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The Aquarius man in marriage: What kind of husband is he?

The Aquarius man is a progressive husband with an open approach to love and what it means to care for his partner....
16-09-2021 13:49

  1. The Aquarian man as a husband, in a nutshell:
  2. Is an Aquarius man good husband material?
  3. The Aquarius man as a husband

When it comes to Aquarius men, these natives are the epitome of rebelliousness. They love to dress extravagantly and do the wildest things, not to mention how much they resent rules and social conventions.

The fact that they are an Air sign suggests that they are very good at making new friends, but also that they avoid deeper connections, as they are not at all emotional, no matter what the situation.

The Aquarian man as a husband, in a nutshell:

Qualities: Quirky, charming and entertaining;

Challenges: Intolerant and inflexible;

You'll love it: Having a safety net to land on;

Needs to learn: To bend a few rules from time to time.

Many will even say that they don't know what common sense or commitment is, because they are terrified of marriage and many choose to be single for life. Others prefer open relationships in which neither partner has too many responsibilities.

Is an Aquarius man good husband material?

Looking at things from a more positive perspective, the Aquarius man may actually be happily married for life.

Since he is the most entertaining and fun-loving native of the zodiac, you can tremendously reduce your chances of marrying him if you get bored and are no longer excited about what happens next.

In case you are looking for a reliable and 100% committed husband, it would be a good idea to leave the Aquarius man alone and consider a Taurus or a Capricorn.

In fact, the Aquarius man is not at all marriage material. He is too impersonal and does not seem to get too attached to his partner, not to mention how much he hates emotional outbursts or being restricted in any way in his freedom.

Because deep down in his heart he never believes that people really belong to each other, he is not at all attracted to the idea of being a husband.

In case he decides to be with a woman for life, the relationship between him and her may in fact be an open relationship. He may never be controlling or possessive, so it is essential that you are exactly the same.

His approach to romance can be very progressive, which means he dreams of a woman who thinks exactly like him. He has to understand that when he is forced to live by the rules society has created and enjoy a traditional marriage, all he wants to do is run away, which makes a lifelong connection with him impossible.

He is a man who is simply not necessarily looking to marry. You will have to allow him to make the decision to marry you on his own. Even if it takes him forever to come to the big question, this does not mean that he is completely opposed to the institution of marriage.

He is simply more focused on living in the moment and enjoying life as it comes. In the event that he is lucky enough to meet a special woman with whom he can see himself together for many years to come, you can be sure that he will do all he can to make their marriage happen and to make their life together as beautiful as possible.

Living with him can be a blessing, because he never makes too many demands, he is not emotional and does not mind that you just live your life.

Moreover, he can tolerate all your weaknesses and negative traits. Aware of his feelings and able to control them, the Aquarian husband does not hold grudges and can keep his cool no matter how intensely he is provoked.

However, he or she finds it difficult to take care of any household chores, which means that after you move in together, your life will become a chaotic mess full of surprises.

He simply hates traditions and does not want to hear about any behaviour aimed at achieving a happy home life, because he is fascinated by extravagance and the unusual.

He is likely to ask you more than once to move and look for a new place to live, as he needs a lot of variety and can become very restless when bored.

He is happiest when surrounded by friends and when faced with a new challenge, so he is perfect for sharing a home. This man loves to be around others and wants his home to be the place where everyone gathers.

In case you do not like to receive guests and make new friends, you may find it very difficult to adapt to their way of life.

The Aquarius man as a husband

The Aquarius lover has a certain nobility in the way he or she behaves. Although he is not the best lover of the zodiac because he seems to lack passion, he is certainly very sincere.

His wife will love him for being her best friend and at the same time her lover. He is sympathetic, compassionate and kind, but believes that marriage is nothing more than a scheme invented by society.

When his lady is in trouble, he does not hesitate to lend a hand and support her in any way he can. The best moments at her side may be those when she surprises you with all sorts of gestures to show you how much she likes your ways.

He is a great intellectual who enjoys socialising and interacting with others. This man will always find it easy to make friends because he attaches great importance to this kind of connection. Being helpful and pleasant, any woman can be really happy with him.

What he likes most is to explore a person's inner world and find out as many things as possible about them. He will do the same with his wife, but don't think he will forget his manners because that would be impossible.

Respecting his family, the people at home will love him beyond words. Once the Aquarius man has connected with a woman and made the decision to settle down, he will become an amazing husband.

His wife will really appreciate him for always being there for her, no matter how difficult times are. He will take care of her when she is down, not to mention that his loved ones will always have everything they need because he will provide for them.

Although he is a good caretaker, he would not like to spend his life with a needy girl. In case you are thinking of the perfect man as someone who allows you to be just a couch potato, focus on someone other than Aquarius because he wants a lady who can fight her own battles and is focused on success in her career.

He may not be the affectionate, cuddly type, but he surely has his own ways of showing how much he loves you. For example, the simple fact that he is committed to you and loyal should be convincing enough to make you see his love.

Very honest with himself and others, he would never get seriously involved with a lady unless he was sure of his feelings for her. Will not lie to you, but can sometimes say very hurtful things.

When marrying the Aquarius man, you need to be prepared for a great deal of communication and many sincere comments. There will be times when you will think of him as indifferent and aloof, but he will never be unfriendly or closed off in your presence, which makes him a good husband.

When married, the Aquarius man feels only love and respect for his lady, especially if he is allowed his freedom as well. He can be a bit cold and the wrong person for women who want a dominant spouse.

A more self-centred lady may find his lack of jealousy very annoying. Regardless of how he acts, the Aquarius man needs a wife who is intelligent and very focused on her career.

If you want a fun parent for your kids, consider it, but if you're looking for a responsible provider to play bad cop, try looking for someone else.

Aquarian-born men find it difficult to be the traditional husband or father because this means they would have to compromise much of their individuality, which they are never willing to do.

They don't seem to understand how much work a successful marriage requires, not to mention that responsibilities make them run faster than a cheetah. They wouldn't be much affected by a divorce because they don't mind the idea at all.

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