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The Cancer sign as a friend: Why you need a friend

The sensitive Cancer friend is interesting and attractive, but may have a lot of things to hide, waiting to be revealed by those close to him or her.... , 2022-07-18

Cancer friends are known as the kindest and most generous individuals in the zodiac. They will make everyone feel at home, dispelling all inhibitions and uncertainties. You literally have nothing to worry about when you are around these natives.


They are reliable and trustworthy, empathetic and kind. They cannot stand it when their friends are at a dead end or in a tight spot. They lend a helping hand to those who need it, but this also means that they are contemptuous and detest people who do not appreciate it.


The 5 reasons why everyone needs a Cancer friend:

1) They will never betray your expectations and promises.

2) They just want to socialise, have fun and find like-minded people.

3) Cancers try to avoid beating around the bush.

4) The intellectual depth of a Cancer is so profound that you will need years, decades of research,

5) Just remember that once you get a Cancer to like you, you have a comrade-in-arms for life.

Loyal friends

Friendships and partnerships are always based on devotion and loyalty, on a connection of trust established between two people. For Cancers, this comes naturally.


They will never betray the expectations of others, and they will never overstep their own principles. Others feel good around these natives, knowing that they are understood.


They do not approach people out of selfish motives or because they want to get something. They do it out of kindness and curiosity, out of a natural interest in people. They just want to socialise, have fun, find like-minded people.


People can't help but approach them because they are really too interesting and friendly to overlook. As a Cancer, you are empathetic and generous by nature, wanting to get to know people intimately, to share feelings and emotions, to inspire others to reach their full potential.


Another thing about Cancer natives is that they are eternal wanderers in a cognitive sense. They want to learn and accumulate knowledge, to confront the deepest mysteries of the world and to delve into the bottomless abysses of human possibilities.


However, no matter how hard they try and no matter how honest they are in their relationships with other people, they still find it strange that many of their so-called friends do not reciprocate those feelings.


They do not give back what they receive. The reason for this is that you, Cancer, do not reveal yourself. You don't expose yourself fully.


Instead, you hide behind a cloak of mystery, behind the social mask. What is inside you remains an enigma to others, your privacy is protected at all times.


It's also something your friends will be uncomfortable with. If they have opened up, how can you not?


Great partners

The reason Cancerians are so fiercely protective is that they are very sensitive. Full of vulnerabilities and weaknesses, these folks don't have it easy when it comes to their relationships with other people. They can be outwardly tough, so expect to be rejected the first few times.


However, when they open up and accept you into their inner circle, you'd better thank the heavens and know that you've just struck gold.


This is what you've been waiting for, and it's all worth it. They will always be there for you, to listen and advise you, to sympathise and help you in any way they can.


However interested and intrigued they may be in deep conversations and debates, don't be angry or surprised when they turn down an invitation to a social event or the like outright. They have their own likes and dislikes, principles and expectations.


They may have other things to do, responsibilities or obligations. Most of the time, this is the reason why they refuse to go out and have fun.


But be careful, because they can be very possessive and observant of others. If someone tries to cheat them or their friends, woe betide the offender.


The best friendship partner for a Cancer is undoubtedly the emotional Pisces. The sheer sensitivity of which this aquatic native is capable resonates completely with Cancer's general outlook.


The two share a life full of joy and interesting conversations. The Crab will not be inclined to hide now because the Pisces will gain confidence rather quickly.


Also, what Pisces natives do that greatly earns Cancer's trust and appreciation is that they know when to step back and let them play their own game. Everyone needs a little solitude from time to time, and it's completely normal.


They can be very playful and dynamic, and get into almost anything that interests them. Other people may think they are boring or tedious, but in reality they are acting on their primal needs, on a hedonistic impulse. Whatever suits their needs and whatever brings them the most fun, that's what they will do.


Cancers love it when their friends are honest, straightforward, never beating around the bush. This means that once they've said something, they'd better stick to it and accept it. Don't turn around or they'll think you've lied. Also be punctual and serious.


The intellectual depth of a Cancer is so profound that you will need years, decades of research, and even then you will not discover everything.


They have many layers hidden from the rest of the world, and are unwilling to reveal most of them to just anyone. If you want to get to that level, make them feel comfortable and appreciated.


They will prefer to call you when there is something that needs to be said. Also, you should know that they will often contact you to share what has happened in their lives, and also to ask about yours. They expect something more complex than the simple answer you would give to a stranger.


Cancers have many underlying sides which they use at the right moments. On the one hand, they are very analytical and observant. They will be able to present you with the naked aspects of a situation, with different ideas coming from expansive research.


They are also very creative and imaginative. They have a rather unique and visionary perspective on the world.


No one has anything against them when it comes to appreciating the world, the beauty and mystery of all existence. Last but not least, remember that once you get a Cancer to like you, you have a comrade in arms for life.

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