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Sagittarius man in love: 10 ways to tell if he likes you and what he's like in love

What to expect from a Sagittarius man in love, how to know if he is in love with you and how to win him over.... , 2020-07-26

If you're dating a Sagittarius man, you're probably wondering why they're so willful and easy-going. He's so cheerful that he's all smiles, even when he's in his worst slump. Guess what? That's the true nature.

Sagittarius men are very adventurous human beings. They have a desire to always expand their knowledge through books, friends, experiences and going through life's quests. That's him alone, but what are his behaviours and traits like in romantic relationships?

You should know that Sagittarius men are very honest with their feelings. They are transparent and never hide their true emotions, so you should expect hurtful words from time to time. If you have any doubts about this, I suggest you read:
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Think carefully if you want to ask a Sagittarius man a question: if he is not ready to hear the truth, better leave him first. He looks like he could be the type to cause trouble, doesn't he? No worries! These are just some of the traits a Sagittarius man has. His adventurous spirit doesn't always mean catastrophe, but could also mean a positive influence on the people around him, and above all, on the woman he is in love with.

First of all we will give a broad description of what the Sagittarius man is like...


Introducing: The Sagittarius Man!

The Sagittarius horoscope shows that they are the carefree and adventurous type, so it is understandable that they rarely worry about consequences.

Sagittarius people have a tendency to throw success easily and even with smiles on their faces.

The saying "when one door closes, another one opens" proves true for them.

This sign is born as a natural gambler. They would willingly accept any challenge that most people would consider rash. That is because they are always looking for excitement whether physical, intellectual or emotional. However, this nature of theirs sometimes causes irritation to other people.

Since they always seek their freedom, they are difficult to work with. This sign is easily distracted one minute, works efficiently the next, and then again they are bored.

Men have a tendency to reject other people's love, not because they don't care, but rather, because it is a belief of theirs that their freedom would be trampled upon if they were already settled with someone.

Also, their interest in everything makes them the friendliest of all, so their philosophy on relationships with people is a little different compared to that of most people. One of the things you should expect in their behaviour when dating a Sagittarius man is that they will rarely show signs of envy and possessiveness. But, don't worry, because Sagittarians are human beings too. They are also lonely and may be hungry for love. Just understand that it is in their nature to first satisfy their desire for exploration and freedom before settling down completely.

Their thirst for new knowledge could be an adventure for your relationship because one of the few things a Sagittarius man loves is someone with whom he can share his adventures. Also, once they decide to settle down, the zodiac sign can be the most devoted person you can have.

The life of a Sagittarius man is very exciting, so you should take precautions too. If you leave him alone most of the time, he will do whatever you want.




Positive behaviour and Sagittarius traits

Sagittarius people are often paired with problems most of the time due to their excessive desire for freedom. That said, this behaviour and traits are
not necessarily complicated. Yes, they are like little kids who tend to get into a catastrophe the moment they are out of sight, but they can be the coolest people you can have in your life.

The things they can share are endless, their transparency makes them the most loyal of all true friends, and their positivity can bring happiness to your dull life.

Sagittarius people are optimistic

When you have a very tedious life, what better than the positivity you need? Sagittarians are optimistic creatures, so they are definitely a necessity in one's life. Even when they are down, they would never show it and their faces would always be smiling and laughing. One of their personalities that most people envy is that they can look on the bright side of life easily, and their love for adventures. Breaking down a Sagittarius person is a difficult challenge.

Sagittarius people are transparent

It is a challenge to make a Sagittarius person lie, because they are brutally honest. When you share your concern with them and expect to hear what you want to hear, forget it. They will only tell you the truth whether it hurts or not. This may sound bad, but if you do, they may be the true friends you're looking for. However, on the positive side, when they give you a compliment, you can be sure that they are being sincere.

Sagittarius people are intellectual

Because of Sagittarius people's love of adventure and thirst for knowledge, you should expect them to know a lot. They have gained a lot of wisdom from their experiences, so their stories are endless. Conversations with them are never boring, you don't even have to start one because they will start right away and won't wait for awkward silences. They are good friends, especially for people who like to talk about philosophy.


Sagittarius behaviour and negative traits

Being adventurous, carefree and stubborn are not all bad. These habits help make the dullness of life more exciting. This is actually the way a Sagittarius deals with every day. However, when these habits become excessive, they can cause negative effects on the people around them. Eventually it can turn into selfishness and a Sagittarius can harm people with their actions.

Sagittarius people are careless

As much as a Sagittarius is always ready to face any challenge, they take off without thinking about the consequences. They simply don't care about risks and rarely consider other people's opinions about their actions. This habit attracts criticism from their loved ones, but that won't stop them anyway.

Sagittarius people are inconsistent

Working with a Sagittarius person can be difficult because, despite their knowledge and intelligence, they can never deliver a consistent performance. The cause of this is their nature to be easily distracted. Sagittarius people are always looking for something new to do; everything around them is a quest to be done. Their attention span is too short to get bored easily.

Sagittarius people are impatient

People born in this zodiac sign are restless people. They want to be always doing something that they push things too much sometimes. They make decisions which they did not think through carefully and which affect the people around them.


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How does a Sagittarius man love?

It is true that some Sagittarius habits tend to be selfish. However, when a Sagittarius falls in love, you can be sure that he really loves you.

A Sagittarius would not allow someone into their life so easily because of their innate desire for freedom. There is a saying that Sagittarius' greatest fear is marriage.

Getting the attention of this zodiac sign is not extremely difficult, but the biggest challenge is how to keep him interested. Because you are an adventurous person, you will expect your lover to be adventurous too, or at least to go along with your efforts.

The biggest mistake you could make in your relationship is to let him get bored. Don't be afraid to surprise him with new things as a Sagittarius man is always open to it. You will find some tips in this article:
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When a Sagittarius man decides to give his life away, you should prepare to be spoiled. They can be inconsistent in many things, but when they decide to take care of a person they love, they are the most romantic. They love to make surprises and every day will feel like an adventure for both of you.


What does a Sagittarius man like in women?

If you are dating a Sagittarius man and expecting a solemn relationship, you may want to reconsider. Unfortunately, they're a bit harsh. To keep the romance alive, you must adapt to their restless and adventurous personalities. Also, there is no point in challenging them over whoever has to give in to pointless squabbles because Sagittarius doesn't like drama and can easily leave you if they want to. However, if you have already caught the eye of a Sagittarius, here are some things you may want to do to make them fall more in love with you.


Be open to deep conversations

Sagittarius loves deep and meaningful conversations, so you'll want to update him on current events - this could be a boring topic for most men, but not with a Sagittarius! Ask his opinion on what's going on in the world, sometimes a debate can be more exciting for him. Talking about religion, politics and philosophy is also a big turn on for him, so for a woman to keep up with Sagittarius, she must be well informed about these things.


Be the woman who gets what she wants

In some relationships, partners tend to distance themselves from their friends to avoid misunderstandings and pointless arguments with their lovers. But when you're involved with a Sagittarius man, don't expect jealousy or possessiveness. On the contrary, he will even want you to spend time with your friends as much as possible - he will let you go to parties and enjoy them too! A Sagittarius man also won't hold you back from fulfilling your aspirations, which is what most women complain about when they get married: they have to forget their dreams and goals in life to focus on taking care of their family. Talking about taking on your own challenges with your Sagittarius boyfriend is no big deal.


Be genuine, be transparent

A Sagittarius has no time for drama, ever! So, as much as possible, be honest with him. When he asks you for advice, don't use sugar-coating because he is always ready to hear the truth, whether he likes it or not. Keep in mind also that one personality of a woman that a Sagittarius man doesn't like is playing mind games: when you ask him if something is wrong, don't say "I'm fine" when apparently, you're not. When you want to say something, be direct.


Be the woman who can understand

Sagittarius is difficult to handle because of his nature. So, if you find it stressful to date a Sagittarius man, consider whether you should leave or stay. However, if you know you want to commit fully to him, you must be very patient.

When he wants an affair, be supportive. And when there are cases where it is really impossible, firmly but tactfully explain to him why he needs to reconsider.

Never imprison a Sagittarius man by not allowing him to do things, controlling him, not letting him see his friends, etc. This is the nature of Sagittarius, so you can't do anything about it.

An attempt to control him would end up with the downfall of your relationship. Trust him when he says he is committed to you because progress may be slow, but remember that a Sagittarius will not just be able to say such things easily.

Follow these tips and you will be able to relate better to your Sagittarius!


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