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Is the Cancer zodiac woman really faithful?

The woman born under the sign of Cancer is always an enigma when it comes to love.  It is complicated to understand the feelings of a Cancer person when it comes to...
25-03-2023 14:40

  1. Are Cancer women loyal in their relationships?
  2. The attitude of a Cancer woman when she is a victim of infidelity

The woman born under the sign of Cancer is always an enigma when it comes to love.

 It is complicated to understand the feelings of a Cancer person when it comes to love matters.

Generally, the Cancer woman is honest in her relationships and seeks to establish a family and become involved in a loving relationship.

 Although it should be noted that, in some cases, she may be unfaithful, as the Cancerian usually differentiates very well between love and sexual desire.

 Cancer considers family life and tradition as very important, and if her moral values are well rooted, she will be a faithful woman in her love relationship.

 However, the Cancer woman will never tolerate her partner's infidelity under any circumstances.

Are Cancer women loyal in their relationships?

Among the twelve zodiac signs, Cancer is the one that most values a secure love relationship.

 The Cancer woman is in love with home and family, finding happiness in the deep emotional connection she establishes with her loved ones.

 The Cancer woman is known for being affectionate and protective of those she loves.

What could be the reason for a Cancer woman to cheat on her partner?

If a Cancer woman were to cheat, it would probably be out of revenge.

 Often, Cancer is the zodiac sign that has suffered the most from cheating rather than being the one to commit it.

 Being a water sign ruled by emotions, any act of cheating would be a way of inflicting pain rather than generating joy and excitement.

 When Cancer is interested in someone, they let their guard down and show their vulnerable side.

 If a person commits an act of betrayal, Cancer will shut down emotionally and protect themselves with an armor that can be difficult to penetrate.

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The attitude of a Cancer woman when she is a victim of infidelity

If he discovers that you have been unfaithful, don't expect your Cancerian partner to act aggressively.

He or she will not blame you violently or unleash his or her wrath, razing all your possessions and throwing you into the street.

 Instead, he will quietly listen to your explanations and look you in the eye as you describe your well-crafted excuses and lies.

 However, don't assume that your Cancer will be willing to forgive you for your infidelity and move on.

Forgiveness is not something that abounds for those who have trampled on your trust and insulted your intelligence.

 Therefore, you will have to work hard to regain her trust, possibly spending a great deal of money and doing things that displease you.

 Also, you should keep in mind that Cancer women are very quiet and deceitful in their reactions.

 They will remind you over and over again that you are a disloyal, lying, cheating spouse or boyfriend... and don't forget that even your mother-in-law may be part of the frequent lectures you will have to endure.

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  • What are the main characteristics I need to know about a Cancer woman in order to conquer her?

    To conquer a Cancer woman, it is important to know the following characteristics:

    1. Sensitivity: Cancer women are very sensitive and feel their emotions deeply. You need to show loyalty and compassion towards this sensitivity and be willing to listen and physically touch.

    2. Home and family: Karkino women give great importance to tî eûχa peta (katastrefew kai dvmofobew). Afto shmainei oti prepei na deixnete aposyndedemenoi stin idea tis oikogeneias kai na katachorite tin epikoinonia me tous filous kai tous oikogeneiakous tous.

    3. Protective. They want to feel safe and protected, so it is important to let your wife feel that she can claim to trust and depend on you.

    4. Touching: Gyvaikew Karkino einai polu sinithismenes kai emfanizoun shmantiko endiaferon gia ta sxetika problhmata ton allon. Prepei na deixnete endiaferon kai na apofevgontai sto oneirema tis, tiw enothtes tis kai to empeirima tis.

    5. Demourgiko: Oi gynaikes Karkino einai dhmoyrgikes kai exoyn thn metadotikh na dhmiourgoun anamemehmenes kai omorfwseis. Apodidete se aftes tin xwro pou prepei na deixnete endiaferon stoys dhmiourgikoys tous projhgoys.

    These are some of the main features you need to know to conquer a female karkino. Remember, however, that every man is unique and may deviate slightly from these general blends

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