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Love Compatibility: Aquarius woman and Pisces man

The horoscope gives the Aquarian-Piscean bond a very good love compatibility.  At first the relationship may be complicated but, in time, it will improve and can bec... , 2023-03-04

  1. The Aquarius-Pisces connection
  2. Characteristics of these zodiac signs
  3. Pisces and Aquarius compatibility
  4. Love compatibility between Pisces and Aquarius
  5. Pisces and Aquarius Family Compatibility

The horoscope gives the Aquarian-Piscean bond a very good love compatibility.

 At first the relationship may be complicated but, in time, it will improve and can become very long-lasting.

 The Aquarian is kind and generous; this is something that will please her partner, since the Pisces man is just as human: altruistic and tolerant. They are also attentive and romantic.

 The good thing is that an Aquarian woman does not get bored next to a Pisces man, feeling more and more comfortable and being able to achieve well-being.

The Aquarius-Pisces connection

This couple is very interesting, as it is made up of one half that uses their intellect, and is interested in discovering the world, and another half that uses their emotions and intuition, and is interested in discovering the world as well, but from a totally different perspective.

 When you dig deeper, you see differences between these two, because they tend to live a totally different lifestyle.

 One thing they have in common is their instinct to survive in a traditional world, and to escape the monotonous and impetuous lifestyle they are forced to follow every day.

 The Aquarius-born is one of the most combative individuals in the entire zodiac. There is literally nothing and no one they would not fight if the stakes were high enough.

 Also, for this reason, Aquarius is a great leader, an innate warrior who will savagely and relentlessly defeat all competition to achieve her goals.

 They are both in awe of each other's personalities and will always love to learn from each other the art of experiencing incredible emotions.

 Channeling the power of intuition, the Pisces will seek ways to connect with their partner on the highest level in a surprising way.

 There are many couples formed by these two signs who have a long-lasting relationship, and live an incredibly beautiful love story, learning every day to respect and understand each other, and to satisfy each other's mental and physical needs.

Characteristics of these zodiac signs

When it comes to Pisces and Aquarius compatibility, Pisces is the most giving sign in the zodiacal world. They are kind, patient and compassionate. They will do anything for the people they love and put their needs before their own. They trust easily and believe that others can be trusted as well.

They find it hard to see evil in others. However, because of their nature, they take risks and people tend to take advantage of them.

When in love, Pisces make their partner their whole world and will do anything to make them happy. They will shower them with love and gifts and take them on dates. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a carefree sign, who doesn't care what people think of them. They cannot pretend to please others. That is why they are cold and distant when people meet them for the first time.

However, when you get to know them, you will see their funny side. Friends are an important part of their life, and they will do anything to protect them. They are intelligent beings who love to associate with like-minded people.

When Pisces and Aquarius get together, they share intellectual conversations, as they are both intelligent signs. They are dreamers who would talk about bringing about change in the world and in society. But neither would do anything to make it happen. Both need someone to push them to achieve their goals, as they lose motivation easily. Therefore, they would be better off with other signs to encourage them.

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility

The compatibility between Pisces and Aquarius will depend on the level of understanding the signs share. It can be very good or very bad. Both signs are introspective and look for solutions to problems. But their different personality traits and their different reaction to a situation can sometimes be overwhelming for the other partner.

Pisces and Aquarius are symbolised by a Fish and a Water Bearer, respectively. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and Aquarius by Uranus and Saturn.

Jupiter gives Pisces philosophy, understanding and teaching, while Neptune is all about spirituality. Therefore, Pisces likes to explore new and exciting things, just like its partner.

Uranus gives Aquarius innovative practice and iconoclastic ideas. Saturn focuses on providing the impetus to act on these ideas. When the Water Bearer comes up with a new idea, the Fish likes to know more about it on an intuitive level.

They create a complementary relationship. Pisces is a Water sign and Aquarius is an Air sign. It is a very progressive and flexible union. Pisces is a Mutable Sign, and Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Aquarius is in charge of putting ideas on the table, and Pisces will gladly support their partner.

The best feature of Pisces and Aquarius compatibility is their mutual interest in embracing cosmopolitan and modern ideas and cultivating knowledge.

Love compatibility between Pisces and Aquarius

The love compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius will be average. Both partners believe in dreaming big. Pisces listens to their heart, while Aquarius favours experimentation. Pisces is known for its originality, while Aquarius is creative. When these two are together, they form an inspiring bond with each other.

Their belief in bringing new ideas and innovative changes to the world brings them closer together. Pisces provides emotional support for the Waterbearer, while Aquarius attracts the Fish with its intellectual qualities.

The ruling planets of these signs, Uranus and Neptune, evoke a sense of mystery in this relationship. Pisces will provide their partner with a safe space to express their emotions and help them to achieve their goals, while Aquarius will help Pisces to control their emotionality and mentality.

However, both signs will go through fluctuations in their emotions, which is the biggest dip in the love compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces is overly emotional and likes to go all out in a relationship, while Aquarius is practical and not very emotional in love. Therefore, Pisces' emotions will fluctuate frequently and Aquarius' feelings will remain constant at all times.

This couple can overcome this problem if Pisces learns to control their feelings and Aquarius learns to let things go in the relationship.

Pisces and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius family compatibility can work if both signs put equal effort into the relationship. Trust will be the key to their family life. The more you trust each other, the more your relationship will flourish. Communication will help you to smooth out the rough edges of your family compatibility. Pisces avoids confrontation, and Aquarius doesn't believe in letting emotions out, so it will be rare for the two of you to argue. Even if they do, it will be resolved quickly. You will need to understand each other's perspectives in order to lead a healthy family life.

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