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9 things you should know before loving an Aries woman

Aries women are interesting, we yearn for our independence and solitude, but at the same time we yearn for love and passion.... , 2023-03-24

Aries is popularly known as the fire sign.

 People born under this sign are identified as courageous, adventurous and powerful.

 As for Aries women, they are interesting in their independence and solitude, but at the same time they crave love and passion. To face fearless and charismatic women like them, you need a strong and self-confident man.

 If you find him, don't let him go, because being with an Aries is an experience of burning love.

1. Independent but needing attention

 Aries have a great work ethic and are willing to work hard to establish themselves in life.

 Although they appear self-sufficient, they crave to be loved and receive a lot of attention. We want you to show us your love and make us feel cared for.

 We need to feel the physical connection with the person we love.

2. If you can't stand fire, stay away from it.

 The famous phrase "if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen" perfectly describes the Aries personality.

 We are very intelligent people and when we get angry, we don't hide it.

 We have a short temper and we get angry easily.

 Little comments can set us off, but we don't hold grudges.

 We just need a few minutes to get our feelings back on track.

3. We like to be good listeners

 If you are going through a crisis or difficulty, tell us about it.

 Aries always seek to care for and protect loved ones.

 We will stay by your side to listen to you, to understand every corner of your mind and soul.

 We want you to always be honest with us, whatever you need, we will always be there.
4. We have strong impulses.
 We can act in any direction, really.

 On the positive side, we are adventurous, so we can go on road trips without a care in the world.

 We can also go out spontaneously one night.

 On the negative side, when we get angry, we react on impulse, which means we don't think before we speak.

 Of course, after a moment, we can reflect on what happened (terrible, I know).

5. Deep inside us there is some insecurity.
 We are very determined people, and we demand a lot from ourselves to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

 If we fail to achieve some of those goals, our minds are flooded with negative thoughts.

6. We are loyal.

 An Aries is full of passion, emotion and depth.

 When we love, we do it with passion and complete surrender.

 If we choose you to be ours, you will be completely ours.

 We will have no interest in anyone else, because you are everything to us.

 You will always be enough for us.

7. You will never be bored with us.

 We are full of excitement and adventure.

 We crave spontaneous travel and need constant entertainment.

 You will never get bored because we are always looking for new experiences.
8. Authenticity is what we offer.

 If something bothers us or we don't like it, you can be sure you'll know it. We don't hold anything back and express our emotions openly.

 Aries will always tell you how they feel without mincing words.

 It is advisable to be quick in your decisions.

 We are characterized by being somewhat abrasive and impatient, but also focused and determined in channeling our energy. When we want something, we want it with all our being, whether it's a new car or something as simple as the latest flavor of ice cream on the market.

9. We give ourselves with fervor and without restraint.

 Aries don't do anything by halves, and when we give our love we do it with intensity.

 It may take a little patience and work to trust someone at first, but once we do, no one will love you like we will.

 All our emotion and passion will be yours forever.

 Once you love us, you will have us for life.

 So, go for it!

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