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The Aquarius woman in marriage: What kind of wife is she?

The Aquarius woman is a practical and compassionate wife, but this does not prevent her from surprising everyone around her with her behavioural changes.... , 2021-09-16

The Aquarius woman is a real rebel. She loves to stand out from the crowd and this can be seen in the way she dresses or in her make-up.


Even ladies of this sign who don't want to reveal so much of their rebellious side can be very stubborn and eager to debate any issue, which can make others want to keep them at a distance.


The Aquarian woman as a wife, in a nutshell:


Qualities: Sociable, unusual and down-to-earth;

Challenges: Agitated, nervous and conflicted;

You'll love it: Feeling secure in a relationship;

Needs to learn: To listen to what the partner has to say.


The woman of the sign of the Water Bearer is very comfortable in her own skin and does not like to gossip as others do. She tends to marry quite late in life, should she finally decide to take this step, to a man who is open-minded and stimulating.


The Aquarius woman as a wife

The Aquarius woman is known for falling in love easily, but not for rushing into marriage. Of all the women of the western zodiac, she seems the most prepared for married life because she is intelligent, easily adaptable and capable of doing anything.


This lady can spend long hours at work and then return home to throw the most amazing party her neighbours have ever heard of. She can also be a passionate lover and her husband's best friend.


This girl seems to be liked by everyone, so at parties and social gatherings she is usually the centre of attention and the one who is always making jokes.


The Aquarius-born woman is very strong and knows exactly what she wants from life. She seems to radiate confidence and is comfortable in her own skin, which makes her a positive and capable person.


When she expresses herself, she is as clear as a summer morning because she does not like to use too many metaphors or euphemisms. This lady will run her own business and excel in her career, not to mention that her wedding will be anything but traditional because she has a progressive mind and an immense enthusiasm for adventure.


However, you can be sure that this lady's wedding ceremony will have great spiritual significance, will reveal all the love between the partners and will present many strong emotions.


Being married to the Aquarius woman is not necessarily easy, but definitely unusual, interesting and in accordance with what modern society is imposing.


As a wife, she is her husband's best friend and the perfect hostess for parties at home. She simply loves being around lots of people and mingling. If this woman wants her marriage to be strong, she must make sure she spends enough time alone with her other half.


Practical and very compassionate, the Aquarius woman enjoys every beautiful moment life has to offer and is obsessed with her own freedom. They tend to go with the flow and don't pay too much attention to drama.


Logical and down-to-earth, it is rare for these women to make a mistake. Therefore, when it comes to marriage and their own wedding, you can be sure that they know what they are getting into and whether their partner is the right person for them.


However, before reaching this stage, they are likely to have been shocked by the idea of getting married and spending their whole lives with the same man.


The Aquarius woman will always do only what she wants, when she feels like it. There are no strings to keep her tied to someone or something because she is the freest native of the zodiac.


For this reason, it may take some time before she decides to get married. Gradually, she will adapt to the new life and become a wife like no other. This lady can never be the property of any man and resents feelings such as possessiveness and jealousy more than anything else in the world.


Aware most of the time of who she is and what she must do, this lady will never let a man take advantage of her. Individualistic and independent, she would also never accept to be ruled by a man, as she is repulsed by the idea.


When her boyfriend asks her to marry her, she will spend a lot of time analysing their relationship and making sure that he is not domineering or possessive.


As soon as she makes the decision to accept his proposal, he will begin to trust her completely and the wedding can go ahead.


This lady wants to talk about all her feelings so that her partner is not confused about what she is doing.


He will never accept being told what to do, regardless of whether he realises that his strategy is wrong and that another suggestion would be more efficient in the given situation.


You will get what you want

The Aquarian woman would hate to think of marriage as a union in which the man calls the shots, because she expects equality, loyalty and a lot of love from her man.


In your relationship with him, you will both have the same responsibilities and make compromises for each other. Once you have talked to your boyfriend about marriage, everything else in your relationship will become less important.


She is very realistic about this and wants to keep the connection with the man she loves most as happy as it was in the beginning, so marriage can be a bit scary because it is a major change in her life.


In general, Aquarius women are very independent and can get what they want without too much struggle because their mind is always thinking very fast.


When they are determined to achieve something, no one and nothing can stop them from doing so. Focused on success, they can use all their strength and confidence in their most daring projects.


If one of their plans is to get married and start a family, they need a transition period before entering their new life. These ladies do not mind being single because they have no need for protection and guidance in life.


By making all the big decisions on their own, their husbands are often happy with the relaxed married life they can offer, as all the details and future plans would be clearly structured.


In love with her freedom and nothing else, the Aquarius woman is not meant to live by the rules and norms imposed by society or perhaps by a person who appears in her life at some point.


When given instructions, he tends to continue to do things his own way and not to respect what others say.


He likes to go out and meet new people because he attaches great importance to friendship, even though he has never been close to any of the people in his life.


As soon as she commits herself to a relationship, she is loyal and reliable, so it can be said that she is a good wife who knows how to take care of her husband.


However, he needs to be allowed to pursue his dreams, his career and to meet his friends whenever he feels like it.


In fact, her husband must learn to appreciate and value all her friends because these people are very important to her.


Powerful and free, the Aquarius woman can do almost anything she wants, although she sometimes gets confused when it comes to the facts of life.


She is unemotional and appears cold, but his other half can trust that she will always be committed to the relationship with him.


Many admire this lady for being generous, while her husband can be very happy with her because she never gets jealous or curious about what he does when he is away from home.


He has a noble soul and cannot bear to see pain and suffering in others. At the same time, she is kind and uncommon. Although she needs someone to support her emotionally, the Aquarius woman avoids relying on her feelings as much as possible, which means she only thinks with her mind, not her heart.


She needs an intellectual man who is at her level and who is also stimulating. Her partner must see what great qualities this lady has, how loyal and supportive she can be, but he must also allow her all the freedom she needs, otherwise she will walk out of his life without looking back.


She usually never goes back to the men in her life after break-ups, so she's the type who just moves on.


Because she can be friends with anyone, she expects many of her exes to be her good friends. This lady places great value on marriage because she sees it as a lifelong union of friendship. Wanting to be free no matter what, she will only be truly happy in a marriage with a man who allows her to do things on her own.


Pressuring this woman is never a good idea because she needs her marriage to feel natural and relaxed. She is likely to travel to many places with her other half, as she is always keen to make new friends and learn as much as possible.


The disadvantages of her role as a wife

Aquarius women do not really know how to express their emotions, so they can become very resentful of their partner when he is emotional.


She is likely to be angry with him for a while, after which he will call off the wedding, which he has probably pushed her into.


Like the man of the same sign, she may feel disappointed in herself after having accepted something as traditional as marriage, not to mention how boring this situation can be for her.


This lady may feel nervous and agitated at the thought of how limiting marriage is, so it may take her a long time to talk about her feelings about it until one day she suddenly decides not to take the big step.


Those who know her very well will guess if she is about to make such a decision before she is aware of it herself.

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