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How to improve the couple: Taurus woman and Virgo man

The Power of Order: Transforming the Taurus-Virgo Relationship  A few months ago, during one of my couples therapy sessions, I had the privilege of working with Ga...
18-06-2023 16:58

  1. The Power of Order: Transforming the Taurus-Virgo Relationship
  2. How to improve this love bond

The Power of Order: Transforming the Taurus-Virgo Relationship

 A few months ago, during one of my couples therapy sessions, I had the privilege of working with Gabriela and Alejandro, a couple in which she was a Taurus woman and he was a Virgo man. Their relationship was at a critical point, with constant conflicts and difficulties in communicating and understanding each other.

 From the beginning, I noticed that Gabriela and Alejandro were passionate, intelligent and committed to healing their relationship. I decided to share with them a strategy I had learned in a specialized book on how to improve relationships, specifically focused on the compatibility between Taurus and Virgo.

 The strategy was to use the power of order to transform their relationship. I asked Gabriela and Alejandro to organize and clean their home together, creating a harmonious and balanced environment. These actions, according to the book, would help calm the mind and release stress, which in turn would facilitate communication and understanding.

 Enthusiastically, the couple accepted the challenge and embarked on the task of transforming their home. For several weeks, they dedicated themselves to eliminating clutter, cleaning every corner and finding a specific place for each object. This process allowed Gabriela and Alejandro to work together as a team, learn to listen to each other and understand each other's needs and interests.

 As they made progress in organizing their home, the change in their relationship became evident. Gabriela and Alejandro began to enjoy an orderly and harmonious space that reflected their love for each other. The calm environment allowed them to have deep and meaningful conversations without falling into unnecessary arguments.

 In addition, the external order translated into internal order. Gabriela and Alejandro experienced a sense of calm and tranquility in their daily lives. This inner peace helped them make informed decisions and communicate more effectively.

 Over time, this strategy combined with Gabriela and Alejandro's love and dedication did wonders for their relationship. They learned to value and build on each other's strengths, creating a stronger and deeper bond. As they came to understand each other better, they were able to solve problems constructively and overcome any obstacles that came their way.

 Today, Gabriela and Alejandro continue to work on their relationship, but now they do so from a solid and harmonious foundation. The power of order has inspired them to apply this approach to other areas of their lives, broadening its impact beyond the couple's relationship.

 This experience taught me the importance of understanding and leveraging the unique characteristics of each zodiac sign to enhance relationships. The power of order became a powerful tool that transformed Gabriela and Alejandro's lives, strengthening their love and commitment to each other.

How to improve this love bond

 The relationship between Taurus and Virgo can have a relative compatibility, without being too high or too low. In some cases, this relationship may be limited to a sexual affair, but do not be discouraged because if they manage to fall in love, it could last a lifetime.

 They are both very attracted to each other, at least at the beginning of the relationship. She may see her man as almost perfect. Over time, she may become a little disillusioned, but it is important for her to understand that no one is perfect and everyone has flaws, including herself.

 A positive characteristic of both signs is that they tend to have a calm nature. They should appeal to that calmness when discussing issues related to their relationship.

 Despite this, Taurus and Virgo have very different characteristics, which can lead to constant friction as time goes on. These characteristics are deeply rooted in each other and, therefore, it will be difficult to change them so as not to upset the other. That is why dialogue is essential in this relationship to detect and overcome these problems.

 It is important that as a couple, you seek similar goals and desires. Getting away from routine is essential.

 When you have been together for a long time, the problem of boredom and routine can arise. Looking for fun and different activities will help improve the mood of both of you. Sometimes simple things can make a big difference, like sharing a book and discussing it, playing sports together, or even starting to care for a plant as a couple. Imagine how wonderful it would be to wait a few months and see how the plant gives a beautiful flower or fruit. It's an incredible feeling!

 The Taurus woman is organized, patient and stable, ideal qualities to be a wife and mother. This is something that any man can value; however, she often feels insecure and unloved by her partner. It is important that she really knows if he loves her, even if it is through gestures rather than words. Otherwise, the relationship will not prosper.

 In intimacy, it is essential that both strive not to be selfish. Pleasure is found in giving and receiving, in all the ways that imagination and fantasies can conceive, as long as you both enjoy it. If you keep the initial spark where you give each other pleasure, the relationship will be guaranteed for many years to come.

 Both should strive to make their bond work in the long run, as they have different priorities.

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