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How to improve the couple: Libra woman and Libra man

Improving the relationship between Libra woman and Libra man: A story of communication and commitment.  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a co...
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  1. Improving the relationship between Libra woman and Libra man: A story of communication and commitment.
  2. How to improve this love bond
  3. Libra and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Improving the relationship between Libra woman and Libra man: A story of communication and commitment.

 A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a couple made up of a woman and a man, both of the Libra sign. They were going through a crisis in their relationship and decided to seek professional help to improve their emotional connection and strengthen their bond.

 From the beginning, it was evident that they shared many similarities and characteristics typical of Librans. They were charming, kind and concerned about balance in all areas of their lives. However, they also faced challenges in decision making and emotional communication.

 During our sessions, I realized that both were afraid to express their needs and desires in the relationship. They had fallen into the trap of avoiding conflict at all costs, which prevented them from addressing important issues and finding solutions together.

 To help them overcome this barrier, I decided to implement an effective communication technique based on listening to each other without interruptions. During one session, I asked them to take turns expressing their feelings, while the other simply listened without interrupting.

 As we progressed in this practice, they realized how much they had been repressing their own needs for fear of causing conflict. They learned to actively listen and validate each other's feelings, without judging or minimizing their concerns.

 Gradually, they began to have more open and honest conversations. They learned to negotiate and reach compromises that satisfied both of them. Together they discovered that they could maintain their desire for balance and harmony without ignoring their own individual needs.

 Over time, their relationship began to blossom again. They learned to value the importance of open communication and mutual compromise. The balance they longed for was achieved through a deeper understanding and a willingness to face and solve problems together.

 This experience taught me that even in the best astrological combinations, as in the case of two Librans, communication and compromise are still critical to a thriving relationship. Facing problems head-on and cultivating a solid emotional connection can lead to a relationship filled with love and harmony.

How to improve this love bond

 The connection between two Libran people can be relatively good, even if some problems arise. However, with the right ingredients, it is possible to achieve a happy relationship.

 The advantage of both Librans is that they are quite rational and respectful of each other. Injustice and disrespect can put an end to any relationship between two Librans. Therefore, it is important to think before acting, as both parties may end up regretting it eventually.

 Although they share the same sign, they are a man and a woman with different perspectives on the world. It can be complicated to agree on certain important issues. It is important not to try to convince the other at all costs, as this may be perceived as aggressive. Sometimes, it is better to accept that they have different ways of thinking and not clash over inconsequential issues.

 Fortunately, this Librian-Librian connection shares certain characteristics such as having good intentions, being patient and enjoying loving deeply. These characteristics can be used to strengthen the relationship.

 It is essential to seek harmony, as constant quarrels are not beneficial for this couple. It is not one of those bonds that are strengthened through arguments, on the contrary.

 However, they will be able to agree on long-term goals. But they may also be very disappointed if they do not achieve them or if they feel that their partner is not trying hard enough. It is essential to strive to meet the proposed goals, otherwise, this relationship can easily fall apart.

 The Librian woman loves that mix between mature man and child that her Librian partner has, as it gives him a special charm. The Librian should never lose his youthful grace, as a dull woman is an unhappy woman.

 Being selfish in any aspect can destroy this relationship. Both parties must be aware of their own wants and needs, as well as those of the other, so that they can find the right balance.

 Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the Librian woman is quite curious, but it is necessary to be careful with excessive curiosity, as it could affect the Librian partner's self-esteem if he/she feels persecuted and distrustful. The woman should be sure before confronting her partner about a possible infidelity.

 In summary, the relationship between two Librans can be successful if mutual respect, harmony and effective communication are cultivated. It is important to remember that no relationship is perfect, but with patience and effort, they can achieve a happy couple.

Libra and Libra Sexual Compatibility

 Compatibility between two Libra people in terms of intimacy could face certain challenges. Libra is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury, which emphasizes the importance of intelligence and may limit the expression of Venus. On the other hand, Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus, which represents a contrast to Libra's shy and practical nature in relation to sex. These differences can create challenges and conflict in the relationship, as one tends to be obsessive about keeping things clean and may be afraid of emotional contact, while the other strictly seeks spiritual love and a deep emotional connection in their partner.

 On many occasions, both partners may not feel an initial attraction to each other, and when they initiate a sexual relationship, they may find themselves challenged for speed. Compatibility between these two signs may prefer a slower approach to intimacy, although their adaptable nature can help them find a balance. This could happen when Libra gets to enjoy the stability afforded by their Saturn exaltation, slowing down their pace, while Libra adapts and changes more quickly.

 Despite finding the right moment, it is possible that both partners will be dissatisfied. Libra may have had movie-like romantic expectations when seeing Libra, but upon discovering the imperfections in their partner's approach, conflict may arise. Libra's self-esteem may not be particularly tolerant of criticism and she is likely to view Libra as dull, rigid and removed from the emotional connection she wants to establish. For the sexual relationship to work, it is important for both of you to coordinate and communicate your emotions, only then will you be able to satisfy each other.

 In summary, Libra and Libra compatibility in terms of intimacy may require a balance between speed, adaptability and emotional communication. By understanding and accepting the differences, it is possible for them to find the middle ground and satisfy their sexual needs, achieving a harmonious relationship.

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