassing woman, the journalist from the British newspaper reported being harassed with numerous threatening calls and voicemail messages....
06-05-2024 15:23

The journalist who uncovered the real author of this year's Netflix hit series (in English: "Baby Reindeer"), reported that this person harassed him with threatening messages since the interview was published.

Neil Sears, a renowned interviewer for the Daily Mail, revealed in a first-person article that the woman known as "Martha" in the series repeatedly called him and left intimidating messages on his voicemail.

The harasser called the journalist several times on the day of the interview and the following days, leaving a series of incoherent audio messages filled with attacks towards Richard Gadd, members of the production, and Scottish politicians who had denounced her in the past.

At one of the peak moments, he received 19 calls and 18 voicemails from "Martha", totaling 40 minutes of content in which she expressed her fury for not having had the opportunity to refute the accusations against her shown in the television series.

The image illustrating this article is of Jessica Gunning, the actress who portrays Martha, Donny's (Richard Gadd) harasser in the hit Netflix series.

"If you come near me again, I will take legal action and sue both you and the newspaper, and the person who wrote the article with you. I want it to be clear, even to someone as insensitive as you. I will demand that the newspaper fires you. You have no sympathy from me, you never have," were the threats made.

For several more days, the real "Martha" continued to express her violent comments on social media, through her Facebook account.

The Daily Mail has not revealed the true identity of the harasser, her photo or name was never disclosed.

However, some media outlets circulated the alleged identity of this woman: Fiona Harvey, a 58-year-old lawyer residing in Scotland.

In an interview, Harvey accused Gadd of using the series to harass her. "He is bullying an older woman on television to gain fame and fortune."

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