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Love compatibility Libra woman and Cancer man

The horoscope gives the Libran-Cancer bond a very good love compatibility. Between a Cancerian man and a Libra woman there will be immediate fascination; at first he... , 2023-03-04

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The horoscope gives the Libran-Cancer bond a very good love compatibility.

Between a Cancerian man and a Libra woman there will be immediate fascination; at first he may only see her external beauty, but in time he will discover that she is more interesting, intelligent and talkative than he thought.

She, the Libyan, is very attracted to the Cancerian, since he allows her to express herself, to talk about all kinds of subjects. It is very important that the Cancerian man always pays attention to her and values her opinions; this is essential for the Libyan to feel totally at ease.

There may be some tense moments in the relationship, but they will always be temporary. So, all in all, the Cancer man, Libra woman bond is a great one.

Compatibility between these water and air signs

The Cancer man and the Libra woman make the most fascinating amalgamation of all the Zodiac signs despite being a combination of Water and Air sign. They definitely have a future together if they work towards it.

They both compromise in their relationship happily to suit each other's needs and can live a very fulfilling life.

Both the Cancer man and the Libra woman are quite sensitive and committed to each other in the relationship.

Their relationship seems very tight at first, as if they are both tailor-made to suit each other's requirements. But both are very emotionally guarded initially. Neither of them really reveals their true feelings to their partner. This works wonders, as they use this initial phase to establish a strong bond with each other, each discreetly agreeing and adapting to the other.

They are not in a hurry to speed things up. This translates into a powerful relationship between the two of them making them confident and cool with each other.

The Libra woman can be a vicious rebel, but the Cancer man is naturally blessed to handle such a rebellious streak, making the two very compatible.

Cancer man

The Cancer man has a very keen intuition about things and is also a very temperamental person. He is blessed with a witty sense of humour.

The Cancer man also has a good foresight about things and before taking any decision, he analyses the pros and cons.

His friends adore him for his friendly nature and witty humour.

At times he may seem cold and distant, but in reality, he is very warm, affectionate and homely.

When he is in a relationship with a Libra woman, he is fascinated by her natural charm and delicate nature. She has a beautiful smile that he adores and he tries to make her smile a lot through his funny jokes.

The Libra woman has a balanced nature in life and this approach differs a lot from the Cancer man. This can cause some problems.

The Cancer man and the Libra woman started off well with the Cancer man making her smile a lot and she responds well to his humour.

Also in business, the Libra woman helps him a lot with her sensible ideas and creative input. He often seems heroic to her, which fascinates her and she always increases his power of determination.

Initially, it is the Libra woman who might dwell on the idea of marriage in their relationship which could make the Cancer man
uncomfortable. He is a man who needs time to analyse situations and does not want to enter into any relationship quickly.

The Cancer man gets irritated with his Libra woman's over-excitable and extravagant attitude, sometimes he may
 also simply appear cold. If the Libra woman corrects this trait, then together they can lead a very happy and comfortable life.

The Libra woman

A Libra woman is a very sensitive woman who understands quite well all facets of life.

She is full of life and has a sweet smile. Everyone likes her warm nature and charming character.

Her intelligent intellect is on par with masculine reasoning and with this trait she can help her husband prosper in business.

She is a multi-tasker, who can manage a home, family and office with perfection.

When she is in love with a Cancer man, she feels secure with his homely and protective nature. She admires him for his tolerant and fun-loving attitude in life.
She also admires him for the way he deals with tense situations. With her by his side, the Cancer man flourishes in his career and life. She helps him to remove all obstacles from his path.

The Libra woman is attracted to the Cancer
man because of his witty sense of humour and considerate nature.

She loves the way he can make her smile. With him by her side, she feels free and confident in life.

The Libra woman also has some mood swings, but the Cancer
man is very understanding and sympathetic to these traits in her. He understands her well. Her serene way of looking at things makes her a very peaceful person.

After a few years of being with the Libra woman, the Cancer man seeks permanence in the relationship and also accepts marriage.

The Cancer man can sometimes be a little insecure about his relationships and this trait makes him feel a little trapped. He also seems cold and distant at times, which irritates her a lot.

Cancer man and Libra woman: love compatibility

As time goes by, both the Libra woman and the Cancer man will develop deep love and respect for each other and live as two lovebirds.

Their perfection will be an inspiration to others. Their home will be a place of happiness, laughter and humour.

The Libra woman's Air element always manages to keep the Cancer's Water element fresh.

Over time, the Cancer man forgets his insecurities and opens himself completely to her and she delights in the love and warmth he provides by being equally devoted and loyal to him.

While they cannot be called the perfect match, they do not have any major disruptions in their relationship and love compatibility. Both are gentle beings with a love for similar things in life.

The Libra woman will never be disappointed with her hard working Cancer man and her love for him will only grow every day.

Commitment in a relationship is of utmost importance to the Libra woman and when she gets it from her Cancer man; she is very satisfied with the relationship.

No other sign beats Cancer when it comes to being faithful. The Cancer man knows how to love and cherish his beloved and the Libra woman loves such attention.

Are Libra women and Cancer men sexually compatible?

Cancer man and Libra woman are highly compatible sexually. They use their physical intimacy as a means of keeping their tensions at bay. Over time, the Cancer man will express his emotions for his Libra wife sexually and without feeling insecure.

He is able to ease the tensions and restlessness in his Libra wife's mind and together they reach great sexual heights.

The Cancer man enjoys his sexual relationship while immensely admiring the tenderness shown by his Libra wife. Their sexual bond is very comforting and reassuring to each other and can be considered more on the emotional level.

They both engage in physical activity more to feel each other's presence in their lives than to satisfy their sexual needs.

Sometimes one or both of them may face a lack of passion and this could trigger unnecessary complications in their lives. Both of them need to remain very active in their sexual lives.

Their sex lives could be uneventful in the long run if they both try to keep it exciting. The Cancer man is more inclined towards the sensual and emotional side of lovemaking and the Libra woman is more inclined to satisfy her partner while in bed and neither of them feels passionately about taking the initiative.

Both are cooperative sexually but it is more of a dependent combination that can eventually go unnoticed. Both need to talk about this and be able to express their sexual
 creativity to each other.

Marriage Compatibility Cancer man and Libra woman

Although there is much affection in their marriage, the two are very different in their natures.

The Cancer man is more emotionally inclined in showing love and the Libra woman is more intellectually inclined.

The Libra woman can be very quarrelsome at times and he can be very possessive which leads to awkwardness in their marriage. If not checked at the right time, the Cancer man will end up building a wall around himself and restricting conversation.

A small attempt should be made by both of them to keep communication to a maximum to avoid such detachment.

A Libra woman is very balanced and fair in her opinions and the Cancer man is very emotional in his opinions and views. This difference of opinion may lead to some problems in their life after marriage.

The Libra woman is always inclined towards fairness regardless of the emotional connection, but the Cancer man'
s emotions rule anything else in this world. Both of them don't try to get into any fights if they know that the other's opinion will be different. But this causes them to go into a kind of shell, displaying cold and disengaged behaviour.

A Libra woman lacks emotional stability. The Cancer man can ruin the sweetness of the relationship with his moodiness which often balances the Libra woman. But sometimes, she herself gets too moody and cannot handle emotional conflicts at home.

They both hate being alone and enjoy each other's company very much.

A Cancer man always looks at a relationship with the intention of a long-term one, while the Libra woman goes where her desires take her. If she has made up her mind to have a short-term casual relationship, then it is very difficult for anyone to change her mind. But she is always very clear about her intentions from the start, because by nature Librans are fair-minded people.

As a couple, they both love peace, love and cooperation, and make a secure couple.

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