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What gifts to buy for a Pisces man

In this article some tips on gifts that may appeal to the Pisces man.... , 2020-05-24

If you want to buy the perfect gift for a Pisces man, choose something that seems to have magical powers.

Not just any everyday object will do; it has to be something he feels imbued with meaning. Usually, a Pisces will not adhere to a mystical path or religion, choosing instead to mix fragments of this and that into a hodgepodge of traditions and beliefs that suits him best. "Take what you like and leave the rest" tends to be his philosophy, and he sees all paths as one anyway, so he has no problem placing a Buddha statue next to a Catholic saint or a pagan goddess image.

A Tibetan relic or a large piece of crystal will probably please him no end, earning it a place of honour on one of his altars. You can give him a piece of black tourmaline, obsidian or shungite, which will protect against negative energy (which he tends to absorb).

Jewellery made of these or other semi-precious stones will often appeal to him, as romantic and emotional Pisces men are generally not uncomfortable exploring their feminine side.

They may enjoy wearing perfume or oils and always like to smell delicious. Based on their innate traits, many Pisces men can be picky about their personal grooming and appearance habits, so scented bath and body products will be appreciated by this water-loving sign.

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