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The 8 things a Pisces woman would never tolerate in a relationship

Do you want to have a stable and happy relationship with a Pisces woman? Discover the secrets to have a stable and happy relationship with a Pisces woman. Know the things she will never accept according to her sign and conquer her....
16-06-2023 09:51

  1. Anecdote: The awakening of Laura, a Pisces woman
  2. 8 things a Pisces woman simply won't tolerate

Today I want to focus on Pisces women, a sign that stands out for its sensitivity, intuition and ability to love unconditionally.

 Throughout my career, I have had the pleasant experience of meeting many Pisces women and I can say with certainty that there are certain things that they simply would not allow in their lives.

 In this article, I will reveal 8 things that a Pisces woman would never tolerate, based on my professional experience and detailed analysis of this fascinating zodiac sign.

 If you are a Pisces woman or if you have a woman of this sign in your life, this reading will be enriching and revealing.

 Read on to find out more!

Anecdote: The awakening of Laura, a Pisces woman

 It was a sunny afternoon when Laura, a 35-year-old Pisces woman, walked into my office with a look of sadness in her eyes.

 She had been in a toxic relationship for several years and had finally found the courage to end that cycle of pain and suffering.

 Laura told me how her ex-partner, Carlos, had been extremely controlling and manipulative.

 He forbade her from seeing friends and family, made her feel guilty for anything that went wrong, and constantly questioned her worth as a person.

 For a long time, Laura had tolerated these attitudes because she believed that she couldn't find anyone better and that she didn't deserve anything more.

 However, one day, while reading a book on astrology and love, Laura came across a chapter that spoke specifically about the things a Pisces woman would never tolerate in a relationship. Those words resonated deeply in her heart and made her realize that she deserved better.

 She then decided to seek professional help and found her way to my practice.

 During our sessions, Laura began to rebuild her self-esteem and to understand that she deserved love and respect.

 Through motivational talks and empowerment exercises, she managed to free herself from the emotional chains that kept her trapped in a destructive relationship.

 Over time, Laura realized that she had been ignoring her own inner voice, that powerful and wise intuition that had always guided her.

 She learned to listen to her needs and set healthy boundaries in her relationships.

 She would no longer tolerate being controlled or belittled by anyone.

 Today, Laura has found true and healthy love.

 Her current partner, Alejandro, is someone who values, respects and supports her in all aspects of her life.

 Together, they have built a relationship based on trust, companionship and mutual growth.

 Laura's story is a testament to the importance of recognizing and honoring our own needs in a relationship. As a Pisces woman, she learned not to tolerate control, manipulation or disrespect.

 Instead, she embraced her inner power and found the happiness she always deserved.

8 things a Pisces woman simply won't tolerate

1. Someone who belittles her emotionality.
 A Pisces woman is aware of her deep feelings and considers them her driving force.

 Whether in a friendship or a committed relationship, she won't get involved with someone who doesn't understand that fundamental part of her being or who judges her.

 She prides herself on her emotional side, that's how she defines herself, how she loves, how she interacts and how she perceives the world.

 And she will not apologize for that.

2. A partner who doesn't support or believe in her dreams.

 If you are going to love, you will love with your whole being.

 And if you are going to have a serious relationship (because any other option is not valid), you will share your soul and your dreams. She will not allow herself to be with a partner who does not support her or encourage her to pursue those dreams. Sometimes she gets lost in her own world and needs to be brought back, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have someone who supports her, believes in her (sometimes overflowing) ideas and loves her as she is, without holding her back.

3. Someone who dismisses her faith as "silly" instead of taking it seriously.

 As a Pisces woman, she has a strong faith in God, in the universe, in herself, in whatever it is that drives her.

 And for her to be with someone who belittles that belief as absurd or doesn't take it seriously is something she simply won't accept.

4. A partner who lacks genuine emotions.

 As a Pisces, you crave vulnerability.

 She needs to know that her partner is on the same page, equally willing to open her heart. It is non-negotiable for her to be connected to someone who does not see emotion as a central part of a relationship or who does not value that essential part of her being.

5. Someone who confuses her passion with madness.

 She is not crazy, she is simply a passionate, empathetic and emotional person driven by her Pisces sign.

 She may at times get "out of control" or driven by her feelings rather than her mind, but at the end of the day she has herself.

 And anyone who mistakes her big heart for mental instability is someone you can't have in your life.

6. Someone who oppresses your vitality.

 She doesn't need to be belittled.

 She doesn't need to be silenced so that someone else's noise overpowers her.

 There is nothing wrong with how she feels, loves or allows others into her life.

 And it won't diminish her brilliance for anyone.

7. Someone trying to convince you to change or become tougher.

 People always have advice, opinions, and sometimes those suggestions can be helpful... and sometimes they hurt us.

 A Pisces woman knows that she doesn't need to change to be loved.

 More importantly, she knows that protecting her heart and not allowing others to hurt it doesn't make her any less worthy of a relationship. In short, no one will tell her how to love.

8. She will not allow her time to be wasted without loving and sharing her heart.
 She was born to love.

 And she won't waste a minute of her life without doing just that.

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