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Tips for making love to the Pisces zodiac man

Pisceans are sensitive and optimistic. In bed they need a lot of this sensitivity. The most important thing is to gain their confidence, otherwise they will not open up compl...
22-07-2022 13:49

  1. How to turn on the Pisces man in bed
  2. A little summary of all this...

Pisceans are sensitive and optimistic. In bed they need a lot of this sensitivity. The most important thing is to gain their confidence, otherwise they will not open up completely in sexual relations. When he is hesitant and uninvolved, it means that he is not comfortable.

 This man is attracted to sexual objects, he likes to experiment, but hardly with "aggression". He likes affection and romance; he loves a calm atmosphere.

 They love silence, to feel the passion of sex... everything that has to be talked about sex should be done before or after, never during the act, unless it is very necessary.

 He is a creative man with many sexual fantasies, you must find out what they are in order to satisfy them.

How to turn on the Pisces man in bed

 A Pisces man is a dreamer who loves to bring his creativity and fantasies to bed.

 Often, a Pisces man becomes more compatible with a woman who is the exact opposite of him, so that together they form a complete whole.

 He prefers to have a partner who is quite receptive to his ideas. But he is also overly sensitive and basically a dreamer. These traits may require his lover to take full control in bed and often make the first move.

 A Pisces man is easily attracted to a dominant woman; he finds a dominant woman very attractive. He rarely acts until he is sure.... This is because they have little self-confidence and also do not want to make any woman uncomfortable.

 A Pisces man would never pursue a woman, but waits for obvious signs from her. A woman who "plays hard to get" often makes the Pisces man give up quickly.

 Sexual play with him will be fun if the woman is dominant. He is open to ideas of dominant and submissive sexual play.

 He loves to make love to and be dominated by a powerful woman.

 He seeks mutual trust in his partner. A Pisces man will connect on a spiritual and emotional level with his partner.

 A Pisces man loves to have long hours of foreplay and seduction. He is turned on by both physical foreplay and mental stimulation.

 A woman can turn him on with her tongue and by watching porn together. He even gets turned on by racy conversations.

 If his woman goes out of her way to set the mood for sex, he will appreciate her gesture and try to satisfy her fully because he loves the very act of sex and romance.

A little summary of all this...

 1. A Pisces man is very affectionate and gentle. If he finds a woman who understands his needs, he will be eager to open up in the bedroom.

 2. Pisces men are "best friends". If you keep this in mind while making love and try to make him your best friend first, you will always have a deeply satisfying sex life.

 A Pisces man is very expressive in love. He could sing a love song or write love poems for you.

 4. He needs to feel an emotional connection with his lover and cannot have sex just for the fun of it.

 A Pisces man is often generous in love, giving gifts and bringing flowers. He needs someone who appreciates his gestures so that he will open up completely in the bedroom.

 Pisces men usually have a foot fetish. Try caressing him there to turn him on.

 7. He makes a good match with people who are very opposite to him. Virgo is a sign that is the exact opposite of Pisces.

 8. He is aroused by good music and poetry.

 9. Don't criticize him in the bedroom as that will generate negative vibes and ruin his sexual mood.

 10. He might torture and tease you in bed just because you are not confident enough to make bold decisions. Appreciate his gestures and he will feel confident.

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  • Are there any specific experiences or tips for satisfying a Pisces man when it comes to languorous kisses and foreplay?

    Of course you can! Here are a few tips on how to satisfy a Pisces man when it comes to languorous kisses and foreplay:

    1. Create a romantic atmosphere: Pisces men are very sensitive to mood and atmosphere. Prepare a comfortable environment, light scented candles, play soft music or use any other element that can create a romantic atmosphere.

    2. Be gentle and tender: Pisces men are often very emotional and appreciate gentle, thoughtful gestures. When kissing your Pisces man, be gentle, stroke his hair or hold his hand lightly. Show him that you're emotionally connected to him.

    3. Explore different kissing techniques: Pisces men love sensory exploration, so don't be afraid to vary the pleasures when kissing. Try light, gentle kisses, then slowly increase the intensity by using your tongue to explore his mouth.

    4. Pay special attention to sensitive areas: Since every man is different, it's important to learn which areas of your Pisces partner's body are sensitive. Some people like to be kissed on the neck, on the ears or behind the knees. Find out what your partner likes and focus on those areas.

    5. Communicate your desires and fantasies: Communication is essential in any intimate relationship. Discuss with your partner the fantasies and desires you'd like to explore together. Pisces men are often open-minded and like to try new things, as long as it's done with mutual respect.

    Don't forget that every man is unique and that it's important to take your partner's individual preferences into account. Listen to his reactions and adjust accordingly. This will make the experience more enjoyable for both partners.
  • What types of foreplay generate the most satisfaction in a Pisces man?

    Dear consultant, as an expert in astrology and relationships, I can give you some advice on foreplay that could bring satisfaction to a Pisces man. Pisces men are generally sensitive, romantic and very emotional. They value intimacy and seek a deep connection with their partner.

    Foreplay that stimulates the senses and creates a romantic atmosphere is often much appreciated by a Pisces man. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Communication: Pisces men like to feel heard and understood. Take the time to discuss your desires and fantasies before engaging in foreplay. This can help strengthen the emotional connection.

    2. Sensual massage: Pisces men are very receptive to tactile sensations. Give him a relaxing massage with scented oils to stimulate his senses.

    3. Soft music: Create a romantic atmosphere by playing soft music that suits his personal taste or your relationship.

    4. Role-playing: Pisces men often have an overactive imagination and like to explore different scenarios in their intimate relationships. Don't hesitate to suggest role-playing or shared fantasies to spice up foreplay.

    5. Verbal encouragement: During foreplay, don't forget to verbally express your pleasure and excitement to let him know how much you're enjoying this time together.

    6. Passionate kissing: Passionate and intense kisses are often very much appreciated by Pisces men. Don't neglect this form of intimacy.

    7. Gentle touch: Pisces men are sensitive to gentle, tender caresses. Take the time to explore his body with your hands in a delicate and caring way.

    Don't forget that each individual is unique, even according to his astrological sign. It's essential to communicate with your partner to find out what gives them the most satisfaction during foreplay. Listening to each other and experimenting are the keys to a fulfilling intimate life.
  • What are the general sexual preferences of men born under the sign of Pisces?

    Each individual is unique and it's important to remember that sexual preferences can vary considerably from one person to another, whatever their zodiac sign. However, I can give you a general idea of the personality traits associated with men born under the sign of Pisces that could influence their sexual preferences.

    Men born under the sign of Pisces are often considered sensitive, imaginative and romantic. They tend to be very intuitive and emotionally connected to their partners. They often place more importance on the emotional aspect of intimacy and seek a deep connection with their partner.

    Because of their imaginative nature, Pisces men can also be attracted to creative and fanciful sexual experiences. They like to explore new things and may be open to role-playing, fantasies and sensory experiences.

    However, it is important to note that these characteristics do not apply to all men born under the sign of Pisces. Each individual is unique and will have his or her own preferences when it comes to sexuality. It is therefore essential to establish open and honest communication with your partner to find out what works best for you both.
  • I just had a great date and sex with a Pisces. How do I tell him that I really like him?

    If you want to let the Pisces man know that you really like him, it is important to show sincerity and sensitivity. Pisces men are often empathetic and sensitive, so they appreciate honest communication and emotional connection.

    You could start by expressing your feelings by telling him what you like about him. For example, tell him that you enjoyed your date and what feelings it has evoked in you. Let him know that you appreciate his company and that you would like to spend more time with him.

    Showing understanding of his emotions and deep connection will also help to make it clear that you really care about him. Be open about what you are looking for in a relationship and listen to what he is looking for. This will help both of you understand if there is a mutual interest in continuing your relationship.

    Ultimately, honest communication is the key to letting the Pisces man know that you really like him. Showing respect, understanding, and affection will certainly be appreciated by a Pisces man.
  • What does it mean when a Pisces man says he doesn't want to be kissed because it doesn't feel right from his side with me?

    When a Pisces man says that he doesn't want to be kissed because it doesn't feel right from his side, it could mean that he feels uncertain or uncomfortable in the relationship. Pisces men tend to be very sensitive and intuitive, and they often strongly respond to the atmosphere and emotions in a relationship.

    It's important to take his statement seriously and talk to him about it. Perhaps he has concerns or doubts about your connection that he would like to address. It could also be that he's simply not ready for physical intimacy at the moment and needs time to feel safe and comfortable.

    Try to empathetically find out what lies behind his words and actively listen. Be patient and respect his boundaries. Communication is the key in a relationship with a Pisces man, so be open to conversations about your feelings and expectations.

    Remember that every person is unique and it's important to respect their needs and boundaries. If you're unsure or need more support, it could be helpful to seek professional counseling.
  • What does it mean when a Pisces man says that it doesn't fit sexually for him?

    When a Pisces man says that it doesn't work sexually for him, it can mean different things. Pisces are often very sensitive and empathetic, so it could be that he doesn't feel emotionally connected in the intimate relationship. It's important to talk to him about it to find out exactly what he means and what his needs are. Maybe he needs more emotional closeness or a deeper connection to feel sexually comfortable.

    It's also possible that he has certain preferences or desires that haven't been fulfilled so far. Open communication and honesty are key in such situations. By talking about it together and understanding each other better, you can find a way to improve your sexual relationship.

    Remember that every person has individual needs and preferences. By addressing your partner's needs and openly discussing your own, you can find solutions that are satisfying for both of you.
  • What must one do to make a Pisces feel emotionally connected?

    To emotionally connect with a Pisces man, it is important to understand and acknowledge his sensitive and empathetic nature. Here are some tips for building a deep emotional connection with a Pisces man:

    1. Show Empathy: Pisces men are very empathetic and sensitive. Show understanding for his feelings and be compassionate when he opens up.

    2. Be Romantic: Pisces men are often dreamy and romantic. Surprise him with small gestures of affection and plan romantic dates to show him that you appreciate him.

    3. Communication is Key: Listen attentively when he talks about his dreams, desires, and fears. Share your own thoughts and feelings with him to establish a deeper connection.

    4. Be Patient: Pisces men need time to open up and build trust. Be patient and do not pressure him to open up faster than he is ready.

    5. Appreciate Creativity: Pisces men often have an artistic side. Appreciate his creative nature and support him in his artistic endeavors.

    6. Be Loyal: Loyalty is very important to Pisces men. Show him that he can rely on you and that you will stand by his side no matter what happens.

    By considering these aspects, you can build a deep emotional bond with a Pisces man. Remember that every person is unique and has individual needs, so be open to his specific desires and needs in a relationship.
  • Does the Pisces have feelings for me, even though he says he doesn't?

    I'm sorry that you're in this situation. When a Pisces man says he has no feelings, there could be various reasons for that. Pisces are often very sensitive and intuitive people who may sometimes hide their own emotions. It's possible that he's not expressing his true feelings or even hiding them from himself.

    My advice would be to handle him gently and give him time and space to open up. Try to honestly and openly talk about your own feelings and see how he reacts. Sometimes it takes time for Pisces to feel secure enough to show their true emotions.

    It's also important to emphasize that communication is key. Perhaps you could directly ask him why he says he has no feelings and try to figure out what's behind that statement.

    Remember that every person is unique and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. However, I hope these suggestions can help you.
  • How important is a possible relationship with the Pisces man to you, and what are your expectations for the meeting?

    When it comes to a potential relationship with a Pisces man, it is important to be aware that Pisces, as a water sign, often seek deep emotional connections. They are empathetic, romantic, and idealistic. So, if you are interested in a relationship with a Pisces man, it is important to show patience and understanding.

    As for expectations for the meeting, it would be advisable to be open and honest. Pisces value sincerity and authenticity. Be prepared to talk about your feelings and desires, but also be ready to listen to him and understand his perspective.

    Do not expect quick decisions or superficial conversations. Pisces take time to build trust and dive into a relationship. So be patient and willing to embrace the slow flow of his emotional depth.

    Ultimately, it is important that you communicate your own needs and boundaries and ensure that your expectations remain realistic. A relationship with a Pisces man can be very rewarding, but it also requires understanding of his sensitive and complex emotions.
  • Under what circumstances does a Pisces man tend to separate?

    A Pisces man tends to drift apart when he feels that the emotional connection between him and his partner is no longer strong enough. Pisces men are very sensitive and empathetic, so they need a deep emotional bond to be happy in a relationship.

    If a Pisces man feels that he is no longer understood or supported, this can lead to distance and ultimately to a breakup. Also, if he feels that his needs and desires are not being met in the relationship, this can cause him to withdraw and seek other options.

    It is important for a partner of a Pisces man to be empathetic and understanding in order to keep the relationship strong and healthy. Communication is crucial to clear up misunderstandings and ensure that both partners can express their needs.
  • How does a Pisces man react in an environment where he feels ignored?

    The Pisces man is extremely sensitive and emotional. When he feels ignored, he may react with deep sadness and despair. Pisces needs frequent reassurance and communication to feel loved and connected with his partner.

    If the Pisces man feels ignored, it's important to show him that you listen to him, respect him, and appreciate him. Express your feelings with honesty and love, showing him that he is important to you. Listen to his concerns and offer your support.

    Additionally, it may be useful to create a safe and loving environment around him, where he can freely express his feelings without fear. Understanding, patience, and love are essential to help the Pisces man overcome the feeling of being ignored.

    Don't be afraid to let me know if you want me to tell you that you're worthy. ?
  • There are signs that can reveal that a man who is a Pisces is in love?

    Of course, there are certain signs and behaviors that can reveal when a Pisces man is in love. Pisces men are usually very sensitive and emotional, so the way they express their feelings can reveal a lot. ?

    One of the main signs that can show a Pisces man is in love is the increased sensitivity and care he shows towards his beloved person. Also, he may become more communicative, show interest in your life, and often offer advice and support. ?

    Furthermore, another sign that may be apparent is his commitment. If a Pisces man is in love, then he will likely show commitment and dedication to you and your relationship. ?

    Lastly, the Pisces man may express his love through romantic gestures and actions. He may give you gifts, take you to romantic dinners, leave you love notes. ?

    These signs can help you gather information about what a Pisces man is feeling. Therefore, it's worth listening to your intuition and discerning how he feels in a relationship. ?
  • What signs in his behavior can show that someone from the Pisces feels romantic interest?

    People generally express their romantic interest in various ways, but there are some specific signs that may indicate that a person of the Pisces zodiac sign is feeling romantic interest:

    1. Sensitivity and Compassion: Pisces are known for their sensitivity and compassion. If a Pisces shows particular care and interest in you, it may indicate that they are feeling romantic interest.

    2. Romance: Pisces are romantic by nature and often express their emotions in a romantic way. This can include gifts, sweet and tender gestures, as well as romantic and enjoyable conversations.

    3. Frequent Communication: A Pisces feeling romantic interest may demonstrate frequent communication with you, through messages, calls, emails, etc. Reluctance to quickly end a conversation is a sign of exceptional dedication.

    4. Display of Care Signs: We have our heads touching, our foreheads that we see, but also our fears that we see.

    These elements indicate that someone from the Pisces sign may be feeling interested. I'm here if you need.

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