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Libra's weaknesses: Know them to overcome them

These people are quite despotic when they want to achieve something and have no qualms about resorting to manipulation....
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  1. Libra's weaknesses in a nutshell:
  2. A rather manipulative personality
  3. The weaknesses of each deanery
  4. Love and friendships
  5. Family life
  6. Professional career

Although they may appear to have good intentions, Libra's temperament is quite demonic. They are diplomatic in appearance and always wear a seductive smile, which makes them the best liars, especially when they want to be accepted.

Complicated and with a personality based on multiple paradoxes, these natives are actually shallow, luxury-obsessed, ambitious and superficial.

Libra's weaknesses in a nutshell:

1) They can be very indecisive, taking a long time to reflect on their choices;

2) When it comes to love, they can be quite temperamental and needy;

3) They love their family very much, but are too selfish to get attached;

4) When it comes to work, they can be a little indiscreet.

A rather manipulative personality

Librans are perhaps the most giving people in the western zodiac. They want to give others what they have, especially if they have enough.

However, they can also indulge themselves, because they simply like luxury and do not hesitate to stop being charitable, just to dress well and feel glamorous.

Ruled by Venus, they are simply in love with beauty, being those natives who can notice a beautiful colour and appreciate a perfect drawing.

However, they are also obsessed with their own beauty, which can cause them to be overly critical and avoid ugliness.

They also seek peace, but can be despotic when trying to obtain it. There is no way for them to enforce their beliefs correctly and without conflict.

They are also known to become angry and manipulative when they insist on getting things their own way.

When it comes to relationships, as pacifistic as they pretend to be, they love to generate conflict, especially when they seek to test their partner's limits.

They must get what they want, no matter how much they are penalised and how many horrible scenes take place.

However, if a word is used incorrectly, they can become angry and uncontrollable. In addition, they are not able to make decisions too easily.

The weaknesses of each deanery

Librans of the 1st decade always seek inner peace and perfect balance. They attach great importance to love and risk never getting close to others.

These people are indecisive and don't know which side to take, but they are convincing and the best at manipulating others because they want to succeed, no matter what.

Libras in the 2nd decade are the most independent. They have a fragile and discreet appearance. At the same time, they are perfectionists and cannot be completely happy when it comes to love.

Atypical for their sign, these people can make quick decisions. When looking for a partner, they only want sincerity.

Librans of the 3rd decanate are quite obsessive when it comes to Justice and acting ethically, wanting these principles to be the principles of society.

They always respect standards and want to be appreciated. When it comes to their expectations, they do not want to be fooled by what happens in the real world.

Love and friendships

Libra-born people cannot make decisions easily and are obsessed with looking good. When they manipulate, they act like children and are more selfish.

Being indecisive, they also seek to increase their productivity by cheating others, both materially and emotionally.

These natives are vain and always try to be more efficient, but are afraid to make decisions. For this reason, they may lead a double life.

Their promises are often unfulfilled and they often refuse to abdicate. In love, they are dependent on others and are capricious or vain.

Although they are very emotional, it is also easy for them to become distant. When they need to be loving and affectionate, if they have decided that a situation is not worthy of their attention, they may become disinterested, which can cause them to become blind to their surroundings.

If they seek peace and try to maintain balance, they are unable to make decisions and have a tendency to spend hours thinking about what to do or say.

As they are an Air sign, they can change their decisions too often, which is very frustrating. Librans are easy to influence because they believe everything, and they are vain and dependent.

Their friendships are superficial and they have many friends, but no one truly honest with them.

When it comes to long-term platonic commitments, they are the kind of young friends who don't irritate anyone and are always ready to act, but not to take the initiative in an aggressive way.

These people are unobtrusive and are the perfect company men or women. As for their social life, they love to have fun and change groups without embarrassment because they can make friends only for a while.

Their looks can conquer any heart and they are not all the time remembering who has helped them in life.

Libra natives are most of the time anxious and afraid of ending up alone. If they have these fears, they overindulge in food and alcohol, especially sweets.

When they are invited somewhere, they arrive late, and when they are hosts, they insist on being told how long guests will stay.

It is obvious that they do not know this flaw of theirs and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The more negative of these natives may marry for the money or to escape the emotional chaos that sometimes characterises them.

Family life

Libra individuals are known to act diplomatically, but they are hypocritical, indolent and manipulative. In addition, they sometimes act like spoiled children.

These individuals may spend a lot of time analysing how others see them, but they are too selfish to become attached.

They are very dependent on their partner because they need their protection, not to mention that they want their other half to make decisions or take risks.

When they try to pick someone up, they play the role of a bad boy or girl.

Parents of this sign may find it difficult to be authoritarian. They do not want to compromise, and their indecisiveness makes them appear disorganised and bold.

Libra children are naive and lethargic and never trust their own decisions. They need to be taught how to solve their problems, because they give up easily.

Professional career

Many Librans seek perfection and are afraid to take risks. If they do their best to please everyone, they may end up not being themselves.

As colleagues, they cannot keep things to themselves. They need to exchange information and work hard when it comes to development. Moreover, they do not seem to be very responsible.

If they are bosses, Librans cannot take too drastic measures because they are not good initiators. They also need to be part of an active team.

Libra people are known for losing their cool and making differences, as well as generating conflict to sharpen their talents.

For this reason, they may end up in bad situations, but they cannot admit that it was their fault.

Their predisposition to be involved in scandals may lead them to live an ugly life, but this does not mean that they are angry, but that they hide their hostile behaviour.

This is when their cunning becomes cunning and when the balance has to be struck. If they work independently, they prefer to be lucky rather than to make a good impression or be elegant.

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