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How to improve the partnership between Cancer woman and Aquarius man

The Cancerian-Aquarian bond has a very low compatibility. Therefore, they must work much harder than other couples to make this relationship work well. The Cancerian... , 2020-10-11

The Cancerian-Aquarian bond has a very low compatibility. Therefore, they must work much harder than other couples to make this relationship work well.

The Cancerian-Aquarian attraction is good when they first meet, in fact they are likely to idealise each other, which can lead to disappointments when they begin to make contact with each other's real flaws. It is important to put your feet on the ground and understand that we are all flawed and that there is no such thing as a Disney prince and princess in real life.

The Aquarian is a man who likes too much freedom, especially when he is young. This excess of freedom makes the Cancerian
 suffer a lot. Here both must find a balance between personal needs; this will be fundamental for the relationship to continue.

Another point against this Cancerian-Aquarius relationship is the lack of loving expressiveness. You should discuss this issue to remove doubts, perhaps neither of you need to be constantly reminded that you love each other... but some insecurities and doubts may arise if the relationship is completely lacking in affection and words of love.

It is difficult out there to express loving feelings in words, so you can do it with simple gestures or small gifts. If you like to feel loved and wanted, then it is always good to let your partner know that too, isn't it?

The Aquarian is often a dominant
man, he likes to make the decisions about everything and may not let express or respect the opinions of the Cancerian. The key to improving this relationship is DIALOGUE. If a problem arises: speak up. Never try to hide or keep quiet about a problem that really bothers you, because this will end up exploding later and, probably, with worse consequences.

Another problem that could arise over time in the Cancerian-Aquarian love bond is boredom and routine. Finding fun and different
things to do will help to improve the mood of both. Sometimes simple things can result in big changes, even activities that you had no idea you both might like: sharing a book and chatting about it, some sporting activity together, even growing a plant as a couple... imagine how great it is to wait a few months and have the plant bear a beautiful flower or some fruit. It's a wonderful feeling!


The story of a Cancer woman and an Aquarius
man may not be a happy one.

They may suffer from lack of intimacy and stress in the relationship. But if they both put aside their differences and change a little for the sake of each other, then they can open up exciting new perspectives.

At first, they may have to adjust, but things get better with each passing day.

The Cancer woman can remain happy and at peace with him knowing that her husband travels the world to acquire knowledge and learn new things.

If the Aquarius man understands his partner's unusual characteristics and makes peace with her at home and at the same time has fun at home, then this bond could be very strong.

In such a configuration, the Cancer woman may have to take on all the responsibilities of making her home as comfortable and warm as possible.

A Cancer woman will thus enjoy full freedom at home and the Aquarius man will feel closer to her.

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