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Children of Cancer: What you need to know about this kind soul

These children are sensitive, artistic and kind, and also require constant affection, otherwise they become distant.... , 2022-07-18

The zodiac sign of Cancer is attributed to children born between June 22 and July 22. From an early age, these children tend to have their sights set on emotional fulfilment and, ultimately, on creating a family.


They are also known to change their minds quite often. Nothing stays the same with an impulsive Cancer child. They have an analytical eye and an otherworldly memory, so be careful what they witness as a child, because they will remember it for years to come.


Children of the Cancer sign in a nutshell:

1) They require a lot of love and affection;

2) Difficult times will come from your bad mood;

3) The Cancer girl takes her time before trusting people;

4) The Cancer child takes most things that happen to him to heart.


They are children who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are therefore easily affected by the outside world. It will not be difficult to realise that they are going through a bad time, but it may be a while before you understand exactly why.


The kind soul

One thing you will have to learn early on is that this child requires a lot of love and affection. Keep in mind that these children will not ask you for such a thing, so if you are the parent of a Cancer child, be sure to show them regularly how much you love them.


This plays an important role in their upbringing and how their adult life will develop. Any kind of harsh behaviour will affect them negatively, so you must be careful with your behaviour.


Although they are easy to care for when they are young, once they reach adolescence, you will definitely notice the spark of revolution in their behaviour.


Their imaginative capacity knows no bounds and the fantastic worlds they create in their minds would astound even the best science fiction writers.


Their creativity is a method of freeing themselves from daily stress and anxiety. Cancer children are sensitive and easily affected by the outside world, but they also tend to fend for themselves most of the time, so you won't see them learning from the bad examples shown to them by other children.


Make sure you always keep an open mind to their emotional needs, otherwise they may shy away from any form of socialisation or openness towards you.


The best education they can receive is one filled with nurturing and kind affection. This will empower a Cancerian child and provide them with the tools they need to reach adulthood.


Cancer weather tends to put this child in a sensitive and artistic mood, and will help him to develop his imaginative talents.


These children require constant affection, otherwise they may feel that you are indifferent when it comes to them.


Even so, you should be careful how much affection you give them, as they may end up becoming a self-righteous individual when they grow up.


They need to be brought into the outside world with care, so that they are not bewildered by the extreme difference between society and the premise of safety at home.


When they grow up and get out more, they will surely realise that no one treats them with more respect and affection than their family, which in turn will make them appreciate them even more.


Because they are so sensitive, any conflict or quarrel may force the Cancer child to dig a deep hole inside themselves to hide from any emotional damage.


But this will do the opposite, so be careful how you treat them when they are most vulnerable.


Empathy and compassion are the strengths of these children. You will often see them caring for those in need and showing affection to almost any critter they encounter.


They are usually the comedians in the family and will always make you burst out laughing if you're not careful.


The baby

Babies of the Cancer zodiac sign are among the most affectionate and insightful of the bunch. But because of their emotional nature, they tend to stay close to their parents, always longing for more of that affection they love so much.


These little munchkins usually have an all-terrain baby face endowed with the softness that clouds are probably made of.


Their mood swings begin to appear from their earliest years, but during this period they manifest themselves differently. To be more precise, they last a whole day. It all depends on how they wake up.


You can have a happy, loving baby or a sad-faced, melancholic toddler until it's time for sleep. There's nothing better than nap time with mummy and daddy!


The girl

Raising a Cancer child has its ups and downs, just like any other child, but this time it will be more enjoyable than you think.


Although most of the time she will seek harmony and tranquillity at home, her mood swings could get the better of her. It may take some time to finally understand how she feels and why, but it will be worth the effort.


While you will find that your Cancer daughter puts her whole world in your hands with ease, the same cannot be said for others.


A Cancer girl finds it hard to trust outsiders and chooses her close friends carefully.


This is mainly due to the fear of being emotionally hurt, because once that happens, she shuts herself up in a cocoon and secludes herself to make herself feel better.


The best way to build your inner stability is by repeating daily schedules to build a solid foundation.


These girls are the embodiment of patience and never do anything rash. They also tend to show an interest in more artistic pursuits and can show talent in a multitude of subjects, from drawing and painting to dancing and acting.


One thing you may notice is how stubborn she can be. If you ever get into an argument with her, you can be sure that she will outwait you and in the end she will be the one who is right, so why bother trying to beat her in terms of patience? You are definitely on the losing side.


The child

This boy can be rather distant and aloof, even towards loved ones and parents, making it difficult to understand what he feels or thinks most of the time.


Although his intellect may be off the charts, so are his feelings. This makes it difficult for him to pay attention to anything other than his emotions when he feels hurt.


He takes most things that happen in his household to heart, so any internal conflict and strife will cause a stirring of emotions, often forcing him to step back until the waters have calmed down.


He requires a great deal of comfort and patience if a negative situation arises. He shows great love and devotion to all members of the family, but is especially attached to his mother.


The bond these two have is somewhat unbreakable. Apparently, he'll be mum's darling for a long time to come!


Keeping them busy at playtime

This zodiac is that of a nurturer and caretaker, so Cancer children like to have a target for their affection and compassion. They are often seen to get along wonderfully with pets.


The culinary arts are something they tend to show great interest in. Both when eating the results of the cooking and when preparing the dishes themselves.


The artistic field is also within their reach. You will notice that they have the tools to become great painters or designers, especially in the way they redecorate their rooms or paint their walls.


From time to time, your Cancer child will need some solitude. When this happens, it is advised that you simply let them be and give them time to be themselves and recharge their batteries from whatever issues have been on their mind. Afterwards, you can talk about it and help your child as best you can.

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