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Virgo's weaknesses: Know them to overcome them

These people are cold and critical, always ready to scold someone for the most insignificant things.... , 2022-07-14

Virgos are far from perfect because they are overly critical, pretentious, pushy, quarrelsome, victimizing, annoying and never willing to make decisions.


However, if their negative attitudes are taken to the extreme, they can act obsessively and annoy everyone around them, and their life can become completely insane. Fortunately, these natives rarely show their darkness.


Virgo's weaknesses in a nutshell:

1) They can become obsessed with perfection and allow their darkest thoughts to surface;

2) When it comes to love, they are rather introverted and live in their heads;

3) They love their family very much, but they are more than demanding;

4) In terms of work, they allow themselves to be overwhelmed by anxiety.

Divide everything into pieces

People born under Virgo can be unruly and follow only their own agenda. This is their rebellious side, which no longer takes any authority into account and does exactly the wrong thing.


Cold and serious, these natives are not at all spontaneous, so their loved ones feel very annoyed by the way they judge everything so quickly.


They are analytical and straight to the point, believing that things must be done in the right way, not to mention that they are very demanding of themselves.


In addition, they pay attention to every little detail, even those that have to do with them. When this attitude of theirs is extreme, they become neurotic and may irrationally fear not doing things perfectly.


These people may spend too much time doing something, as well as criticising with their own actions, as well as worrying too much when evaluating other people.


In short, they can split hairs and take everything too seriously, not to mention that it is easy for them to take offence for no reason, or for their sceptical nature to turn into paranoia.


When they are neurotic, they cultivate their obsession with every little detail and become maniacs, so it goes without saying that they are not social creatures.


A wise Virgo would act in extreme ways to counteract their defects. As already mentioned, Virgos are judgmental and over-organised, they worry too much about what they eat and how their health develops, they are also hypochondriacs and think of all sorts of unfortunate outcomes for different situations, which means they are always imagining the worst that can happen.


When they become obsessed with perfection, their darker traits come to the surface. These natives can become obsessed with neatness and fearful when things are dirty or untidy.


For this reason, they avoid public spaces and live in isolation. Even the sign of any acute illness sends them to Google to see what is going on, and makes them even more anxious.


In case they are diagnosed with something, they want to know every last detail of their illness, which means that they go to many doctors when something bothers them.


If they work too hard, they may have digestive problems. Their way of life should be based on the saying "less is more".


Although they can handle any kind of task, and are several when it comes to dealing with change, these natives are in fact almost all the time upset and unable to see things clearly.


Luckily, they can be non-extreme, they just have to learn to reject and spend some time working on themselves.


The weaknesses of each deanery

Virgos of the 1st decade are great intellectuals with rational feelings. When it comes to love, they are conservative and want to get married soon.


Being strong-willed and managing their emotions, they analyse everything their potential partner says and does.


Virgos of the 2nd decade may have inhibited affection and difficulty in verbalising their feelings.


These people see emotions as vulnerabilities, which means they are disciplined enough to be honest and subtle when it comes to their character.


They are not too bright and prefer to blend in with their surroundings, but no one can be better at criticising others than they are.


Virgos of the 3rd decade live continually in crisis and try to justify what they feel. They are very demanding when it comes to personal connections, which can make it difficult for them to find a soul mate.


Perfectionists, they are overly organised and disciplined, always making plans and revising, even when it comes to affections.


Love and friendships

Virgo-born people always criticise harshly. They are rigorous and can become depressive, not to mention that their witty attitude can turn into sarcasm, which makes them not so popular.


These natives can be anxious for no reason, as well as being annoyed by every little thing and unable to relax. When it comes to lovemaking, they are shy and always give strange compliments.


They dress neatly and do not seek to seduce, preferring to put aside their feelings and be more interested in domestic life than in passion.


Introverted, these natives live inside their heads and are cautious when it comes to emotions because they do not want to lose their image as quiet and reserved characters.


In fact, they want to be considered perfect and repress their most unpleasant feelings, which makes them angry and depressed.


When they are dark, they use alcohol and drugs to stop feeling pain. Some prefer sex without boundaries to let out the emotions they have bottled up inside.


Virgo individuals are serious, sometimes tremble with emotion and show it, also with precision. They are also nervously fragile and do not tolerate improvisation.


In fact, many of them are true revolutionaries who have used different strategies to manipulate situations, but in a discreet way.


When it comes to long-term friendships, they are modest, demanding and polite. However, they are not capable of understanding a nice joke and can take offence out of the blue, for a long time.


Family life

Virgos would like to be efficient, but in reality they are too reserved, strange and full of anxieties. Modesty seems to characterise them, but they have crazy ways when they get hysterical.


By calculating all the time and establishing perfection in everything they do, they may end up not believing in themselves any more.


There are some natives of this sign who become overtired when they are in chaos, or when their time is used inefficiently.


This can be hard for them and also for the people around them. They rely on their life partner when it comes to practicality and do not have much imagination or sense of humour, because their fears are never justified.


Virgo parents rarely show their affection. Moreover, they are never spontaneous or too natural.


In fact, their perfectionist nature does not allow them to make mistakes.


Children of this sign must be asked and encouraged to act, because they are shy and prone to various anxieties. In addition, they lack self-confidence and their tempers flare easily, not to mention that they do not have a very rich imagination.


Virgos choose everything carefully and are true perfectionists. However, they are also strange cowards.


When they have an occupation, they don't care about anything else. When they see the world, their vision is not macro, but focuses on details.


If they are someone's colleague, they are cool, introverted and funny. Many of their bosses appreciate them for being the perfect worker bees.


However, if their bosses do not give them recognition, they may become depressed and even rebel.


For fear of failure, they do not take the risks that should make them more creative. The mind of Virgo individuals is activated by the planet Mercury, which means that these people know how to figure out questions of causality.


However, this can stop their imagination from working. These people work hard and can be very practical, which means they save money without trying too hard.


At the same time, they feel insecure and look at the worst that could happen, not to mention worrying too much about the future.


Fearing an unstable future, they may have accounts open in more than one bank and make multiple investments, including hiding cash.


If they are bosses, they do not have too many ambitions and are only interested in the quality of what they offer.


When they work independently, they cannot be responsible and lack imagination, because for them everything has to be profitable and never impractical.

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