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Incredible 10 ways to tell if a Virgo man is in love with you

It is not easy to determine whether a Virgo man loves you or not. In this article how to tell if he is in love.... , 2020-07-26

It is not easy to determine whether a Virgo man loves you or not. He is quite shy and also because of his reserved nature, others find it difficult to gauge his inner emotions.

Every woman wishes to be treated like a princess by her prince charming and the Virgo man is just that and much more.

A Virgo man takes care of his love like no other sign. He treats you with surprises and makes you feel like the most important and cherished person on earth.

Although it is difficult to decipher his mind...


Perfect love match for the Virgo man

Any girl would be flattered to have a Virgo man by her side, but what kind of girl would be the best match for a Virgo man? Yes, it is true that once he makes his relationship obvious, he will make the love of his life feel on top of the world, but not every woman will be able to make him happy.

The Virgo man is a practical type, so he is not attracted to pretty faces, but values inner beauty more than outer beauty.
Girls who are confident, intelligent and comfortable in their own skin will be able to capture the attention of Virgo men. Virgos are not the type to get carried away by emotions; rather they will evaluate their partner's potential before committing to any relationship.

The best match for Virgo is Taurus or Capricorn. In addition to these two signs, Virgo is also compatible with other water and earth signs. For more information on compatibilities I suggest you read:
Virgo compatibilities with other signs.


10 signs to find out Virgo man's feelings for you

Now you feel there is some connection with this man, but you are not sure if he is also feeling the same connection or not. What do you do? Do you wait for him to make the first move? Why don't you look for signs that show his love for you?

When we are in love, we always tend to behave differently and try to make our feelings obvious without saying a word. It's human nature and Virgo is no different.

He also gives signs that show his love for his partner.

Here are some signs to help you:

1. The Virgo man will spoil you

Once Virgo is in love and takes his partner seriously, then he will go out of his way to make his love feel wanted and desired. Dinner dates, flowers and everything else you can think of will be a reality when a Virgo man is serious about you. If your Virgo man is doing that for you, then it is a sign that he is in love with you.

2. He will call you to hear your voice

Lately, has your Virgo man been calling you at regular intervals on the pretext of asking you something important? If this is the case, then it is a sign that your Virgo man loves you very much. A Virgo man loves to hear his partner's voice.

3. He makes you feel secure

The best quality of this zodiac sign is that this guy makes his girl feel secure. Insecurities can creep into any relationship, but a Virgo man makes sure that his partner feels secure in the relationship by showing a keen interest in whatever she does.

4. He may ask for time away from you

Don't worry, if your Virgo man is asking for some time away from you. He is actually contemplating a serious relationship with you. He wants some distance so he can be sure of his own love for you.

5. Loyalty at any cost
Once he
has made a commitment, he will always remain loyal and wants the same from his partner as well. Virgos are committed to life, so once he is committed to you, he won't even look at others. He will have his eyes only for you. You can read more on this point here:
Virgo man's fidelity

6. Sharing is caring

You will rarely find Virgos sharing any secrets with anyone, but if your Virgo man is doing that with you, then you must be special. It's a sign that shows he's serious about you and loves you very much.

7. Space and comfort for the Virgo man

Even when they have started sharing secrets and other things with you, you still need to give them their space. Virgos like their space and comfort, if you give them that and he appreciates it, he is also a sign he can count on.

8. Special gestures beyond boundaries

Virgo has proven time and time again that they can go beyond boundaries to make their partner happy. Happiness doesn't always mean a big affair, it can be something small but significant and the Virgo man knows exactly how to make his love feel important.

9. He means every word he learns

No matter what he tells you, you can be sure of one thing and that is his honesty. He means every word he says. A Virgo man is not someone who comes up with a fancy or fake word. He is a genuine person and loves to speak his mind.

10. Notices everything

So, did he notice the colour of your nails and also your hairstyle? Yes, then your Virgo man is in love with you. He is the one who pays attention to every detail of his partner when he falls in love.


Summing up

These are 10 signs that will help you understand how your Virgo man feels about you if he hasn't admitted his love for you. If he's doing all of the above, then it's only a matter of time before the question pops up in front of you.


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