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Ideal partner for the Virgo woman: Serious and ambitious

The perfect soul mate for the Virgo woman has similar interests to her, but also a very successful life of her own.... , 2022-07-14

Although the sign of Virgo is endowed with quite a few qualities that many would like to have, it is not without its drawbacks. Pragmatism, efficiency and rationality are often associated with this sign, but on the negative side, women of this zodiac tend to be rather tedious in their preferences.


They find it difficult to find the right thing at the right time, because their standards are always much higher than the norm. Therefore, a good match for them would be an individual who has similar interests and does not simply accept what is given to them.


When it comes to romance, these women cannot waver in their fidelity. Once they find a partner with whom they feel comfortable and with whom they can create a lasting relationship, devotion will never be a finite resource for them.


Of course, finding that person can be a bit of a challenge, considering how meticulous these Virgos are when it comes to the standards they set for everything, especially for romantic partners.


Determined, efficient and focused on what needs to be done, the Virgo woman will not waver in the face of challenges. On the contrary, she will do her best to complete the tasks at hand, making her one of the most diligent workers.


And if that's not enough to win your heart, know that she can't overlook someone in need. If someone asks for help, she will be there to offer it.


When this lady is in love

Like her nature in general, and indeed, especially when it comes to love, Virgo's dexterity and devotion shine the brightest. Honest and straightforward, there is little that can keep her from her goals.


While many long for a love like the kind you only find in fairy tales, this woman is looking for something more rational. It may seem like a boring concept of romance, but for her it is the real thing.


An affection that doesn't cloud judgement, but offers a sense of belonging and a feeling of home when she is with her soul mate, that's what the Virgo is trying to find. While it is true that she initiates a relationship based on logical thinking, don't let that fool you. Her passion is almost as intense and fiery as that of a Leo.


When searching for the perfect partner, as in everything else in life, women of this zodiac tend to overthink, to look at everything from every possible angle and to weigh their decisions carefully before making them.


Strengths, faults, weaknesses, hobbies, nothing escapes her critical eye. After all, once she is sure of her partner, she allows herself to fall in love.


Not known for being fond of one-night stands, Virgos only fall in love with one person at a time. Once in a relationship, they stay in it forever. At least until all signs point to ruin.


Although her general demeanour and behaviour point to a serene nature, this by no means means means that the Virgo woman lacks emotional sensitivity. There will be times when she will have outbursts of attraction and even other negative emotions, leading to rather unpleasant arguments.


Interestingly, most of these women find it hard to understand why others are interested in them, however mind-boggling it may seem.


Therefore, when a potential partner comes along, they have to make every effort to make their feelings clear to the Virgo, so that she understands them. This could be a repetition, as she could lose faith in herself over the course of the career. A long-term relationship will require many reminders of why you have chosen her as a partner, even if the reasons are more than obvious.


Relationships tend to be quite challenging

Once she begins to have feelings for someone, which is not easy, the Virgo woman is very faithful and devoted to her partner. As has been mentioned several times, although her love may be true, it is rational in nature, so it does not come about without careful consideration.


In reality, and as many others should, this is a woman who would rather stay single than be with the wrong person, so all this behaviour is to be expected.


Although she may normally appear stern, when in a relationship and at ease with her partner, the Virgo can be quite relaxed and easy-going.


As she is quite strong, determined and diligent, self-reliance comes naturally to her, so you will never see her dependent on her partner, at least not for things she can do well enough on her own. She gets along best with Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio, among whom are her best partners for a soul mate.


You should know that this woman will not always be able to show her feelings the way either of you wants her to. Therefore, she will sometimes seem too quiet, even cold, when in fact she does not feel comfortable expressing herself properly.


Give him a little space, patience and affection, and in time he will come into his own naturally. This seemingly shy side is not strictly reserved for romance. He behaves this way in social circles as a rule, which makes it difficult to make friends and find suitable partners.


An important thing to note, if it is not already obvious, is that Virgo women tend to avoid altercations. She is not the type of person who will stay where there is conflict, nor will she seek it out or ignite it.


Drama is not his thing and he makes an active effort to avoid it. What she craves is the peace and serenity of a quiet environment. When she is comfortable enough, you can witness one of the most caring, fun loving and charismatic women. Add a little sensuality and you have the perfect mix to fall in love with.


As a Virgo partner, you may find that getting to know her is not as easy as it seems at first. But once her walls are broken down and she lets you in, what you may find is a woman full of compassion and care for those around her. The loyalty she will offer you will be pure and bright as a star.


Determined to ensure your happiness, the bond you create with her will nurture a relationship that will last over time. Once she opens up to you, communication will come smoothly, almost like a torrent. Of course, not one that will harm you in any way, but it will let you know what's on her mind, so that's great news!


In an engagement, the main goal is to work for the betterment of both parties involved, so Virgo will do their best to nurture the relationship however they can, either by supporting and encouraging their partner or by focusing on personal growth if necessary.


So, if you happen to feel that things are getting stale, you can expect some proposals for new activities that may or may not seem appealing. However, they will be exciting, you can be sure of that!

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