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Love compatibility between Aquarius woman and Scorpio man

The horoscope gives the Aquarius-Scorpian bond a relatively good love compatibility. However, the Aquarius-Scorpio relationship is more for a friendship than a courtship, but... , 2023-03-04

  1. What can go wrong with the Aquarian-Scorpian relationship?
  2. How this relationship can go well
  3. The Scorpio man in this relationship
  4. The Aquarius woman in this relationship
  5. The Aquarius-Scorpio Family and Marriage
  6. Aquarius woman and Scorpio man compatibility
  7. The main problem of the Aquarius-Scorpian relationship
  8. How to make this pair work

The horoscope gives the Aquarius-Scorpian bond a relatively good love compatibility. However, the Aquarius-Scorpio relationship is more for a friendship than a courtship, but all is not lost...

The Scorpio man has a strong character, he is persevering and knows how to get where he wants to go. The Scorpio man also needs to possess his partner, something that the Aquarian woman does not want and this can destroy the relationship.

The Aquarian woman has a certain attraction for the Scorpio, but will be dominated by jealousy rather than pure love.

Ultimately the Aquarian-Scorpian bond is more about being friends than a couple.

What can go wrong with the Aquarian-Scorpian relationship?

Scorpio ultimately sees the Aquarius as emotionally shallow and distant. Throughout their relationship, there is a battle between Aquarius' intellectual analysis and Scorpio's emotional needs.

Aquarius can be quite forceful and harsh in fights, and Scorpio may be unwilling to forgive or forget what Aquarius says.

At least the sex tends to be good. Both show a willingness to try new things, and make-up sex can be addictive.

How this relationship can go well

In love, a couple of Aquarius woman and Scorpio man should expect a very difficult relationship, but it can definitely be said that they will successfully cope with the problems. Despite the mismatch on many issues, they can still overcome difficulties. Their happiness in this case depends solely on themselves.

The Scorpio man in this relationship

The Scorpio man is a moderately emotional person. A balanced and active man, he strives for material goods.

He is not lazy, he is resourceful and judicious. He can think creatively, logically, calculate steps, plan, analyse his actions. He does not mind dreaming and dreaming for a long time "hanging in the clouds". His eccentricity, his exceptional individuality attracts women. The Aquarius woman will be no exception.

Scorpio loves women very much and, despite his age, they will always attract him.

Scorpio will gladly promote his partner's advancement in the professional sphere. His advice is really valuable, his instructions should be heeded. By nature, the Scorpio
man has an incredibly sensitive intuition.

The Scorpio man is inclined to hide and accumulate grievances, he is vindictive. Sometimes, to surreptitiously irritate or go against, is in his spirit. Avoiding conflict will only help the dialogue in which all the terms of the relationship will be stated.

The Aquarius woman in this relationship

The Aquarian woman is wise, thoughtful, has cunning, agility, endurance.

She is successful in life, her destiny is favourable, but she also makes many efforts to have a prosperous existence.

Aquarius is a sociable woman, she makes decisions with lightning speed, she is firm and confident in her actions. She will never fall into complete dependence on a man, she will always keep at least a minimum distance.

In domestic affairs Aquarius woman sees boredom and routine, she is unlikely to become a diligent mistress. She will gladly give up this role and give it to someone else. The Scorpio man appreciates comfort and solace, but in this union he will have to support himself.

Aquarius is a sociable woman, there are always many admirers around her. Even at a respectable age this fact will take place. Scorpio, jealous from time to time, will probably get nervous about this...

Aquarius is not jealous, at times ideal for Scorpio, able to "turn a blind eye" to her partner's intrigues and other romances.

The Aquarius-Scorpio Family and Marriage

For Scorpio men every detail is important. If he married, then it must be for life. An Aquarius woman cannot appreciate all the charm of marital ties.

The Scorpio must provide a material basis for the family, regulate the affairs of family life and, for her part, the Aquarius woman must be loyal, gentle, protected from obsessive admirers and committed to the children. The approach should be constructive and appropriate, then the couple can achieve an ideal family.

Although the Aquarius woman is quite decent and will not change her husband, she still tends to lead a free life, and does not want to do housework, stand in the kitchen or wash socks. All this does not fit with the Scorpio man's ideas of the ideal wife and mistress of his home.

Therefore, the home is likely to become a battleground, where mutual reproaches, resentments and grievances will rage. Of course, all this can be avoided if Aquarius and Scorpio learn patience and seek compromise in everything.

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man compatibility

According to horoscope compatibility this couple can be very problematic, even if outwardly they seem to live happily. Looking at this relationship, one can recall the famous aphorism: "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger and stronger".

The Aquarius woman is an advocate of free relationships, so the Scorpio will find it difficult to understand her.

This couple has a great difference in temperament and character, in views and opinions, in beliefs and world views.

The main problem of the Aquarius-Scorpian relationship

The main problem of Aquarius and Scorpio zodiac sign compatibility: different temperaments.

Aquarius woman is an extrovert. She needs a lot of communication for her happiness, a lot of friends.

A Scorpio man (more immersed in himself) has enough to communicate with his own inner world and his beloved woman. He is extremely jealous and considers the woman as his property. He could start manipulating an Aquarius woman, to put pressure on her, forcing her to obey his rules of the game.

The Aquarius woman is an experimenter... at first she may go every night to spend it at home and be in the kitchen. But, soon she will understand that this is not for her, but it will be difficult to escape from the pressure of the Scorpio man.

The Aquarius woman is a lover of freedom and will not give it up even for love. Therefore, the Scorpio man communicates with her, trying to be jealous and hold back the wind. Yes, a loving Scorpio man is capable of much for his beloved, but his character will always remain with him.

How to make this pair work

In an ideal Aquarius woman and Scorpio man, the relationship should be based, first and foremost, on mutual respect and love. This is what helps them to build a harmonious relationship, although not immediately. They have to go through many difficulties before they reach a mutual understanding.

When this couple appears in society, they immediately attract attention. Both are bright and strong personalities. They must find support and protection for each other.

The Scorpio man in communication very often uses caustic expressions, and Aquarius, one of the few who is not afraid of the Scorpio's sly, biting remarks. She has an unusual sense of humour. She is also capable of sincerely rejoicing at the Scorpio man's attacks. Her sincerity, honesty and charm, help to establish relationships with this man.

According to the Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility horoscope, for harmony in your family, both of you should communicate frankly on a regular basis.
Gradually you
can explain to the Scorpio man that you should respect each other's habits and interests. In time, when he thinks it through and analyses the situation, he may come to the conclusion that everyone has rights, and that they need not be encroached upon. Patiently work in this direction, and the Scorpio man will become accustomed not only to protect the Aquarian woman, but also to respect her decisions.

Remember that such conversations can and should be repeated. A Scorpio man cannot be remade. And you cannot prove to him that he has no reason for jealousy and doubt. In addition, the Aquarius woman should understand that proprietary behaviour for Scorpio is also natural, as for the Aquarius her freedom.

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