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Love compatibility Pisces woman and Sagittarius man

The horoscope gives the Piscean-Sagittarian bond a relatively poor love compatibility. It is difficult for these signs to get along, because their characteristics make this c... , 2023-03-04

  1. The worst thing about this relationship
  2. When the stars align for good for this couple
  3. The Sagittarius man in this relationship
  4. The Pisces woman in this relationship
  5. Good characteristics of the Pisces-Sagittarius relationship
  6. How to achieve harmonious compatibility
  7. Problems in the Piscean-Sagittarian relationship
  8. What to take into account for the proper functioning of this relationship

The horoscope gives the Piscean-Sagittarian bond a relatively poor love compatibility. It is difficult for these signs to get along, because their characteristics make this couple incompatible. All is not lost, however...

The Pisces woman has a good quality: she is a good listener and this is something that the Sagittarian likes.

The Pisces woman needs to be treated with delicacy, love and tenderness... something that the Sagittarius man tires and exhausts him. Sagittarius loves his freedom and independence and can't stand being smothered.

Both of them should think about the defects that bother them and try to change them or at least soften them.

The indispensable basis for this relationship to have any future is conversation.

The worst thing about this relationship

Sagittarius is an independent, freedom-loving type who loves to hang out with a group of people.

Pisces, on the other hand, loves to be cared for and seeks devotion from their partner.

If they get together, both will be hurt in due course. Pisces will be hurt by Sagittarius' lack of tact and Sagittarius will find Pisces' shy nature very annoying.

Therefore, it is best to stay away from each other if these characteristics are too strong....

When the stars align for good for this couple

Sometimes the relationship between a Pisces woman and a Sagittarius star man becomes easy and stable, but certain conditions must be met.

It will be essential for this relationship to work if they are both very respectful and careful about their feelings for each other.

The Sagittarius man in this relationship

Sagittarius is a true connoisseur of feminine beauty, is always surrounded by ladies, can flirt beautifully and intrigue. Sagittarius has a certain natural shyness, modesty and helplessness. He can win a woman over with brilliant eloquence, romantic displays, generosity for expensive gifts and pleasant surprises. At home, the Sagittarius man will not sit still, as he is always looking for new adventures.

The Sagittarius man is tactless and rather blunt. He does not recognise equality between a man and a woman, especially those who are older.

Sagittarius is convinced that the family must obey his word, an unquestionable patriarchy reigns in his house.

This couple will be able to achieve a peaceful and harmonious relationship if they go about it in a simple way, i.e., putting aside their unreasonable pretensions. Sagittarius is unlikely to change, so Pisces should be wiser and not bully herself or the Sagittarius man.

The Sagittarius man needs a purpose, has a business "streak", business intuition, can achieve the greatest financial opportunities. He is not afraid of obstacles, does not fall into despair, is optimistic about a positive outcome.

The Sagittarian has a terrible fear of monotony, an important point for the Piscean to keep in mind.

The Pisces woman in this relationship

Thanks to the gentleness and loyalty of the Pisces woman, this union can be long-term and quite stable.

The Pisces woman is very constant, attached to the person she loves with all her soul, she goes through all adversities, endures storms, is patient and unhurried.

Her steps and actions are deliberate, thoughtful, she is rarely the initiator of separation.

The Piscean is delightful in her femininity, vulnerable, loving to contemplate the world, self-confident.

Thanks to this woman's wisdom, she will be able to stabilise the character and mind of the Sagittarius man, making for a couple who will live a long and happy life.

Steadfastness is almost the main trait that the Pisces woman appreciates in other people as well.

Good characteristics of the Pisces-Sagittarius relationship

In union this couple is able to teach each other much, opening the door to a world of spiritual perfection and self-knowledge.

At times they may share the desire to study yoga, meditation, knowledge of the cosmos, higher forces and more, and by this they will be able to achieve high results. This will undoubtedly have a favourable effect on the relationship, softening the energetic and impatient temperament of Sagittarius. Meanwhile the Pisces woman will acquire energetic forces that will enable her to be calm, to accept people with confidence, realising that a person's faults are also his or her dignity and nature.

How to achieve harmonious compatibility

To achieve compatibility and harmony in this union of water and fire, both will have to work hard. The first and most important condition for their long-term relationship is mutual respect. And only then love.

The Sagittarius man must inspire a lot of trust in the Pisces woman, otherwise a lot of quarrels will arise in this relationship.

They have important traits in common: romanticism, extravagance, desire for ideals and intransigence in the face of injustice. In this sense, their compatibility is advantageous compared to other signs.

Sagittarius should appreciate and respect the tenderness and devotion of his girlfriend.

Problems in the Piscean-Sagittarian relationship

It is terrible to imagine the pain that in moments of anger Sagittarius can cause his wife, especially as sensitive as Pisces: BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS.

Sagittarius tends to be direct and rude, not caring too much about other people's feelings. Sometimes this quality hurts the tender Pisces deeply.

Another problem in the way of their compatibility can be a lack of understanding of each other's essence. She, especially at the beginning of the relationship, feels that he only craves carnal pleasures, while she is the one who really gives her whole soul.

In this relationship the role of the leader is usually assigned to the man, and although both must make an effort, but still the Pisces woman will have to try much harder. And then, in return, she will receive in his person protection against any threat to the outside world.

Another obstacle in the compatibility of these signs may be a different attitude to physical proximity. Pisces in this union must learn to be liberated and not see in the sexual passion of Sagittarius a man who is only interested in that...

This union can become tragic if in the end Sagittarius sees in his wife just another hunting trophy.

What to take into account for the proper functioning of this relationship

The compatibility of Pisces and Sagittarius is possible if several characteristics of their personalities are taken into account:
The modest Pisces will easily get used to Sagittarius'
excessive loquacity and desire to constantly maintain attention to himself. Men of this sign just need to be listened to and admired. Well, the Piscean, with her characteristic talent for listening without difficulty, will satisfy the Sagittarian in this. In addition to the ability to listen to men, Sagittarius appreciates the appearance of his future partner. Therefore, the Pisces woman will have to try hard to satisfy his high demands.
Men of this sign do not want to cheat and always try to be direct and quite frank. They should definitely learn not to tell the truth so up front and raw, but to carry their confessions in softer ways, using expressions like "it would be nice", "I would be happy if...".
A Sagittarius man should never feel an invasion of his freedom because he will leave without explaining the reasons. This man is usually ready to marry only in adulthood, when finally his ardor will cool down a little with age. But even then the woman who decided to marry him will have to be endowed with inexhaustible patience, to endure frequent outbursts of irrational anger and to hear from the spouse only the truth.

They will feel good together in moments of peace, when one can sit by the fire to philosophise, meditate or talk about mysticism and otherworldly powers. Here you have something to say to each other.

The compatibility of these signs in marriage will be high, if they prefer a greater preference to platonic manifestations of love, rather than carnal ones.

In their quest to acquire a pure and supernatural love, the Pisces woman must be careful in the choice of her love object. And although they are credited with surprisingly long patience and the capacity for self-sacrifice, she must know where she stands when choosing a Sagittarius man.

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