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Pisces anger: The dark side of the fish sign

A Piscean will always resent people who try to make them more realistic....
13-09-2021 20:45

  1. Strong emotions
  2. Angering a Pisces?
  3. Testing Pisces' patience
  4. It's about their predatory instincts or lack of them
  5. Making peace with them

Pisces are so sensitive that anger can come to them quite easily. However, they do not express it often because they are the type to internalise it.

Even if it is not their fault, they may say that it is their fault and that they are the ones who have caused the problems. If these natives manage to realise that others are to blame for their feelings of displeasure, they may begin to develop creative plans for revenge, even if they are not the type to act on impulse.

Strong emotions

Pisces born people possess strong intuition and a soft heart, which means they have compassion and can feel the pain of others. However, their own emotions can sometimes overwhelm them.

Pisces natives can put themselves in anyone's shoes, in different ways. They are easily adaptable and open-minded, not to mention very understanding of others.

In addition, they seem to have the most extraordinary gifts when it comes to being insightful and creative, which makes them very successful if they have to express what is on their mind.

They seem to live in a fantasy world and have absolutely no direction, which means that others cannot understand their ways of escaping into different realities.

In fact, they are only deep and dream of great things. They can talk out loud and to themselves when they are depressed or in competition, when they only retreat into a world of their own, a world in which they lament what is happening to them.

Belonging to the Water element, they have strong emotions and can get angry at the smallest detail.

However, they do not like others to know why they are stressed, nor do they like to argue. Like other zodiac signs, they prefer to keep their feelings to themselves, so that everyone feels good.

They may go alone and not stay too long, in order to make things clear with some of their loved ones.

When they are upset or angry, they cry and scream at the top of their lungs, which means they are good listeners of metal.

Pisces-borns can be spiteful, but this depends on the circumstances. Those who mean something to them should always be calm enough for a purposeful discussion with these individuals.

Angering a Pisces?

Getting angry is what Pisces like best. You can't say that it takes them long to get angry because they are very sensitive. They tend to see criticism as an attack on themselves.

When someone just suggests an insult, they start to go crazy. Just tell them they've changed and they're in a bad mood.

They are also sensitive to paranoia and imagine that others are out to get them.

Pisces individuals love to share secrets and can feel very bad when they are left out of an argument. Their emotions are stormy and they can end up destroying themselves if they get too angry.

When this happens, they start to generate drama and make things happen at a very fast pace. Therefore, they do not express their anger, but infuse it into themselves.

These natives are unable to resolve conflicts, and when arguments arise, they allow things to get out of hand.

If they feel hurt, they try to run away from reality and may never want to talk to the person who has crossed them again.

Moreover, when someone makes them feel deeply annoyed, they no longer waste their time with that person.

Testing Pisces' patience

Pisces natives can't stand some things, including when others nag them about what they are doing, i.e. being allowed to eat or smoke as long as it feels good.

They can get very angry when someone takes their last slice of pizza without asking.

Also, when you don't pay attention to them or when you don't listen to their opinions, they can get very angry. Noble feelings mean a lot to them, so they should not be told about them with laughter.

Jokes like "He's swimming like Jesus walked on water" seem to annoy Pisces natives more than anything else.

They also hate it when someone says "No" to them, or when the music is too loud for anyone to say anything.

As with the other signs, any attempt to question their basic Piscean traits makes them feel angry.

For example, Pez individuals become irritated when they are told that their feelings don't matter, when they are alone, when they encounter hypocritical or manipulative people, as well as when they are told to be more mature.

It's about their predatory instincts or lack of them

Being the most sensitive people of the zodiac, Pisces can feel immediately hurt and as if others are making fun of them. This feeling is often followed by tantrums and the instinct for revenge.

Not wanting to cause pain to anyone, these natives never seem like a threat. However, they have their own ruthless ways of taking revenge, as well as letting people down badly.

For example, they may think about how their enemies die and even plan such an event, although such thoughts do not make them happy in any way.

Being ruled by intuition, they can have certain "feelings" about people and not change their minds. However, they also have a materialistic side, which means that they cannot get angry with a person who gives them expensive gifts.

This does not mean that an apology can stop them from holding a grudge. On the outside, these natives may appear to be blameless, but in reality they are overly sensitive.

For example, it is easy to offend them and those who dare to do such a thing are more often than not doomed.

While Pisces individuals are not as precise and dangerous as Scorpio individuals, they can hold grudges to the grave, destroy the reputation of those who crossed them and cause them pain, until they realise what is happening.

Those who have harmed them may simply wake up and conclude that they have nothing left, just because they have provoked their friend Pez's anger, a long time ago.

Since it is not easy to upset them, those who do are likely to be sinister and see what is happening as a victory.

Pisces are generous, compassionate and willing to sacrifice themselves to make others feel good.

They want to give and everyone to blame them for each and every mistake. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to seek revenge.

Pisces individuals are very likely to leave bad situations before plans for revenge have been worked out. This is more likely to happen in romantic situations.

In love, they can be possessive to the point of obsession, just like the other Water signs, not to mention that they can lose their temper when pushed to extremes or when they feel that their lover is no longer paying enough attention to them.

When they get angry, they can get angry with the past and shout a lot, because they are passionate creatures who love to communicate.

Pisces natives tend not to think too much, as well as to make simple rather than devious plans.

All this happens because they do not have enough energy and resources to invest their efforts, also because they prefer to run away from a bad situation rather than face it.

When they get extremely angry, they prefer to write violent letters or call too many times, which can be annoying and lack any kind of unpredictability.

Making peace with them

When it comes to Pisces and their bad moods, nothing is logical anymore. These natives find it difficult to communicate when they feel sad, because they may feel that everyone has something against them.

Those who want them to feel good should support them and not introduce too many facts into the discussion.

Pisces need to be pleased, not to say listened to. In the end, they may tire of feeling sorry for themselves and become depressed.

This could be the time to ask them to go out, listen to music and drink some good wine. Pisces born people are proud and cannot forgive easily.

It would be better to be on their good side. They may hold a grudge even after someone has apologised to them.

As already mentioned, they are guided by their intuition and their feelings cannot be easily changed. They are also materialistic and love beautiful gifts.

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