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Pisces qualities, positive and negative traits

Surprising and energetic, Pisces have high ideals and many talents....
13-09-2021 20:49

  1. A charismatic personality
  2. Positive qualities of Pisces
  3. Negative traits of Pisces
  4. Qualities of the Pisces man
  5. Qualities of the Pisces woman

The most delicate and dreamy people of the zodiac, natives born between February 19 and March 20, under the sign of Pisces, have their heads in the clouds most of the time.

The more you know about them, the easier it will be to be their friend or life partner. They are not very demanding, but their need for security and their suspicious mind can sometimes become a problem.

Known to be clairvoyant, Pisces are also compassionate, imaginative and great artists who seem to be able to dissolve the boundaries between human beings. Generous and able to absorb the emotions of others, they are easy to recognise because their eyes are always wide open and they seem to be dreamers.

A charismatic personality

Pisces are open to making new friends, so they will always be surrounded by people from different parts of the world and different cultures. They are never selfish and want to lend a helping hand whenever they can, without expecting anything in return.

As a Water sign, they are empathetic and able to express their emotions very effectively.

The planet that rules Pisces is the mystical Neptune, which helps Pisces natives to connect with their subconscious and their dreams.

Neptune is also the planet of music, so many Pisces natives are good musicians or at least play an instrument as a hobby. Giving, kind, faithful and nurturing, they rely on intuition to understand life and develop emotional connections with others.

Tolerant and never judgmental, Pisces can forgive the most ruthless acts. Their personality can be either the shy and isolated type or the visionary type who wants to heal the world, make art and has psychic abilities.

Spiritual, the first type will feel caught between their existence here on Earth and that in contact with divinity, the others will know how to combine these two aspects and do good.

All Pisces are flexible, although this means that they may have difficulties in making decisions. Being more focused on the abstract, they may have problems with the way they perceive reality and deal with day-to-day affairs.

These natives are often caught between two different worlds, but at least they are kind, charismatic and trustworthy. No one is a better listener than they are, and they have great powers of observation.

Their friends will be glad to have them around because they are generous and never mean or angry, especially when it comes to their romantic relationships. They often fantasise about romance and are disappointed when reality dawns on them.

Very loyal and attached to their loved ones, Pisces prefer to stay at home and spend quiet evenings with their other half rather than hanging out in bars.

You can rely on them to be loyal, even if they are very popular and even affectionate with most of their friends. They find it difficult to accept that people are the way they are, and often put their loved ones' problems before their own.

Denying reality as it is will eventually wear them down. It is important to relax and gather your strength from time to time.

The most romantic natives of the zodiac, Pisces can make their marriage a fairy tale, if they are with the right lover. But if they get together with the wrong person, they won't want to get carried away and will turn the relationship into a nightmare.

As everyone knows that they are giving and also indulgent, they can be taken advantage of and tricked. They are known to be great parents and do not react well when stressed.

No one should make them feel tied down because this makes them very vulnerable. For them, spending time alone is the best thing to do. Being creative or reading a book is also something that clears their mind.

Positive qualities of Pisces

It can be said that the best thing about Pisces is their imagination and creativity. Also, when they are committed to a cause, they can concentrate and dedicate themselves completely.

These people have many skills, are kind and delicate, but always have a great vision when it comes to solving problems.

Adaptable, surprising and energetic, Pisces attach great importance to their relationships with others. Their ideals are high and their talents are many, and they will do their best to make the world around them as perfect as possible.

As they like to dream, their mind is very creative, so they would make great artists, especially when their imagination runs wild. In fact, many of them cannot distinguish between what is fantasy and what is reality.

Their emotions and primal instincts seem to direct their lives far more than logic and rationality. They are among the best writers, sculptors, painters and musicians of the zodiac.

Very giving and attached to their loved ones, these natives seem to be able to put themselves in other people's shoes and understand their feelings better than their own.

However, they must be careful not to take on problems that are not their own and thus reduce the strength they may need for themselves.

They are easy to impress and tend to believe anything anyone tells them. True and considerate, they would never turn down a person who asks for their help. That is why many can take advantage of them and their caring nature.

Negative traits of Pisces

Naive and in need of help, Pisces can become very depressed and disappointed when they are deceived and betrayed.

These situations may cause them to question their own nature and feel confused or anxious. The more they are put through difficult times, the more they will begin to not trust people.

As they seem to exist only in a dream world, many will see them as procrastinators and as individuals who do not know how to be practical.

Insecure and a bit lonely at times, Pisces can also be the most pessimistic of people, especially when things don't seem to be going their way or they have made a mistake or two.

If someone is more dominant, they can be easily influenced by that person, and as soon as they realise this, they become dishonest and vulnerable.

However, many would like to have them around because they have many talents that cannot be found in others. Seemingly at a loss to understand the world as it is, it is normal for these natives to desire solitude and detachment from others.

Their way of doing this is to retreat into their own imagination, where the rules are very different from those that apply to others.

Qualities of the Pisces man

The man of this sign has many traits of the other signs combined in his personality. He seems to be out of this world, and gives the impression that he is always thinking about something spiritual and occult, or that he is very much focused on his own emotions.

In fact, his emotions are all he is, which means he is a sensitive and intuitive psychic who can determine what others have in their hearts and minds.

His mind is all the time absorbing information from a realm of dreams and dark secrets, but also from the reality around him. Imaginative, full of ideas as well as ideals, his awareness of the physical and ethereal world can awaken many feelings in people.

Others see him as a mystery because it is impossible to know what he really feels or thinks, not to mention that he does not want to reveal anything about himself.

He can be described as both the friendly goldfish of the aquarium and the terrifying shark of the ocean, because his personality is dual.

As a Water sign, he goes with the flow and never bothers to get nervous or make noise. All this means that you have a depth and a philosophy of life to be discovered, along with a serene exterior that always hides a lot of passion and a mixture of strong feelings.

He is one of the most imaginative men of the zodiac, and often expresses himself through music, movement and even writing. It is not uncommon for many men of this sign to be great artists.

Qualities of the Pisces woman

The Piscean woman does not seem to be made of the same material as the others, for she simply floats when she enters a room and gives the impression of a priestess of antiquity.

This lady is wise and many think of her as a person with an old soul. She does not like to be realistic, so everyday life can seem like a burden because she cannot stick to a schedule or obey rules.

The Pisces woman's ruling planet is Neptune, and is symbolised by two fish. Her sign is in the Water element, which means she has strong emotions, is empathetic and very kind.

It is normal for many Pisces women to have psychic abilities and to make a living out of it. They are most comfortable when they dream and fantasise, as their inner life is very active.

His mind always carries different symbols and philosophies in his subconscious, so he can make effective associations when he tries to understand something.

As soon as someone is curious about her mind and heart, she begins to feel flattered and truly gratified. This lady may find it difficult to receive because she is always a giver and does not really know how to respond when someone is generous to her.

When others need her help, she abandons herself completely and looks for ways to be as supportive as possible.

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