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Love compatibility: Cancer woman and Libra man

The horoscope gives the Cancerian-Libyan bond an excellent compatibility in many cases. A long and happy relationship is predicted.  At the beginning they may have... , 2023-03-04

  1. The Cancer-Libra connection
  2. Why might the compatibility of these signs also be low?
  3. Libra and Cancer zodiacal compatibility
  4. Libra and Cancer Compatibility in Love
  5. Libra and Cancer family compatibility

The horoscope gives the Cancerian-Libyan bond an excellent compatibility in many cases. A long and happy relationship is predicted.

 At the beginning they may have arguments, it will be difficult to find harmony between the two, but in the long run they will find a balance and the relationship will work very well. The important thing is that both discover the virtues and defects of each other and of their partner.

 She, as a Cancer woman in love, is tender and charming... her man worries her a lot. She must be understood by the Libran, because if she suffers, she gets tired quickly and leaves.

 The Libran, on the other hand, is good and tender, but not easy to dominate... he has a strong character and defends his interests and opinions; this is something she will have to understand and accept.

The Cancer-Libra connection

The Cancer and the Libra have much to learn from each other, because they are sentimentally inclined towards each other.

 And they will put a lot of emphasis on discovering their inner self, observing and analysing all the motivations, desires and attitudes of the partner, in order to better assimilate the beneficial things.

 The Moon and Venus coexist peacefully in the night sky, and so these two signs find it incredibly delightful and pleasant to be together.

 While the Cancer tends to focus on their self-development and inner feelings, their Libra partner will always try to extend their attention to the well-being of others as well, a trait innate to them, obviously.

 These distinctions are not really problematic, because they can complement each other's missing points.

 Both have their own traits that make them attractive, interesting and charming, and discovering the things they share together will deepen bonds even beyond the usual norm.

 Libra greatly enjoys the fun side of their partner, and can take it for themselves, lightening the mood whenever necessary. In turn, Cancer is an expert observer and can teach their lover a few tips and tricks.

Why might the compatibility of these signs also be low?

The compatibility between Libra and Cancer is quite low. Their elements, water and air, respectively, enter into a contradictory relationship. Cancer is protected by the Moon: it gives it sensuality and emotionality, so its mood can change often. Cancer is shy, distrustful and looks for a stable and strong partner, under whose wing he can hide and feel safe. He takes a lot of time to look at the person and, considering him "the same" defender, clings tightly to his clutches, without letting go of his life. Most of the time, Cancer is in its shell, pondering the meaning of life and its place in it. Or in the world of his fantasies, where he builds castles and dreams of an ideal future.

Libra, on the other hand, is more realistic: he seeks harmony in the case of Libra-Cancer compatibility, while logical thinking prevails over sense emotions. Although often lacking in self-confidence, making a simple decision sometimes takes a lot of time and energy. The weights are controlled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. She bestows on her ward the desire for perfect love, as well as the romantic nature. The air sign does not think much about the future and may spend the last of the money on some beautiful trinket, which obviously does not please the resourceful Cancer. Libra, on the other hand, is able to balance the volatile state of the partner and bring them out of depressive states.

Libra and Cancer zodiacal compatibility

The zodiacal compatibility of Libra and Cancer indicates that both signs are friendly and romantic, and that they have many things in common. For example, both place importance on family and strong romantic relationships. Libra sees the world through their intellect, while Cancers see it through their sensual side: when paired together, they are an ideal match. The air sign will learn from their partner to occasionally switch off their head and allow themselves to feel more, rather than constantly think. And on the other hand, the water element will incorporate the mind more often and take a more responsible approach to life. The compatibility of Libra and Cancer is slightly above average and floats. This implies that the signs will have to work harder to communicate with each other and maintain an ideal relationship.

Their coexistence is also complicated by the fact that both Libra and Cancer are cardinal signs. This means that they are constantly trying to achieve their goals through various techniques. Consequently, there will be no conflict between them until they learn to communicate without conflict or contradiction. On the other hand, their shared desire for stability and balance can forge a strong bond between them. Thus, the Libra and Cancer compatibility horoscope offers no concrete forecast: these relationships may or may not be successful. This will be determined by the individual horoscopes and birth charts of the potential partners.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility in Love

Because of their opposite temperaments, Libra and Cancer's compatibility in love is average. Cancer seeks a soul mate in a partner; it wants to be one with them and never be separated. The rational Libra values intellectual compatibility: he or she should be intrigued by the prospect of pairing up with the chosen one. Feelings take a back seat, because the partner needs to talk about something when they are appeased. Librans are incapable of understanding the subtle organisation of Cancer's soul and are steeped in genuine emotions. Cancer understands intuitively.

At first glance, the signs seem contradictory. In principle, this is true for any other couple. They are undergoing incredible transformations as a result of love and euphoria. This is especially true of Cancer, which is prone to fantasising and self-distorting reality. Partners present themselves as ideal: precisely those for whom they have waited all their lives. However, time runs out, colours fade and mutual claims are supplanted by unilateral ones. Cancer's compatibility with Libra is reduced in a relationship. Moreover, Libra begins to compare the partner with other possibilities, hesitating in their decision as to whom they should stay with. They can only be rescued by strong reciprocal feelings.

Libra and Cancer family compatibility

Although Libra and Cancer compatibility in marriage is not high, it is possible if both parties wish to be together. Cancers have a melancholic disposition and often adopt the role of the sufferer, withdrawing into their shell and contemplating the meaning of their existence. Librans, on the other hand, are endowed with a good sense of humour, an optimistic outlook and the ability to see the positive even in the face of adversity. The air sign often helps their partner to escape from the clutches of melancholy and sadness, for which they are grateful. For a time, Cancer will suffer from the lack of moral intimacy provided by the air element. However, Libra is incapable of it and has no idea why this is a problem for anyone.

When Cancer understands and accepts this, the couple's relationship improves immediately: if people get along, there is no need to swear love to the grave. Besides, no one knows what will happen tomorrow or if it will happen at all. Librans are more rational and logical in their thinking. Libra and Cancer compatibility in family life can also be beneficial, because they always have something to talk about. Cancer's inner world is constantly changing, and they are eager to share it with their partner, and in return they are a good listener and counsellor.

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