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Love compatibility: Cancer woman and Cancer man

The horoscope gives the Cancerian-Cancer bond an excellent compatibility.  Both signs are very romantic, sophisticated and exciting. They also share generosity, sens... , 2023-03-04

  1. The Cancer-Cancer connection
  2. Characteristics of the Cancer sign
  3. Cancer vs Cancer compatibility: an expert's opinion
  4. Cancer - Cancer Compatibility: In terms of love
  5. Cancer - Cancer Compatibility : In terms of family

The horoscope gives the Cancerian-Cancer bond an excellent compatibility.

 Both signs are very romantic, sophisticated and exciting. They also share generosity, sensitivity, are fun to be with and like to surround themselves with things and people they love.

 The relationship between a Cancer man and a Cancer woman is very harmonious and peaceful. As long as they maintain this loving relationship with each other, no problems will arise.

 When two Cancers get together it is a relationship where each person falls very fast and hard. They meet and it gets very serious very quickly.

 While some people may argue that they should slow down and get to know each other, it is almost as if they already have. As if each has waited their whole life to meet the other person. And when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want it to start as quickly as possible.

The Cancer-Cancer connection

These two signs are united by something that goes beyond mere love, and that is their spiritual and emotional connection which transcends everyone's understanding.

 It goes so far that even the slightest disturbance in the countenance and behaviour of one is immediately noticed by the other.

 Both fill in and fill the empty spaces in the other's soul, and those vulnerabilities that had such a strong impact on their lives? They are gone, just like that.

 This sign has a lot of priorities, responsibilities and passions that they care for and deeply acknowledge, things like family understanding, financial security, cultural heritage and historical details about themselves and the world at large.

 It takes a long time for a Cancer to commit and trust someone else enough to open up, but when they do, it is with much more passion, loyalty and determination than many others.

 Another Cancer interest that carries over into a hobby of some kind is the redecoration and arrangement of home space into a cosy, comfortable and generally happy haven.

 And this helps with their generally unstable emotional inclinations which explode from time to time, affecting everything in their path, friend or foe.

Characteristics of the Cancer sign

The compatibility between Cancer and Cancer is a relationship founded on fire, nourished by fire and possibly destroyed by fire. Mars, the world warrior, rules Cancer, and it is no coincidence that Mars was known as the Roman God of war. Cancer is a living legend of a hero, but is there room in a typical Cancer's life for more than one hero? Compatibility with Cancer, more than with any other sign, requires a partner who is willing to let Cancer take the initiative.

It is easy to see why these two zodiacs are drawn to each other, as they both share the indomitable spirit of Cancer. Although Cancer is a cardinal sign, these two individuals remain at the epicentre of the action. The physical attraction was certainly intimidating at first, finding a great partner in each other, and the bedroom was undoubtedly filled with passion and fireworks. However, after the honeymoon period, the compatibility between Cancer and Cancer should endure, but how can these two maintain such a volatile relationship in the mundane aspects of life?

When both partners must maintain control, as in this case between Cancer and Cancer, disagreements are bound to arise. The temperament of a Cancer is truly remarkable, and when Cancer and Cancer compatibility doesn't work out, the whole world will know it. Not those who hide their differences behind a socially acceptable face will shout and scream in public, possibly resorting to extreme physical aggression. They will still threaten each other and try to assert themselves, but when the rest of the world is fascinated by how they behave together, it works out interestingly.

Cancer vs Cancer compatibility: an expert's opinion

The compatibility of Cancer with Cancer is a clear-cut partnership. Cancer does not like sugar-coating or equivocation, and will always tell it like it is.

When it works, this partnership can be one of the most complicated, stimulating and spontaneous of all zodiac couples. Two Cancers who sincerely love each other will share a passion that many of us never get to experience, pushing each other to new heights. However, some compromises need to be made for the best of their shared traits to shine through. Although Cancer is the king of the zodiac and wants to win, Cancer compatibility in this relationship requires that the other partner be allowed to win or take the initiative only sometimes.

To manage the competitiveness inherent in the relationship, it helps if both partners have their own interests and hobbies in which they can excel, independently of their partner. Even if both partners are engaged in the same activities, competition will still be evident. Both partners should thrive in their own way, in their own sectors, for harmony between Cancer and Cancer to be optimal. This will help to cool things down a bit and, by eliminating the less acceptable selfishness, will allow the positive aspects of all that passion to shine through.

Cancer - Cancer Compatibility: In terms of love

If you want Cancer and Cancer to make a strong couple, you will almost certainly have to make regular adjustments. Since you both enjoy a good fight on occasion and can find an outlet in each other without wearing anyone down, this is a reasonable arrangement in moderation.

However, it will also be a balancing act. You both need a certain level of competition to keep each other motivated. However, neither of you is good at backing down, so be very cautious about raising the stakes and what you say in the heat of the moment.

Above all, the quality of a Cancer-Cancer relationship is determined by the ability to give and take, something neither of you is particularly adept at. You need a long-term power-sharing system in which you are each responsible for your own decisions and choices in various areas of life, and have a policy of not interfering in each other's "domains". Without this, your relationship would become a huge power struggle, which is obviously ineffective.

Although the sky is the limit, if you can channel your energy together as a couple and as a team, Cancer-Cancer is an extremely powerful pair. On the other hand, your weaknesses are exacerbated, particularly your lack of control, your impatience, your comfort in taking risks, your inability to take advice, and your lack of practicality. Although a relatively normal degree of crisis can be predicted, neither of you see it as a bad thing.

Cancer - Cancer Compatibility : In terms of family

Cancer values honesty and openness in family life, allowing them to make joint statements and work collaboratively towards a solution. Resourcefulness and forgiveness have a beneficial effect on experiences. In addition, the birth and subsequent treatment of offspring contribute to greater cohesion between partners.

Although Cancer and Cancer have strong compatibility in marriage, happiness and peace are only dreams in their relationships. Disparities in plans or perspectives on parenting can erupt into public scandals.

Incidentally, close relatives, who occasionally experience conflict, are clearly dissatisfied with their union. They are also envious: the passions that burn between them are often more intense than those found in the most exciting love stories.

The good news is that, over time, people develop greater understanding of each other, mutual respect develops, they learn to find ways to compromise, and resistance to demands weakens. Everything has a number of advantages and disadvantages. And, seen from this perspective, the compatibility of Cancer with Cancer in family life is more positive than negative.

Moreover, volatile personalities and stormy emotional outbursts benefit the couple by preventing them from succumbing to monotony and boredom. Relationships often evolve through conflict, and members of the fiery elements understand this better than anyone else.

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