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Capricorn man in a relationship: Understand him and keep him in love

The Capricorn man will adopt the role of protector and devote himself to his partner without a second thought....
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  1. Has a tendency to think long term
  2. You no longer have to worry about responsibilities

In general, it is very difficult to flirt with a Capricorn man because of his high expectations. If he fails to find one of his desired traits in you, he is likely to give up.


It is reliable in the long term.

It fixes things around the house.

It will try to maintain a cheerful atmosphere.


It can be difficult to get to know him.

Easily takes things personally.

He does not always follow his feelings.

He is rigid, strict, inflexible and stubbornly uncompromising. He either finds the perfect one or none at all. He is a very devoted and loyal man once in a relationship, willing and able to do almost anything for his beloved.

If you are lucky enough to strike gold with an understanding and loving partner right from the start, that's it. The Capricorn man will always know how to appreciate his partner's efforts, be by his side and comfort him in times of need.

Has a tendency to think long term

As he will ultimately be devoted and loyal to his partner once he is in a relationship, the Capricorn man expects the same from her. He is already thinking of getting married, having children, establishing a home of his own and living in it until the end of time, so he wants to know that his dreams and desires are well founded.

If you don't give him the affection and love he wants, he will cool down and question the relationship. It will be even worse if you make him suspect that he is cheating. He takes betrayal very seriously and will retaliate cruelly.

He will perceive his partner as someone very different from him, someone he does not understand and must learn a completely different language to get along with.

Expect the whole course with dessert too when you are in a relationship with a Capricorn man. Not only does he want to marry you, but he also wants to have children, have a home of his own, leave something for future generations and watch his children grow up.

He has always thought about long-term results, so naturally he wants to be very sure that his partner is not faking it.

Only by spending time with her and seeing how she thinks and how she sees the future would she become seriously committed. Preferably, he will want to have his life sorted out before settling down.

He is the father figure of the zodiac, always in command of the troops, paternally taking care of their needs and desires. He will be a perfect husband, a loving father who teaches his sons the morals, the principles that good men should have, and wants them to become better than he is.

The simple fact of having a family will be the greatest fulfilment of your life, nothing could satisfy you more.

The only thing he hates is being forced to change his plans and being put in a state of disarray.

For the Capricorn man in love to feel truly happy and fulfilled in a relationship, there will have to be a sense of equality between the partners. That is, his lover should strive to strengthen his confidence and determination if she has a higher career advancement.

Showing off will only lead you down a dark path. Your partner should realise that he or she must make some concessions, some compromises, to give you the limelight from time to time, to give you the superior position.

You no longer have to worry about responsibilities

He wants to feel in control, to dominate the situation. Sure you can do it, even if it's a little difficult at first, but every relationship has its ups and downs.

At times, the Capricorn man may stumble upon a needy woman who needs a strong and protective man by her side, to give her a safe and stable respite from the rest of the world.

He will take on the role of therapist or psychologist for you, but be careful that he does not become just that, and that you do not give yourself completely to him. He may offer you advice, but he is not certified to deal with these situations. Be firm and decisive with your own opinions and arguments.

If you are looking for stability and security over time, a good financial situation and good prospects for the future, look no further because the Capricorn man is just what you are looking for.

It will take care of all the responsibilities and links to the real world for you, but in return it will want you to try much harder to be caring, supportive and loving.

He will be the caregiver and provider, but as his partner, you must take on the role of spiritual guide for him.

Don't think he will be the overly romantic type who will buy you flowers every day, take you for moonlit walks or invite you to romantic dinners all the time. He is not clingy or overly sentimental.

He will not strive to prove his love with grandiose and eccentric gestures. Rather, the old traditional confession will suffice.

He is an all-round pragmatic type who prefers to do things his own way, and you will like this determination and ambition because he is very responsible and knows how to cope with everyday tasks.

Professionally, he is very determined and resourceful, and willing to go further.

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